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Top 10 Link Spammers

  Nick Lines Spoken Random Quote
1 Nealio  22355 ""
2 R51  21909 ""
3 Gabe  5954 "
4 Tiddles  4858 "I notice that some or all banners are still being pulled from"
5 Hanyou  4694 "
6 Del_S  3642 " <-- AAARGH! FOr gods sake make sure
the French and Russians don't see this or we're all screwed!"
7 Zero_Hawk  2701 "lol WTF"
8 EvilEye  1939 ""
9 Phoenix  1566 "It's a subset of wikipedia."
10 Salamando  1547 " Jesus themselves back to chat when
I do. :D"

Quoting saves you the issues of being original.

  Nick Lines Spoken Random Quote
1 R51  5891 "[13:59] Xenon: The ever-expanding internet <- clever, but that's not where it originated, trust
2 Nealio  4227 "<Lumina> bed time for the field goal."
3 Zero_Hawk  1505 "<Zoidberg> These fancy clothes do!"
4 Salamando  1284 "<Horrified Asian Programmer> Mykaylee, what's up!"
5 Phoenix  1078 "<Main Character> Oh. Cool."
6 Tiddles  1031 "[20:41] <Runarisu> ...And dont call me Runa, okay? :D"
7 Gabe  918 "<@R51[errands]> I should be good to go for after the baby now <- is what i read"
8 Del_S  829 "<I'> "Saved us a shitload of work hacking in! <3, NSA!""
9 Sabin  520 "<bears fan> He has urlacher!!!"
10 Mimic  511 "<me> I did, he doesn't fancy it."

I Heart You Too (The Top 10 Lovey People)

  Nick Lines Spoken Random Quote
1 R51  2544 "I heart Nelly Furtado."
2 Nealio  2214 "I still <3 Cornflake Girl."
3 Dragon_Fire  1454 "I <3 subway that delivers/"
4 Zero_Hawk  1125 "Going to go play Soul Caliber 2 now <3"
5 Sabin  1042 "just giving an illusion of how much i <3<3<3<3"
6 Hanyou  892 "Need updated pic, Ryan <3"
7 Salamando  808 "Yo Zoola. <3!"
8 Phoenix  718 "<3<3.html"
9 MogMaster  613 "<3 Hawt"
10 Hikaroo  600 "I heart working with Talim."

You've left me speechless (The Top 10 dotdotdot folks)

  Nick Lines Spoken Random Quote
1 R51  1575 "..."
2 Sabin  955 "..."
3 Nealio  687 "..."
4 Gabe  392 "..."
5 Dragon_Fire  326 "..."
6 Zero_Hawk  257 "..."
7 Cazboab  214 "..."
8 Nytecrawla  207 "..."
9 Laszlow  206 "..."
10 malevolence  199 "..."

Stop grinning at me! (The Top 10 emote-rs)

  Nick Lines Spoken Random Quote
1 R51  24467 "I totally sandbagged it :D"
2 Nealio  7642 "<Hikaroo> Okay. :) I guess I'll just go kill myself. :) Bye. :)"
3 Salamando  4257 "And :) > :( I'd be here"
4 Elena99  3937 "it's pronounced differently, but yeah ^-^"
5 Sabin  2950 "bah.. who needs a car when you can help your friend out :)"
6 Hikaroo  2865 "can't send smells over the net. ^.^;"
7 Karasuman  2702 "Like the 50 US States and their capitols, courtesy of Animaniacs! :D"
8 RelmArrowney  2554 "Well, it does taste good! I've had it since I was a freshman, and you're really not supposed to put
it on your toungue, but oh well ^.^"
9 Gabe  1832 "my personal favorite :D"
10 Phoenix  1730 "yeah... I like the second entry better than the first ^~^"

TOP 10 greeting people

  Nick Lines Spoken Random Quote
1 R51  19149 "Hey, has SM been in here today?"
2 Nealio  7100 "Hey Tiddles, can you do me a quick fever?"
3 Tiddles  3791 "Hi there."
4 Elena99  3735 "hey do you take sugar in your coffee?"
5 Mimic  3710 "Hey, again, Sherick."
6 Olly  2457 "Hey all, long time, no see."
7 footbigmike  2404 "Hey"
8 Death_Penalty  2360 "Hey Olly, haven't seem you around in a while."
9 Del_S  2283 "hey, theres another sign of the Apocalypse..."
10 Salamando  2124 "Hi Maggles. Cali is wearing a green cape in spite of a stained tuxedo, see-through parachute pants
, and bent socks."

Is that all you got to say? (Top 10 short line writers)

  Nick Lines Spoken Random Quote
1 R51  82968 "D"
2 Nealio  72716 "LOL"
3 Gabe  39196 "LOL!"
4 Dragon_Fire  17897 "so"
5 MogMaster  17429 "Oh"
6 Sabin  15613 "ha"
7 Zero_Hawk  15332 "ROFL"
8 Hanyou  12792 "ps"
9 FraudulentTommah  12435 "No"
10 Death_Penalty  11930 "Woo."

Big Numbers

R51 couldn't decide whether to come or go and joined #narshe 7720 times during this reporting period...
The most active quit message writers
Nick percentage Random Quote
1. Vishnu 100 % (Exit: Who Who, What What?)
2. Kritter 100 % (Exit: The burn! The burn! Exersize is good for you!)
3. Barret 100 % (Exit: DarkMyst Webchat (Session timeout))
4. Master_Vivi 100 % (Exit: Until we meet again...)
5. Luminaire 100 % (Exit: User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby)
R51 liked talking about themself - 8608 descriptions altogether.
 [18:18] * R51[around] applies for a job, just for the hell of it.
The evil guard of #narshe was Nealio who got this reputation after kicking out 1056 people.
 [03:36:23] <Dragon_Fire> I'm writing with my nose!
[03:36:40] * Dragon_Fire was kicked by Neal (PURGE)

R51 had a hard time keeping up, kicking merely 731 people.

Nealio didn't take "no" for an answer and ended up getting kicked out 325 times.
 [22:28] <Nealio> Yes
[20:22] * NealLikesPenis was kicked by Neal[CoNWork] (Neal[CoNWork])

R51 was close behind with 199 kicks.

RelmArrowney knew exactly what to say, mentioning "Hello!" 18 times.
The loudest one was Ashelia_B`nargin_Dalmasca with yell percentage of 36%!

Also ear-splittingly loud: saileboat with 30% shouts!

Snowman was either being philosophical or just plain clueless - 33% of lines contained questions.

...and the silver medal goes to Cyan - with a question ratio of 30%.

The conversation-killer award goes to R51 whose final comment caused 829 conversations to end suddenly.
This line stopped chat for 6 minutes (the previous conversation lasted 3 minutes):
 [17:32] <R51[working]> GYROBALL
R51 didn't have anyone to talk to and performed 6341 monoloques (writing over 5 lines in a row).

Nealio also liked talking to themself - caught on camera 5521 times.

Nealio had a sticky shift button - wrote 14345 lines in CAPS.
 [23:21:00] <Neal> LOL. Later NW
Channel activity peak: 21 people were active on 18 Jan 2005 20:00 - 20:30
Active users during this 30-minute period were (in order of appearance):
 Hamedo, Sherick, MoogleGenocide, Tonepoet, Nealio, EvilEye, Phunbaba, Zero_Hawk, Zangief, Sagat, Blanka, Gabe, ChunLi, Dhalsim, Leftout, Sub-Zero, Reptile, JohnnyCage, Hanyou, FraudulentTommah, Gate
the_red_mage didn't know when to stop typing, averaging 74 letters per line.

Channel average on #narshe was 32 letters.

29 net splits were detected during the reporting period - on average that is 0.04 splits per week

Most disastrous net split: 20 Jan 2002 16:19 - 3 people dropped for 1 h 21 min
People with the most nicknames (they just couldn't find the right one...)
R511226 Nicks R51[working](53%), R51(33%), R51[work](4.1%), R51[meeting](1.3%), R51[around](0.8%), R51[cleaning](0.4%), R51[UT](0.2%), R51[out](0.2%), R51[CoN](0.2%), R51[CoNWork](0.2%), R51[phone](0.2%), fiveone(0.2%), R51[dinnerprep](0.1%), R51[dinner](0.1%), R51[FFX](0.1%), R51[conference_call](0.1%), R51[packing](0.1%), R51[shower](0.1%), R51[confcall](0.1%), R51_(0.1%), R51[...
Nealio1039 Nicks Nealio(34%), Neal(19%), Neal[warking](17%), Neal[Working](13%), Neal[zzz](1.0%), Neal[HW](0.8%), Neal[Meeting](0.7%), Neal[WFH](0.4%), Neal[CoNWork](0.4%), Neal[Class](0.4%), Neal[Out](0.4%), Neal[Studying](0.3%), [Neal](0.3%), Poque(0.3%), Neal[Stuff](0.3%), Neal[BBall](0.3%), Neal[FF6a](0.3%), Neal[FF9](0.3%), Neal[Shower](0.2%), NealCraft(0.2%), Neal[Lunboks](0.2%), Neal[...
People_Who_Forgot_to_Identify983 Nicks Guest6682(6.9%), Guest(5.2%), Guest3846(4.4%), Guest5461(3.9%), Guest788(3.7%), Guest4543(3.7%), Guest1593(3.1%), Guest1464(3.0%), Guest173(2.3%), Guest10186(2.2%), Guest9566(1.6%), Guest5224(1.6%), Guest6244(1.4%), Guest1865(1.3%), Guest161(1.2%), Guest3306(0.9%), Guest1008(0.9%), Guest4087(0.8%), Guest2683(0.8%), Guest3186(0.6%), CoNGuest(0.6%), Guest5373...
Sabin589 Nicks Sabin(80%), Bobbo(4.7%), Sabin[away](1.4%), Sabin_[away](0.5%), Sabin[FF6a](0.4%), Sabin[GoBlue](0.4%), Sabin[FF4a](0.4%), Sabin[writing](0.3%), Sabin[FFVIa](0.3%), Sabin[GoGMen](0.2%), Sabin_Jr(0.2%), Sabin[GoYankees](0.2%), Sabin[around](0.2%), Sabin[FFVI](0.2%), Sabin_[lunch](0.2%), Sabin[lunch](0.2%), Sabin[GoBigBlue](0.2%), Sabin[out](0.2%), Sabin_[hoops](0.2%), Sabin[MADNE...
Hanyou432 Nicks Hanyou(47%), Blaine(22%), Hanyou[Work](3.0%), Hanyou[Suiko5](1.7%), Hanyou[SO3](1.5%), Hanyou[CSI](0.9%), Hanyou[Suiko3](0.8%), Hanyou[P4](0.8%), Hanyou[FFIX](0.7%), Hanyou[WoW](0.7%), Hanyou[Laptop](0.6%), Blaine[Skyrimz](0.6%), Hanyougears(0.6%), Hanyou[GoMavs](0.6%), HanyouAge(0.6%), Hanyou[FFXII](0.5%), Blaine[DA2](0.5%), Hanyou[GoCowboys](0.5%), Blaine[...

Activity distribution

12/2011 - 11/2017

Lines per day Number of days
2 (0.1%)
3 (0.1%)
11 (0.5%)
14 (0.6%)
32 (1.5%)
111 (5.1%)
263 (12%)
432 (20%)
564 (26%)
663 (30%)
82 (3.8%)

Popular words in #narshe:

Count Word Last used by At
103419 "about" Salamando Today 11:10
101585 "think" R51 Today 11:10
76058 "really" R51 Today 10:41
73742 "because" R51 Today 10:40
69848 "would" R51 Today 10:40
59721 "going" EvilEye Today 8:48
57022 "right" R51 Today 10:16
52886 "though" R51 Today 11:10
52360 "still" R51 Today 10:17
49300 "should" R51 Today 10:02

Frequently mentioned nicks:

Count Word Last used by At
60214 "R51" Xenon Today 7:11
49950 "Nealio" Salamando Today 8:15
43613 "Soup" R51 Today 6:48
29272 "Tiddles" Stiltz Today 8:37
21873 "Gabe" EvilEye Yesterday 11:28

These people have a distinctive choice of words...

Count Nick Randomly selected sample (amount)
1896 R51 "aloft"(4), "Bremen"(6), "$hate"(3), "CoNmen"(4), "done./"(4), "Malberry"(3), "Godstone"(3),
"380MB"(3), "minarets"(3), "cromagnon"(3), "Monogatari"(4), "propogation"(7),
"joshalvies"(3), "rrrrrrrrrrrr"(7), "autoposting"(4), "Turbografix"(3), "turbocharged"(4), ...
1804 Nealio "giddly"(61), "BJORKUT"(13), "reffed"(4), "Gactle"(3), "powerz"(3), "encerio"(6),
"snitting"(7), "tonicsa"(3), "%cline1"(4), "re-hash"(3), "BARNABAS"(4), "seatmate"(4),
"of...a"(3), "adherence"(3), "klinnsman"(3), "touchless"(3), "ECON251"(4), ...
554 Salamando "Ciele"(3), "anycase"(9), "Davin"(3), "G.B.A"(6), "Shaury"(4), "LeMoyn"(4), "Ivaloo"(4),
"ClaVel"(3), "Montanna"(8), "Kursten"(3), "Evadean"(3), "Tolmour"(3), "Nassles"(3),
"MaLeisa"(3), "caillene"(3), "Brookelle"(3), "fullblade"(3), "retoolings"(3), "ChadliAnne"(3), ...
526 Del_S "wrogn"(22), "K-Woo"(10), "posty"(3), "adeptus"(7), "docktor"(3), "freedum"(3),
"revison"(3), "Cuntman"(3), "asspull"(3), "genepool"(4), "defintion"(6), "misdrawn"(3),
"C&Cesque"(4), "worringly"(4), "topicseen"(3), "tresspass"(3), "octuplets"(3), ...
320 Tiddles "RDBMS"(3), "ADELS"(3), "getenv"(4), "mathsy"(3), "charmap"(4), "N-Cube"(3),
"SULFNBK"(3), "FFOmega"(3), "chevaux"(3), "ssi.php"(4), "IBForums"(4), "RIIIIICK"(3),
"Digiworld"(5), "RedHotAnt"(3), "unBirthday"(3), "designwise"(3), "Gameplaywise"(6), ...
287 Gabe "jjust"(3), "liosn"(3), "eyorr"(3), "MBFOB"(3), "Life1"(3), "gettng"(3), "lambent"(4),
"plurbis"(4), "buddyin"(3), "Brendas"(3), "gundums"(3), "homegirl"(5), "squartle"(3),
"brackett"(3), "D-U-N-T"(4), "curseword"(3), "reenforce"(3), "getchalls"(3), "downriver"(3), ...
248 MogMaster "LOLiar"(8), "azuras"(8), "jawja"(3), "Dawzey"(4), "McVhey"(3), "sense*"(3), "Ambrose"(5),
"stoping"(3), "Princep"(3), "Cartmans"(4), "Nyactually"(9), "Benehime"(3), "toungues"(3),
"shitbeard"(6), "roflcoptor"(6), "Randigulf"(3), "sexuallity"(3), "neccesarily"(3), ...
240 Dragon_Fire "Buccs"(7), "THAT!TAKE"(26), "HEALZ"(4), "ouuuuu"(4), "*yummy"(4), "*worse"(4),
"FLEURY"(3), "WHUTCHU"(4), "plekanec"(7), "stewpid"(3), "Donadoni"(4), "kangeroo"(4),
"5-on-3"(4), "chatspeak"(3), "washinton"(3), "baaaaaaaah"(4), "slidetackle"(4), ...
220 Phoenix "«Neal»"(9), "Cusco"(6), "«Kappa»"(7), "buttan"(4), "doubleu"(3), "in-text"(3),
"Bush’s"(3), "48km/h"(3), "v6.12"(5), "gobgobgob"(5), "prolifent"(4), "4:47pm"(6),
"3:55pm"(5), "SoDamnInsane"(11), "E-Machines"(3), "JOSHIKOUSEI"(4), ...
197 Zero_Hawk "Centy"(6), "thought*"(15), "Jetix"(5), "Raldo"(4), "USTFU"(4), "watur"(4), "waerz"(3),
"grive"(3), "kosha"(3), "Windia"(5), "Apeman"(4), "mickie"(4), "Bolgan"(3), "having*"(4),
"Melonie"(3), "bounce*"(3), "Hoffmans"(4), "I-mockery"(3), "permanately"(3), ...

These pairs speak with their own words

Count Nicks Randomly selected sample (amount)
1885 R51 and Nealio "Fuxor"(12), "Alcede"(11), "Lallana"(13), "Furcal"(9), "pileup"(7), "Yuguo"(3), "SISJC"(3),
"Dice-K"(7), "Volure"(4), "friars"(3), "Braedon"(4), "*scowl*"(4), "righted"(3), "reduxes"(3),
"madisons"(3), "Philomena"(5), "non-dairy"(6), "schmoozing"(6), "frolicking"(4), ...
752 Nealio and Salamando "E*Trade"(13), "Paull"(4), "wehne"(3), "Nedfy"(3), "Dorpus"(6), "Sundeep"(7), "unfazed"(4),
"NUMBER%"(3), "wreckit"(3), "gastlys"(3), "Wumples"(3), "latepass"(4), "short-ass"(8),
"Caramello"(4), "open—and"(3), "houseguests"(6), "choco-chow"(4), "murderhouse"(3), ...
664 R51 and Tiddles "Goodger"(14), "bsnes"(7), "retool"(9), "AMOLED"(6), "$title"(6), "gametypes"(14),
"reburn"(3), "Barclay"(4), "end_nav"(3), "fastish"(3), "Seamonkey"(7), "antispam"(3),
"showrooms"(5), "1.0.x"(3), "insane./"(3), "dodginess"(3), "baron.gif"(4), ...
597 R51 and Salamando "Libyan"(10), "Krewe"(3), "Fanueil"(7), "Nomuri"(3), "Espinoza"(8), "youÂ’re"(4), "Fibbles"(3),
"Jordanian"(9), "laaaaate"(4), "shrinkwrap"(9), "Skydrive"(3), "snowboots"(3),
"disbursment"(3), "mini-resort"(3), "non-managerial"(5), "yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy"(4), ...
481 Nealio and Gabe "ugghhh"(20), "Gades"(16), "Dekar"(13), "oneups"(7), "Jeffster"(12), "Smyly"(3),
"Shiancoe"(12), "Froakie"(7), "polson"(3), "Schultz"(6), "glorped"(3), "Huffington"(9),
"NoHarbaughs"(9), "Dachshund"(3), "Mandlebaum"(4), "z-section"(3), "rowboatcop"(3), ...
312 Nealio and Tiddles "invis"(8), "rakin"(4), "Kujas"(3), "Kraff"(3), "Torme"(3), "peens"(3), "surged"(4),
"ZOANNE"(3), "Telepod"(3), "*munch*"(3), "Capriati"(4), "arkshadow"(6), "beastmen"(3),
"proboscis"(4), "Allemagne"(3), "Hfuhruhurr"(3), "narratively"(4), "implementations"(8), ...
298 R51 and Del_S "Neomagi"(10), "McDel"(3), "nonces"(5), "assail"(3), "teamskins"(12), "Seabee"(3),
"inkwell"(3), "anti-gun"(8), "steeling"(5), "chipboard"(5), "E2200"(4), "Luftwaffe"(4),
"Metamorpha"(5), "touchstone"(4), "excercised"(3), "PRECOCIOUS"(3), "flowerbeds"(3), ...
286 R51 and Gabe "Avion"(8), "Brosh"(3), "*Spin"(3), "joyride"(5), "ex-NFL"(3), "delfino"(4), "yasssss"(3),
"ballgag"(3), "minigolf"(5), "abscence"(4), "dirtbags"(3), "bulldyke"(3), "Brittabot"(4),
"swampland"(4), "gabbagoul"(3), "Tillerson"(3), "stealthed"(3), "deserters"(3), ...
261 Nealio and Dragon_Fire "lurky"(3), "meybe"(3), "mowwww"(5), "*Chess"(3), "chuchu"(3), "dowwwn"(3),
"haaaave"(3), "smilecity"(6), "screemond"(3), "officiate"(3), "extendable"(3),
"freeeeeeee"(3), "fwapfwapfwap"(9), "shotglasses"(3), "*extremely*"(3), ...
211 R51 and Dragon_Fire "Forlan"(42), "MILITO"(7), "Watford"(9), "Busquets"(11), "STYLEZ"(3), "adoring"(5),
"grillin"(5), "Olypics"(3), "springy"(3), "Annnnnnnnd"(9), "Tall-Nut"(4), "BOOOOOMER"(3),
"Giiiiiive"(3), "guessssss"(3), "Mercurials"(5), "mid-point"(3), "raaaaaaaaar"(3), ...

Recently found popular words

  Word First used by At
1 "Orkana"(3) Salamando Yesterday 13:31
2 "Quackers"(3) Tiddles 3 Oct 13:20
3 "Recalvias"(4) EvilEye 7 Nov 9:37

Special words by time of day

  Hours 0-6 Hours 6-12 Hours 12-18 Hours 18-24
1"Hyman"(19)"asriel"(8) "nandos"(40)"Gochu"(31)
2"VAGETA"(36)"Marnin"(58) "twerk"(13)"bellybutton"(27)
3"Varus"(6)"vaping"(8) "vanilli"(57)"Helios"(32)
4"Gigai"(7)"Calvies"(13) "hevay"(30)"Kilik"(41)
5"monferno"(24)"Breyer"(6) "Czechs"(33)"wanty"(20)
6"Minkus"(6)"Meera"(4) "Moffat"(40)"Aquas"(15)
7"kaoru"(9)"Marrakech"(23) "Gillan"(35)"Babar"(15)
8"ensnare"(17)"Iridium"(40) "Beneke"(23)"Rydias"(15)
9"Oreyn"(14)"Kanai"(3) "heists"(53)"Kurtz"(13)
10"#blue"(6)"Dadgie"(5) "cannabis"(26)"#mage"(24)

Special words by day of week

  Monday Tuesday -
Friday Saturday -
1"Thoros"(11)"Comey"(19) "Muffet"(8)"Luxio"(18)
2"Turbodog"(7)"oddish"(23) "shulk"(6)"scurt"(17)
3"Dwigt"(3)"nandos"(40) "stdev"(8)"Jappa"(12)
4"Oberyn"(6)"deserts"(20) "Varus"(6)"Darch"(11)
5"mohel"(7)"Kenyans"(33) "Wessel"(7)"Faulk"(9)
6"Spags"(9)"Kiwis"(19) "that."(6)"Runer"(3)
7"Beric"(3)"Trinidad"(39) "deetz"(4)"RaNena"(7)
8"beigey"(6)"swarmed"(25) "Camus"(12)"Heero"(8)
9"mcpick"(6)"Flowey"(14) "Mical"(6)"puwexil"(7)
10"Moiste"(4)"Boeing"(19) "kaoru"(9)"scryed"(27)

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