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A Bards' Fallen Love

by Tesco


A Bard's Fallen Love

I wanted her to stay with me, always and forever. She is my always and forever. I love her. And her name is Anna.

"Anna please, we should have the wedding tomorrow" I say to her as she picks a piece of sand from her dress. She looked so beautiful in that yellow dress of hers.

"I'm sorry Edward, but I can't unless my father approves. I want him to be a part of your family as well" she says smiling at me. Everything about her was perfect, except her stubborn father who refused to let her leave with me. "Besides," she says taking a few steps away "I should be going back. I know he must be worried sick"

"But Anna" I start to say, but she quickly walks up to me and puts her finger to my lip.

"Please Edward. I love you so much, but I love my father just as much" she says holding my hand.

"I understand" I say, giving her hand a tight squeeze. We start to walk out of the castle, when suddenly we see something in the sky. as they slowly come into sight, I realize they are Redwings. The Baron Redwings. "What could they possibly be doing around here?"

As they draw near the castle, I quickly see an explosion near the castle. "Are they trying to attack us?!" Anna cries out, and draws close to me.

"Hurry into the castle!" I say grabbing her arm and running back inside. monsters follow after us, with weapons drawn. The castle guards try to keep them back, but the monsters wipe them out. We reach the top of the castle, along with my parents, and a few remaining guards. The door was closed tight. We were trapped in with the crystal.

Suddenly the door blows back and flies past us. A dark armor cladded man slowly walks towards us. His armor as black as night. "Who are you?" my father asks, sword out.

"Since this is your final few moments alive, I suppose I can tell you. I am Golbez. and I will be taking that crystal" Golbez says walking towards us.

"Oh no you aren't!!" my father says jumping at Golbez. Golbez raises his arm and shoots lightning at my father. It shoots through his body, and zig-zags through the bodies of the guards and also my mother. It then comes flying towards me. I close my eyes and ready myself for the impact.

Although it had been reduced from hitting the others, I kenw the next hit would still be enough to end my life. I hear it hit, but not at my body. I open my eyes, and feel the tears swell in my eyes.

"Anna why?" I ask as she stands in the way of the attack. She had taken the hit that would have ended my life.

"Because...I love you" she says as she starts to fall down. I grab her and gently help her down. I look up as Golbez, walks away with the crystal in his hand. Moments later I hear footsteps coming back up the stairs. I see three people stand at the where Golbez left. A Dark Knight, a small green haired girl, and my worst fears, Annas father, Tellah. He sees me and Anna and quickly rushes over. Everything had just gone from terrible to horrible.

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