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Battle on the Big Bridge

by MogMaster


*thump thump thump thump*

It was the sound of an army marching across a wooden bridge. The hollow thuds of boots on the wood reverberated through the very fiber of every soldiers being on the field. Big Bridge could not be taken, and Exdeath had to be destroyed. The monsters were swarming across the bridge in droves, cutting down soldiers in a hellish fury that would put the four horsemen to shame.

They were going to win though. The enemy had been repelled back to near the other side of the gargantuan bridge that connected Val Castle and its surrounding territories with ExDeaths continent. The horde of Goblins, Trolls, and Harpies were nearing defeat as the staunch men cut their lines to ribbons. All they had to do was hold against the seemingly endless waves of reinforcements...


"My Lord!"

The sleeper awoke; in front of him stood a scared looking imp, fidgeting nervously.

"Enemies on the Big Bridge, Exdeath requests your presence in the Jail."

Burping loudly, the man with six arms stood up from his chair where he had been resting with his legs on the table. Cursing, he threw an overlarge jug of wine against the wall of the barracks, and flipped over the table, scattering playing cards and cups everywhere.

"It's always something isn't it? Why I have half a mind to tell ExDeath where he can shove his..."

"EXCUSE ME, SIR?" the Imp said, his mouth agape in shock.

"Ah, go sit on it. I'm comin', I'm comin'."

Gilgamesh trudged out the door, his near armory supply of weapons clanging against each other.

"DAMNIT! Retreat!" The King bellowed as he saw his friends in ExDeaths jail cell. All units on the bridge retreated to the back line, where they could do nothing but wait, and defend against the pursuing army, as their King and his Hiryuu attempted to free their allies. ExDeath had to be defeated, but not being able to attack might create a problem...


"Why, you..."

Gilgamesh looked on apathetically, as ExDeath launched a fireball into Bartz' chest.

Must he always be such a showoff? God, he sure drones on.

"Gilgamesh, Pay attention!" ExDeath sneered at him.

"Aye, aye, sir." He replied half heartedly.

"Keep an eye on these people. If they escape there will be hell to pay."

ExDeath skulked off, leaving Gilgamesh with the prisoners.

Listlessly, he walked up to the cell.

"Why aren't you a pretty little girl. Ever been with a man with six arms?"

Faris scoffed in disdain.

His laugher boomed off the rafters.


The King stalked around the corner, sword drawn. He would have to use all his cunning to get through here.

Ok, there it is. That's the dungeon.

Sneaking around a pair of conversing Imps, he tiptoed down the stairs.


"One, two, three, time for tea. Four, five, six, I get my kicks. Seven, eight, nine, it's fun to rhyme!"

"Ugg, that was awful," Bartz intoned from the cell.

"I'd like to see you do better, you bastard." Gilgamesh glared at him from where he was leaning against the wall.

Suddenly, an Old Man rushed from the staircase towards the cell, paying Gilgamesh no mind.

"There you guys are! What the hell are you doing here?" he said, exasperated.

"GALUF!" all three of them in the cell shouted.

"Who the hell is this?" Gilgamesh asked, as he attempted to impale Galuf with his glaive.

Galuf spun round-about, and lopped the head off his pole-arm with his sword.

"Gonna have to be quicker than that," the Old Man teased."

"Like hell I am," Gilgamesh shouted, as his bottom right arm attempted to thrust a sword through Galuf's chin.

Galuf parried the blow, and proceeded to lay into Gilgamesh, and through superior technique drove him up against the wall, at a six to one weapon disadvantage. His longsword might have been made of air judging by the way it moved. However, in the end, Gilgamesh managed to disarm him with his flail.

"Gotcha, now!" he shouted as he drove at Galuf with six weapons at once.

"Maybe not!" Galuf said with a grin, ducking under all six weapons, coming inside Gilgamesh's reach.

"Huh?" Gilgamesh uttered, perplexed.

"HYAH!" Galuf delivered a kick that could shatter bones directly to the six armed fiend's solar plexus, sending him flying back against the wall in a clatter that resembled pots banging together.

"Umpf. Crap, you got lucky this time! I'll let you go for now!"

With cat like quickness, he bounded up the stairs four at a time.

I'll get those bastards,

He thought as he ran towards the bridge.

One day, they will die by the hands of the great Gilgamesh!

However, it would not be that day, or any day in the future.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
Version 6
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