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Quoting saves you the issues of being original.

  Nick Number of Lines Random Quote
1 R51  5907 "[15:14] <vB> my car looks MINT!!!!!"
2 Nealio  4228 "<Lumina> Ha, Elliot, I like your money back there takin a SHIT"
3 Zero_Hawk  1505 "<Nelson> *Grabs Martin* I say we also legalize gay funerals!"
4 Salamando  1292 "[19:41:42] <R51> oh, they got to figure it out yet, or they did but need lots of time to fix
5 Phoenix  1082 "[11:47am] <@Nealio> and it was hilarious because we basically exclusively sexually harassed
each other <-- lol"
6 Tiddles  1031 "[20:50] <Neal> I hope he enjoys the new camera. >_<!"
7 Gabe  918 "[19:38] <Gabe[GoLions]> lol yeah since i started four years in high school and played for the
city league last year"
8 Del_S  829 "[caz] never apologise for shootin at someon, just hit them next time"
9 Sabin  520 "[21:50] <Xenon> Best two seconds ever <- Your sex life?"
10 Mimic  511 "<her> Oh. Why did you phone?"

I Heart You Too (The Top 10 Lovey People)

  Nick Number of Lines Random Quote
1 R51  2556 "Mary Louise Parker is naked in the promos for next season. THat's a big <3"
2 Nealio  2215 "Ooh, Martin Starr on a couple eps of Community next season too. <3"
3 Dragon_Fire  1454 "I heart this cd....."
4 Zero_Hawk  1125 "Daredevil Spider Man team up is on next, yey. <3"
5 Sabin  1042 "Bard: I <3 that song"
6 Hanyou  898 "Lost in Translation <3<3<3"
7 Salamando  813 "Apart from the mcflurry cos he doesn't even like sauce <3"
8 Phoenix  719 "I <3 my new shades though."
9 MogMaster  613 "Awwwww. Could it be wub <3"
10 Hikaroo  600 "I brought her carnations as a thank you. <3"

You've left me speechless (The Top 10 dotdotdot folks)

  Nick Number of Lines Random Quote
1 R51  1576 "..."
2 Sabin  955 "..."
3 Nealio  688 "..."
4 Gabe  395 "..."
5 Dragon_Fire  326 "..."
6 Zero_Hawk  257 "..."
7 Cazboab  214 "..."
8 Nytecrawla  207 "..."
9 Laszlow  206 "..."
10 malevolence  199 "..."

Stop grinning at me! (The Top 10 emote-rs)

  Nick Number of Lines Random Quote
1 R51  24627 "And how did I know that DP was logged into the CoN FB account? :D"
2 Nealio  7652 "that's why you go to the doctor first :D"
3 Salamando  4283 "Kinda hard to Explain why Tracy is plugged into my speakers and music starts blaring. :)"
4 Elena99  3937 "Sounds like a hit ^-^"
5 Sabin  2950 "unlike mine which despise me >_>"
6 Hikaroo  2865 "You're sooooooo cool. :D"
7 Karasuman  2702 "I guess Christina Ricci with a chest should have been my first clue. ;)"
8 RelmArrowney  2554 "And Blaine needs less ditch Ash :D"
9 Gabe  1835 "you dont want to play me in monopoly... i'd own all you guys ;) haha jk"
10 Phoenix  1733 "Heh. At the sushi bar, the guy there was so surprised that I was just eating everything he put
in front of me, and he asked me later which was my favorite, and I said tuna, so he gave me four
slices free ^_^"

TOP 10 greeting people

  Nick Number of Lines Random Quote
1 R51  19252 "Hey, Meg rocks the kickdrum."
2 Nealio  7110 "Welcome to Borna Raised Leices."
3 Tiddles  3799 "Good evening Mr. Bond."
4 Elena99  3735 "hey, chanserv is unopped"
5 Mimic  3710 "Hey, again, Sherick."
6 Olly  2457 "hey josh did I win yet :D"
7 Death_Penalty  2455 "Hey Josh, Mike, whoever else."
8 footbigmike  2407 "Hey, i'm doing that one"
9 Del_S  2283 "hi Hikaroo, R51, and Tiddles. And Hello to anyone else whose payign attention"
10 Salamando  2147 "hey Gabe, hey my sis likes Dortmund and Bayern, so good for us."

Is that all you got to say? (Top 10 short line writers)

  Nick Number of Lines Random Quote
1 R51  83546 "ROFL"
2 Nealio  72921 "ep8"
3 Gabe  39366 ":("
4 Dragon_Fire  17897 "omg."
5 MogMaster  17429 "haha"
6 Sabin  15613 ".."
7 Zero_Hawk  15332 "No."
8 Hanyou  12861 "<3"
9 FraudulentTommah  12435 "Hmm"
10 Death_Penalty  12420 "Tew."

Top 10 Link Spammers

  Nick Number of Lines Random Quote
1 Nealio  22379 ""
2 R51  22098 ""
3 Gabe  6007 ""
4 Tiddles  4883 "Related:"
5 Hanyou  4742 "
<--- $30 at Radioshack for a 10ft"
6 Del_S  3642 " <-- Dear god."
7 Zero_Hawk  2701 "Mimic"
8 EvilEye  2088 ""
9 Phoenix  1572 ""
10 Salamando  1555 " did you guys see this when
I put it ready to be put my nice rowing gear into the sink to hand wash, but the water was too

Big Numbers

R51 needs to get a better connection - joined #narshe 7720 times during this reporting period...
The most active quit message writers
Nick amount Random Quote
1. R51 4821 (Exit: Exit Game)
2. Narratorway 1221 (Exit: Think I'll sleep instead.)
3. Nealio 1185 (Exit: Better go. See you guys on Sunday)
4. Del_S 1141 (Exit: And so then the RAF bombed a moneky into hell)
5. Mimic 994 (Exit: cowteats)
R51 liked talking about themself - 8608 descriptions altogether.
 [20:05:00] * R51[lunchies] tries it again.
Nealio had the kicking boots on, using them on 1056 people in #narshe.
 [20:14] <Zero_Hawk> FOX is one of those channels you get even if you don't have cable
[20:15] * Zero_Hawk was kicked by Neal[Legaia] (Neal[Legaia])

R51 only managed to kick 731 people.

The sore butt award goes to Nealio for being kicked out 325 times.
 [01:58:11] * Neal_Again was kicked by Tiddles (Bonk! [kick count:123])

R51 didn't even manage to win at this, getting just 199 kicks.

Salamando liked to say ":)", doing so 707 times.
Ashelia_B`nargin_Dalmasca almost deafened everyone in #narshe, shouting 36% of the time!

Also ear-splittingly loud: saileboat with 30% shouts!

Snowman was uncertain about many things - 33% of lines contained a question.

...and the silver medal goes to Cyan - with a question ratio of 30%.

The biggest chat-killer was R51 whose final comment caused the sudden end of 833 conversations.
This line stopped chat for 6 minutes (the previous conversation lasted 5 minutes):
 [13:18] <R51[working]> <Tiddles> Oh.
R51 didn't have anyone to talk to and performed 6451 monoloques (writing over 5 lines in a row).

Runner-up auto-chatter: Nealio - was caught talking to themself 5537 times.

 [21:44] <Neal> LOLOL
18 Jan 2005 20:00 - 20:30 was a busy time for #narshe - 21 people active
Active during these 30 minutes were (in order of appearance):
 Hamedo, Sherick, MoogleGenocide, Tonepoet, Nealio, EvilEye, Phunbaba, Zero_Hawk, Zangief, Sagat, Blanka, Gabe, ChunLi, Dhalsim, Leftout, Sub-Zero, Reptile, JohnnyCage, Hanyou, FraudulentTommah, Gate
the_red_mage was overly verbose, averaging 74 letters per line.

(typically people used 32 letters per line in #narshe)

29 net splits were detected during the reporting period - on average that is 0.03 splits per week

Most disastrous net split: 20 Jan 2002 16:19 - 3 people dropped for 1 h 21 min
#narshe's nick flooders (still haven't found the best one, R51...)
R511226 Nicks R51[working](53%), R51(32%), R51[work](4.1%), R51[meeting](1.3%), R51[around](0.8%), R51[cleaning](0.4%), R51[UT](0.2%), R51[out](0.2%), R51[CoN](0.2%), R51[CoNWork](0.2%), R51[phone](0.2%), fiveone(0.2%), R51[dinnerprep](0.1%), R51[dinner](0.1%), R51[FFX](0.1%), R51[conference_call](0.1%), R51[packing](0.1%), R51[shower](0.1%), R51[confcall](0.1%), R51_(0.1%), R51[...
Nealio1040 Nicks Nealio(34%), Neal(19%), Neal[warking](17%), Neal[Working](13%), Neal[zzz](1.0%), Neal[HW](0.8%), Neal[Meeting](0.7%), Neal[WFH](0.4%), Neal[CoNWork](0.4%), Neal[Class](0.4%), Neal[Out](0.4%), Neal[Studying](0.3%), [Neal](0.3%), Poque(0.3%), Neal[Stuff](0.3%), Neal[BBall](0.3%), Neal[FF6a](0.3%), Neal[FF9](0.3%), Neal[Shower](0.2%), NealCraft(0.2%), Neal[Lunboks](0.2%), Neal[...
People_Who_Forgot_to_Identify984 Nicks Guest6682(6.9%), Guest(5.2%), Guest3846(4.4%), Guest5461(3.9%), Guest788(3.7%), Guest4543(3.7%), Guest1593(3.1%), Guest1464(3.0%), Guest173(2.3%), Guest10186(2.2%), Guest9566(1.6%), Guest5224(1.6%), Guest6244(1.4%), Guest1865(1.3%), Guest161(1.2%), Guest3306(0.9%), Guest1008(0.9%), Guest4087(0.8%), Guest2683(0.8%), Guest3186(0.6%), Guest5373(0.6%), CoNGuest...
Sabin589 Nicks Sabin(80%), Bobbo(4.7%), Sabin[away](1.4%), Sabin_[away](0.5%), Sabin[FF6a](0.4%), Sabin[GoBlue](0.4%), Sabin[FF4a](0.4%), Sabin[writing](0.3%), Sabin[FFVIa](0.3%), Sabin[GoGMen](0.2%), Sabin_Jr(0.2%), Sabin[GoYankees](0.2%), Sabin[around](0.2%), Sabin[FFVI](0.2%), Sabin_[lunch](0.2%), Sabin[lunch](0.2%), Sabin[GoBigBlue](0.2%), Sabin[out](0.2%), Sabin_[hoops](0.2%), Sabin[MADNE...
Hanyou433 Nicks Hanyou(46%), Blaine(22%), Hanyou[Work](3.0%), Hanyou[Suiko5](1.7%), Hanyou[SO3](1.5%), Hanyou[CSI](0.9%), Hanyou[Suiko3](0.8%), Hanyou[P4](0.8%), Hanyou[FFIX](0.7%), Hanyou[WoW](0.7%), Hanyou[Laptop](0.6%), Blaine[Skyrimz](0.6%), Hanyougears(0.6%), Hanyou[GoMavs](0.6%), HanyouAge(0.5%), Hanyou[FFXII](0.5%), Blaine[DA2](0.5%), Hanyou[GoCowboys](0.5%), Blaine[...

Activity distribution

3/2012 - 2/2018

Lines per day Number of days
1 (0.0%)
3 (0.1%)
9 (0.4%)
13 (0.6%)
31 (1.4%)
106 (4.9%)
247 (11%)
419 (19%)
564 (26%)
701 (32%)
84 (3.9%)

Overused words in #narshe:

Count Word Last used by At
103978 "about" Darkhero Today 10:19
102082 "think" R51 Today 11:55
76476 "really" Xenon Today 10:15
74267 "because" EvilEye Today 9:34
70142 "would" Xenon Today 10:24
60075 "going" Xenon Today 10:29
57234 "right" R51 Today 10:22
53136 "though" Xenon Today 9:47
52695 "still" R51 Today 9:47
49498 "should" Darkhero Today 10:19

Frequently mentioned nicks:

Count Word Last used by At
60362 "R51" Salamando Today 10:30
50098 "Nealio" Salamando Yesterday 15:30
43813 "Soup" R51 Today 10:25
29312 "Tiddles" EvilEye 12 Feb 13:18
21981 "Gabe" Hanyou Yesterday 16:50

These people talk in their own (strange) language...

Count Nick Randomly selected sample (amount)
1919 R51 " Edit"(7), "CMoon"(5), "Emilie"(6), "Terii"(3), "NHTSA"(3), "Javron"(3), "Derkins"(5),
"Tiburon"(5), "sheeting"(7), "befalls"(4), "two_hand"(4), "70kbps"(4), "amortize"(3),
"drainr51"(7), "datatable"(3), "Darlington"(4), "Spider-Pig"(5), "Single-serve"(4), ...
1808 Nealio "wreeee"(16), "weirdsies"(21), "raitt"(6), "Dudek"(4), "Zalad"(4), "heaves"(5), "impacto"(6),
"Magack"(3), "Hot&Cold"(10), "nealsez"(3), "ownnnns"(3), "omegarofl"(4),
"HunterAMG"(3), "simpsons*"(3), "uuuuuuuup"(3), "homestands"(3), "Brain-Dead"(3), ...
564 Salamando "anycase"(9), "Tiesha"(4), "Evetta"(3), "Skylie"(3), "Kinley"(3), "Jocoby"(3), "Morell"(3),
"MarLou"(3), "Tailyn"(3), "sweeden"(4), "NotDave"(4), "Delecta"(3), "Meleesa"(3),
"MaLeisa"(3), "Aaleigh"(3), "conceede"(3), "Psh...I"(4), "slui.exe"(3), "powers...I"(3), ...
526 Del_S "whislt"(22), "wossname"(13), "plonk"(3), "nices"(3), "Yaaar"(3), "Spice="(4), "Torrah"(3),
"Ecosse"(3), "Dempsy"(3), "warnign"(5), "dwindle"(3), "Malleus"(3), "OReilly"(3),
"105mm"(3), "TruGreen"(3), "defiently"(6), "backgorund"(3), "vidoegames"(3), ...
319 Tiddles "OKish"(4), "Wolds"(3), "simples"(8), "poo2u"(3), "Plextor"(6), "thingummy"(11),
"Twelvety"(7), "Valance"(3), "HTMLify"(3), "japanses"(5), "skinnnnnn"(8), "non-cgi"(4),
"unviable"(3), "2.26ghz"(4), "iTextParser"(3), "subdirectory"(5), "nonlinearity"(4), ...
290 Gabe "soppo"(7), "Ansah"(7), "ROOLS"(4), "nagin"(4), "ucker"(3), "Mcree"(3), "abouit"(4),
"bubbie"(4), "reunite"(3), "hnnnggg"(3), "bodhums"(3), "e-watch"(4), "innernets"(5),
"jollyness"(3), "polymorph"(3), "getchalls"(3), "Bulbabutt"(3), "Joshhhhhhh"(3), ...
248 MogMaster "MOONCAKE"(16), "#COTY"(4), "3some"(6), "jawja"(3), "opnion"(3), "Noooth"(3),
"bosshog"(6), "NFSIII"(3), "Arlowe"(3), "Russle"(3), "codine"(3), "FILLAID"(5), "Gaberiel"(5),
"dorritos"(4), "cannible"(4), "what-not"(5), "allowence"(6), "FalingHeart"(5), ...
240 Dragon_Fire "Eyllo"(7), "Ampeg"(4), "zoink"(3), "SSSE3"(4), "ouuuuu"(4), "Uuuuuh"(4), "pysche"(3),
"bunging"(5), "tunings"(3), "shoe-in"(4), "Donadoni"(4), "provologne"(4),
"mahnamahna"(3), "Tiddles/Mike"(4), "electro-pop"(3), "movie-goers"(3), ...
221 Phoenix "«Thanks"(58), "«Neal»"(9), "Cusco"(6), "gwrar"(3), "Karli"(3), "liuke"(3), "Towely"(3),
"Greymon"(3), "Il-Sung"(4), "DAY-OCT"(4), "SESSIEST"(4), "SoDamnInsane"(11),
"terrorizing"(6), "objectdock"(3), "layfayette"(3), "10:48am"(7), "bioengineer"(3), ...
197 Mimic "Nicola"(8), "wankered"(12), "GY!BE"(4), "wankie"(3), "guberg"(3), "Guincho"(4),
"re-take"(5), "da-DAAA"(4), "Popplagid"(7), "Cuttooth"(3), "accdently"(4), "zee-anne"(3),
"anymooore"(4), "guestlist"(3), "1.30am"(3), "night-owl"(3), "Pocahaunted"(3), ...

These pairs speak with their own words

Count Nicks Randomly selected sample (amount)
1892 R51 and Nealio "Truefax"(28), "Durrrp"(6), "hought"(6), "Gertz"(3), "re-buy"(8), "Guyana"(5), "Feeler"(3),
"TAXICAB"(3), "thieflogs"(9), "boppity"(3), "Bonucci"(3), "swarmers"(4), "vIlLaReAl"(6),
"loltacular"(9), "Friskies"(3), "Motherboy"(4), "Dishwalla"(4), "dammmmmmit"(6), ...
757 Nealio and Salamando "Winda"(4), "RHand"(3), "beigey"(6), "loones"(6), "LeVoid"(4), "hathwh"(3), "Bukkles"(3),
"infline"(3), "Gopples"(3), "Hiddles"(3), "aroused*"(3), "Tymoshchuk"(7), "THERBERUS"(3),
"hgwefkljf"(3), "syldragurgles"(4), "Jelly/Vanessa"(3), "guess.isdigit"(4), ...
664 R51 and Tiddles "FF3Ed"(8), "Tiido"(5), "want/"(4), "*ask*"(3), "outtro"(6), "Mechner"(5), "easyish"(4),
"GZIPped"(3), "vars.php"(8), "ipb_posts"(6), "Adrienne"(3), "supercar"(3), "good-ish"(4),
"startstats"(8), "romhacking"(6), "drivetrain"(4), "A7V600"(3), "featureless"(3), ...
600 R51 and Salamando "Perla"(3), "Crowne"(6), "wonkers"(8), "Bardzo"(4), "“Women"(3), "A-Data"(4), "Classah"(4),
"CoN-ify"(3), "Tristina"(3), "Chairlift"(6), "hardboard"(5), "Mutiny?Â’"(3),
"Duhduhduhduh"(8), "third-wave"(3), "non-Spanish"(3), "wolf/shifter"(3), ...
484 Nealio and Gabe "whart"(4), "Lumine"(7), "nanoo"(3), "stanky"(6), "concad"(6), "Preese"(6), "wonked"(5),
"Tazmily"(8), "Goldson"(4), "TATTLES"(4), "schmutz"(3), "staffords"(5), "contusion"(4),
"bennylava"(4), "uggghhhhh"(3), "Williamses"(4), "bears/skins"(3), "Spermbouncer"(3), ...
307 Nealio and Tiddles "PRONK"(4), "Potus"(4), "Colfer"(6), "lazos"(3), "GRAUGH"(6), "herons"(3), "Poisona"(6),
"Artism"(3), "McWipey"(5), "Benezia"(3), "imposters"(7), "Mamacats"(3), "Coldsteel"(5),
"maaaaaaan"(3), "Scrappers"(3), "Allemagne"(3), "MAIROKRAT"(3), "Hfuhruhurr"(3), ...
298 R51 and Del_S "sixer"(11), "Trafford"(13), "nonces"(5), "borred"(3), "teamskins"(12), "Ramius"(3),
"megabus"(4), "pressie"(4), "cock-up"(6), "Jarheads"(4), "homebase"(4), "allspark"(3),
"extremism"(6), "ammuntion"(3), "downmarket"(4), "unexploded"(4), "babymaking"(3), ...
286 R51 and Gabe "dices"(8), "Mehmet"(7), "againt"(6), "loris"(3), "Filly"(3), "Dundie"(3), "Harumph"(5),
"anomoly"(3), "detatch"(3), "scrilla"(3), "suckups"(3), "Tebowing"(3), "nightcap"(3),
"ravagers"(3), "this-gen"(4), "swampland"(4), "trackpack"(3), "circuited"(3), ...
261 Nealio and Dragon_Fire "Urggh"(12), "gagbe"(3), "Raarr"(3), "BABBIES"(8), "España"(3), "Bonaire"(5),
"REEEEEE"(5), "victors"(3), "gabelings"(9), "queefing"(4), "unffffff"(3), "Falafels"(3),
"Mia/Maya"(3), "gatherers"(3), "gau/shadow"(5), "fwapfwapfwap"(9), "And...not"(3), ...
210 R51 and Dragon_Fire "weaps"(8), "Lazio"(5), "Furia"(5), "Haines"(6), "ahahhah"(4), "*seeing"(3), "cheapos"(3),
"Skydome"(3), "mongrels"(5), "diarhhea"(4), "pixelate"(3), "mary-sue"(3), "helmsdeep"(3),
"guessssss"(3), "*confused*"(5), "waiiiiiiit"(3), "Eeeeeeeeeeh"(4), "Frenchville"(3), ...

Special words by time of day

  Hours 0-6 Hours 6-12 Hours 12-18 Hours 18-24
1"Hyman"(19)"asriel"(8) "nandos"(41)"Gochu"(31)
2"VAGETA"(36)"Marnin"(68) "twerk"(13)"bellybutton"(27)
3"Varus"(6)"vaping"(8) "vanilli"(57)"Kilik"(41)
4"Gigai"(7)"Calvies"(14) "hevay"(30)"Helios"(32)
5"monferno"(24)"Meera"(4) "Czechs"(33)"wanty"(20)
6"Minkus"(6)"Breyer"(6) "Moffat"(40)"Babar"(15)
7"kaoru"(9)"Marrakech"(23) "Gillan"(36)"Aquas"(15)
8"ensnare"(17)"Kanai"(3) "Beneke"(23)"Rydias"(15)
9"Oreyn"(14)"Iridium"(40) "heists"(55)"Kurtz"(13)
10"#blue"(6)"Dadgie"(5) "clickbait"(18)"#mage"(24)

Special words by day of week

  Monday Tuesday -
Friday Saturday -
1"Thoros"(11)"Comey"(19) "Muffet"(8)"scurt"(17)
2"Segura"(6)"oddish"(23) "shulk"(6)"Luxio"(18)
3"Turbodog"(7)"deserts"(21) "stdev"(8)"Jappa"(12)
4"Dwigt"(3)"nandos"(41) "Wessel"(7)"Darch"(11)
5"Oberyn"(6)"Kenyans"(33) "Varus"(6)"Faulk"(9)
6"mohel"(7)"Kiwis"(19) "that."(6)"Runer"(3)
7"Spags"(9)"Trinidad"(39) "deetz"(4)"Heero"(8)
8"Beric"(3)"swarmed"(25) "Camus"(12)"RaNena"(7)
9"beigey"(6)"Flowey"(14) "Mical"(6)"puwexil"(7)
10"techcopy"(10)"Boeing"(19) "Tipples"(7)"scryed"(27)

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