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The Battle of Fuse Plains

by Shotgunnova



Since no one saw the Marquis alive since he left the town for the battlefields, there was no one to substantiate the claims that he was, in fact, alive at the time he was brought home. Richard, May, and the peasant were questioned and each said that there was no way the Marquis Elmdor could have lived through the night such a wound in his neck. Thus, the leader's name went down in the history books as one to remember, one to surpass, and one to strive to be like.

And what of the deaths in the castle? Rumors circulated that, while away to the Fuse Plains, Hokuten marauders had infiltrated the castle looking for the marquis, unaware that he himself had decided to ride to battle. When the band of intruders met the household staff, there was no question that they had to be slaughtered; the precision and mastery of how they died had to by the work of professionals. Since no leads were ever found in the case of the slain workers, the rumors were believed as true, and things settled down after that, though the broken homes of the slain were hurt beyond repair.

Since the body of Elmdor was never found, it was assumed that the trespassers had carried off the corpse. The devastated public called for investigation. Higher-ups, fearing for their jobs, quickly found replacements for those who had broken into the marquis' home--foreign criminals who were to be executed anyway. After extraditing them, a public hanging suppressed any social upheaval that could potentially occur.

Glabados acknowledged the death of Elmdor as a "sorrowful loss to the world community" and that "his spirit and teachings are to be remembered forevermore". When a memorial was to be erected in his honor, the support was extraordinary; people from all over pledged their labor, masons donated the material, and contractors vowed to make it a monument of monuments. When construction finally began, it went extremely quickly, the collaboration effort going on at top-notch speed. In six days, it was completed, a marvelous marble pinnacle pointing up into the sky.

Set in the Limberry Castle courtyard, the monument became the official "resting place" of the marquis, and became another attraction to the country. People still paid their respects and there was an annual candlelight ceremony in his honor.

The Marquis' death at the Fuse Plains was a devastating blow to the nation. He had such a rate of diplomatic excellence and impossibly high standards on fairness in the country, that, in the case of replacing him with a substandard leader, the riots and falling production rates in Limberry would do irrevocable harm to the Ivalice as a whole. The replacement was finally chosen by public ballot, and the elected man was none other than Richard Ament, who took the title of duke upon election. Though he was not a spectacularly known official at that time, his involvement in finding the marquis and bringing him back home could not be overlooked and, as much as a few nobles hated it, his arrival into office went off nicely. Having been involved in public affairs before the Battle of Fuse Plains and an attendant at the University of Linguistics in Bervenia, he did not disgrace the office he was given by the people. He would later become a well-known leader and, although he never rivaled Mesdoram Elmdor in his influence and respect, his continued effort in Limberry kept the country at terms of agreement with the other nations. After his death sixteen years later, his daughter May would become the first female ruler.
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