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Stop grinning at me! (The Top 10 emote-rs)

  Nick Number of Lines Sample Quote
1 R51  25152 "Plus, I want something that will speed up some of the CoN work I do. :)"
2 Nealio  7693 "Go ahead and post more ^_^"
3 Salamando  4430 "I can't be without you Bacall. :)"
4 Elena99  3937 "But I don't have a car >_>"
5 Sabin  2950 "Or Georgetown like I have it in my brackets :)"
6 Hikaroo  2865 "^.^;;"
7 Karasuman  2702 "Maybe instead of goofing off online I should study for the test. ^_^()"
8 RelmArrowney  2554 "^.^ Oh. I was wondering why you swore at me for wishing I was Mexican!"
9 Gabe  1841 "does it make your belly ^_^"
10 Phoenix  1738 "I'll still need to plan a trip into a sizeable city, of course :)"

TOP 10 greeting people

  Nick Number of Lines Sample Quote
1 R51  19608 "Hey, thanks. Now sleep, damn you."
2 Nealio  7143 "Hey, gotta do whatcha gotta do."
3 Tiddles  3801 "Hello joining people."
4 Elena99  3735 "Hi NP *is away brushing teeth*"
5 Mimic  3710 "Hey, again, Sherick."
6 Death_Penalty  2533 "heya joshy"
7 Olly  2457 "Hey GMH."
8 footbigmike  2411 "wb"
9 Del_S  2283 "see you later then. might have left before then."
10 EvilEye  2237 "Hey, you're an Alice in Chains fan, right?"

Is that all you got to say? (Top 10 short line writers)

  Nick Number of Lines Sample Quote
1 R51  85137 "Go!"
2 Nealio  73518 "LOL"
3 Gabe  39851 "lol"
4 Dragon_Fire  17897 "ermm"
5 MogMaster  17429 "E;fb"
6 Sabin  15613 "..."
7 Zero_Hawk  15332 "ew*"
8 Hanyou  13219 "rofl"
9 Death_Penalty  12676 "Haha"
10 EvilEye  12647 "lol"

Top 10 Link Spammers

  Nick Number of Lines Sample Quote
1 R51  22640 " <- yes yes
yes yes"
2 Nealio  22555 ""
3 Gabe  6187 ""
4 Hanyou  4906 " <--- God bless you MacGyver"
5 Tiddles  4886 "FFGurus give out addresses I think."
6 Del_S  3642 "Think I still prefer somehow. :)"
7 Zero_Hawk  2701 ""
8 EvilEye  2399 "Almost as great as this thread:"
9 Salamando  1589 " isnt this
guy was clearly not cold enough to stick"
10 Phoenix  1574 ""

Quoting saves you the issues of being original.

  Nick Number of Lines Sample Quote
1 Zombor  32454 "<EvilEye> Maybe Ren & Stimpy butt"
2 R51  5968 "[09:09] footbigmike: You're crazy."
3 Nealio  4237 "<Salamando> I'm addicted to hot sauce, but it's too hot and I can't stand it. <--what what"
4 Salamando  1606 "[16:25:30] <GMH> <-- this
is the trails series a couple weeks back."
5 Zero_Hawk  1505 "<+Mimic> Today I had two kitkats, a microwaveable burger, a plate of spaghetti and a tray
of nachos. <-- That's more than I eat in three days"
6 Phoenix  1090 "<Gabe> That's all I know. Really. It is."
7 Tiddles  1031 "[20:34] <Neal> I really wanna go there."
8 Gabe  918 "[16:58] <Nealio> The $25000 question on millionaire was "What color are sepia-toned
photographs?" <--- I dont know :("
9 Del_S  829 "<Caz> adding the phrase "if you say what, you share a cell with a big 80 stone , 6 feet
guy called camp clarence""
10 Sabin  520 "<Aaron Guiel> I play gud!"

I Heart You Too (The Top 10 Lovey People)

  Nick Number of Lines Sample Quote
1 R51  2603 "The tree arrived at Rockefeller yesterday. <3"
2 Nealio  2214 "You know it's an evil song, since it's called "Sweet Sweet <3 Magic""
3 Dragon_Fire  1454 "I heart circuses, the clowns are the best part"
4 Zero_Hawk  1125 "<3 Nami x Robin x Vivi"
5 Sabin  1042 "I <3 industrial rock instrumentals."
6 Hanyou  912 "Oh well. I'm gonna go play some Kingdom Hearts and then hit the sack. G'night ya'll."
7 Salamando  835 "very congested and it's like my ears are putting pink wallpaper with hearts on in my old court lounge"
8 Phoenix  720 "i heart those types... i mean..."
9 MogMaster  613 "<3"
10 Hikaroo  600 "I hope you have a good day too. <3"

You've left me speechless (The Top 10 dotdotdot folks)

  Nick Number of Lines Sample Quote
1 R51  1585 "..."
2 Sabin  955 "..."
3 Nealio  689 "..."
4 Gabe  399 "..."
5 Dragon_Fire  326 "..."
6 Zero_Hawk  257 "dotdotdot"
7 Cazboab  214 "..."
8 Nytecrawla  207 "..."
9 Laszlow  206 "..."
10 malevolence  199 "..."

Big Numbers

R51 needs to get a better connection - joined #narshe 7725 times during this reporting period...
Most custom quit messages
Nick percentage Sample Quote
1. Luminaire 100 % (Exit: User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby)
2. Vishnu 100 % (Exit: You should'a taken up that offer for Lingo.)
3. Kritter 100 % (Exit: Leaving)
4. Barret 100 % (Exit: DarkMyst Webchat (Session timeout))
5. Master_Vivi 100 % (Exit: Until we meet again...)
R51 liked showing off, giving 8610 self-descriptions.
 [11:17] * R51[working] grumbles.
The evil guard of #narshe was Nealio who got this reputation after kicking out 1052 people.
 [22:39:49] <R51[working]> It's not a hard project, but it needs to get out right now.
[20:13:17] *** R51_boo was kicked by Neal (Neal)

R51 had a hard time keeping up, kicking merely 731 people.

Nealio had a problem with authority and got booted out 325 times.
 [22:37:00] * Neal was kicked by R51 (OK, I'll MAKE time.)

R51 didn't even manage to win at this, getting just 199 kicks.

RelmArrowney knew exactly what to say, mentioning "Hello!" 18 times.
People in #narshe probably wish Ashelia_B`nargin_Dalmasca had a "mute" button - as this individual shouted 36% of the time!

Also ear-splittingly loud: saileboat with 30% shouts!

Snowman was uncertain about many things - 33% of lines contained a question.

Cyan was almost as bad, having a question ratio of 30%.

The biggest chat-killer was R51 whose final comment caused the sudden end of 860 conversations.
The following line killed chat for 8 minutes (the previous conversation lasted 3 minutes):
 [15:02] <R51[working]> Like I say, not a huge deal.
R51 didn't have anyone to talk to and performed 6695 monoloques (writing over 5 lines in a row).

Nealio also chatted to himself 5579 times.

Nealio forgot to turn off the CAPS-lock, writing 14398 lines in CAPS.
 [22:58] <Nealio> ROFL THERE HE IS
18 Jan 2005 20:00 - 20:30 was a busy time for #narshe - 21 people active
Active during these 30 minutes were (in order of appearance):
 Hamedo, Sherick, MoogleGenocide, Tonepoet, Nealio, EvilEye, Phunbaba, Zero_Hawk, Zangief, Sagat, Blanka, Gabe, ChunLi, Dhalsim, Leftout, Sub-Zero, Reptile, JohnnyCage, Hanyou, FraudulentTommah, Gate
Sally was unsure where to put the full stop, averaging 74 letters per line.

Channel average on #narshe was 32 letters.

29 net splits were detected during the reporting period - on average that is 0.03 splits per week

Most disastrous net split: 20 Jan 2002 16:19 - 3 people dropped for 1 h 21 min
People with the most nicknames (they just couldn't find the right one...)
R511229 Nicks R51[working](54%), R51(32%), R51[work](4.0%), R51[meeting](1.2%), R51[around](0.8%), R51[cleaning](0.3%), R51[UT](0.2%), R51[out](0.2%), R51[CoN](0.2%), R51[CoNWork](0.2%), R51[phone](0.2%), fiveone(0.2%), R51[dinnerprep](0.1%), R51[dinner](0.1%), R51[FFX](0.1%), R51[conference_call](0.1%), R51[packing](0.1%), R51[shower](0.1%), R51[confcall](0.1%), R51_(0.1%), R51[...
Nealio1037 Nicks Nealio(34%), Neal(19%), Neal[warking](17%), Neal[Working](13%), Neal[zzz](1.0%), Neal[HW](0.8%), Neal[Meeting](0.7%), Neal[WFH](0.5%), Neal[CoNWork](0.4%), Neal[Class](0.4%), Neal[Out](0.4%), Neal[Studying](0.3%), [Neal](0.3%), Poque(0.3%), Neal[Stuff](0.3%), Neal[BBall](0.3%), Neal[FF6a](0.3%), Neal[FF9](0.3%), Neal[Shower](0.2%), Neal[Lunboks](0.2%), NealCraft(0.2%), Neal[...
People_Who_Forgot_to_Identify984 Nicks Guest6682(6.9%), Guest(5.2%), Guest3846(4.4%), Guest5461(3.9%), Guest788(3.7%), Guest4543(3.7%), Guest1593(3.1%), Guest1464(3.0%), Guest173(2.3%), Guest10186(2.2%), Guest9566(1.6%), Guest5224(1.6%), Guest6244(1.4%), Guest1865(1.3%), Guest161(1.2%), Guest3306(0.9%), Guest1008(0.9%), Guest4087(0.8%), Guest2683(0.8%), Guest3186(0.6%), Guest5373(0.6%), CoNGuest...
Sabin589 Nicks Sabin(80%), Bobbo(4.7%), Sabin[away](1.4%), Sabin_[away](0.5%), Sabin[FF6a](0.4%), Sabin[GoBlue](0.4%), Sabin[FF4a](0.4%), Sabin[writing](0.3%), Sabin[FFVIa](0.3%), Sabin[GoGMen](0.2%), Sabin_Jr(0.2%), Sabin[GoYankees](0.2%), Sabin[around](0.2%), Sabin[FFVI](0.2%), Sabin_[lunch](0.2%), Sabin[lunch](0.2%), Sabin[GoBigBlue](0.2%), Sabin[out](0.2%), Sabin_[hoops](0.2%), Sabin[MADNE...
Hanyou433 Nicks Hanyou(44%), Blaine(26%), Hanyou[Work](2.8%), Hanyou[Suiko5](1.6%), Hanyou[SO3](1.4%), Hanyou[CSI](0.9%), Hanyou[Suiko3](0.8%), Hanyou[P4](0.7%), Hanyou[FFIX](0.7%), Hanyou[WoW](0.7%), Hanyou[Laptop](0.6%), Blaine[Skyrimz](0.6%), Hanyougears(0.5%), Hanyou[GoMavs](0.5%), HanyouAge(0.5%), Hanyou[FFXII](0.5%), Blaine[DA2](0.5%), Hanyou[GoCowboys](0.5%), Blaine[...

Activity distribution

2/2013 - 1/2019

Lines per day Number of days
1 (0.0%)
4 (0.2%)
8 (0.4%)
19 (0.9%)
78 (3.6%)
195 (9.0%)
402 (18%)
574 (26%)
821 (38%)
71 (3.3%)

People in #narshe seem to like these words...

Count Word Last used by At
106839 "about" Zombor Yesterday 1:22
104593 "think" Zombor Yesterday 12:07
78594 "really" Xenon 11 Jan 22:26
76330 "because" Salamando 11 Jan 20:48
71824 "would" Zombor 11 Jan 15:15
61596 "going" Zombor Yesterday 11:59
58454 "right" Zombor 11 Jan 15:12
54426 "though" Zombor 11 Jan 15:13
54307 "still" Xenon 11 Jan 22:15
50453 "should" Zombor 11 Jan 17:38

Frequently mentioned nicks:

Count Word Last used by At
72037 "R51" Zombor Yesterday 17:53
60477 "Nealio" Zombor Yesterday 21:16
44743 "Soup" Salamando 11 Jan 20:48
29543 "Tiddles" Zombor 9 Jan 14:16
22812 "Gabe" Zombor Yesterday 17:53

Who uses the most words that no-one else uses?

Count Nick Randomly selected sample (amount)
1950 R51 " Black"(6), "*prize"(4), "aerator"(7), "salaam"(3), "GenGame"(4), "Codiene"(3),
"Sickwife"(4), "40kbps"(3), "Portugual"(5), "autotweet"(5), "sub-20"(3), "shinguard"(4),
"obsoleted"(4), "juryrigged"(7), "Varhosting"(6), "Mini-Soup"(4), "10mp3"(6), ...
1795 Nealio "hewwo"(18), "Nally"(4), "flunks"(6), "Drazen"(4), "HDDVDS"(3), "shmorky"(3),
"START-O"(5), "Trinexx"(3), "froggonk"(4), "levelups"(4), "gruntled"(4), "Larbeight"(5),
"Intregway"(4), "GOO-PAAH"(3), "Gracenote"(3), "quintiles"(3), "SCRAWWWWWW"(3), ...
608 Salamando "Anona"(4), "Uneva"(4), "XIII-3"(12), "Marva"(4), "Tyrel"(3), "Teasa"(3), "frica"(3),
"mevin"(3), "Haydee"(3), "Kayeri"(3), "Daurion"(4), "Karissa"(4), "Tolmour"(3), "Arville"(3),
"Dovetta"(3), "Kollier"(3), "brillant"(3), "leagilly"(3), "defenitions"(4), "DeceasedCrab"(3)
529 Del_S "Vogts"(4), "Gaulle"(6), "Rorke"(3), "doeth"(3), "buggr"(3), "descion"(9), "Blairs"(5),
"adeptus"(7), "feilds"(4), "Astartes"(8), "saltire"(4), "Antioch"(3), "M16A2"(5), "T-80s"(3),
"multimap"(4), "realsied"(4), "TruGreen"(3), "dumfries"(3), "Alcobooze"(3), "Doublizard"(3)
318 Tiddles "hnngh"(4), "SSF2X"(5), "Savile"(5), "weasly"(4), "reflow"(4), "Jaffar"(3), "HTMLify"(3),
"japanses"(5), "diskette"(4), "unquoted"(4), "Jilickers"(4), "inhumanly"(3), "text/plain"(5),
"microswitch"(6), "conprofile"(3), "iTextParser"(3), "16-colour"(3), "line-height"(3), ...
291 Gabe "anted"(5), "nagin"(4), "Polak"(3), "soldja"(6), "FLUERY"(3), "yespls"(3), "Duckett"(4),
"REG-GIE"(4), "Googlism"(4), "Joshipoo"(3), "shoudlnt"(3), "siggghhh"(3), "season2"(3),
"gorgaland"(3), "autotunes"(3), "gangsigns"(3), "Greendales"(3), "Cammalleri"(3), ...
256 MogMaster "/stab"(16), "elixers"(10), "kekeek"(5), "Kabong"(4), "Dubayu"(4), "milady"(4), "bolero"(3),
"Unisco"(3), "charecter"(12), "mooses"(3), "FILLAID"(5), "nitched"(5), "Geselle"(3),
"Stevetron"(9), "Aquateen"(4), "#Trivesk"(3), "Terentino"(3), "infallable"(3), ...
241 Dragon_Fire "putain"(7), "Azche"(4), "Uuuuh"(4), "zoink"(3), "ninjav"(5), "Toucha"(5), "*worse"(4),
"yatzee"(3), "pysche"(3), "frowwwn"(5), "kazoete"(3), "ressssst"(3), "popcycle"(3),
"Poutines"(3), "Balthazar"(4), "sprinters"(4), "GIRRRRRRL"(3), "predrinking"(3), ...
227 Phoenix "kimari"(8), "Musume"(3), "*bible"(3), "Muzeene"(3), "emperium"(6), "WHOA-HO"(4),
"«murrrr»"(4), "Doseisan"(4), "INNERNET"(4), "Wachovia"(4), "chixxors"(3),
"Whoopdie"(3), "3:55pm"(5), "non-round"(4), "incidences"(3), "Kid-I-Hate"(5), ...
201 Mimic "Pimms"(4), "Phhht"(3), "*desk"(3), "BERRER"(5), "guberg"(3), "20ac"(4), "headfuck"(7),
"Bagsies"(3), "Trotski"(3), "X-rated"(4), "seafront"(4), "dumeasel"(3), "astroturf"(5),
"aubergine"(4), "anymooore"(4), "zee-anne"(3), "driniking"(3), "Stylophone"(5), ...

These pairs speak with their own words

Count Nicks Randomly selected sample (amount)
1837 R51 and Nealio "*bobs*"(12), "WEEBLES"(14), "lynne"(6), "evers"(3), "Snowden"(8), "Wideband"(9),
"Mogsam"(3), "Argonne"(5), "Glidden"(5), "Nekketsu"(5), "tacotaco"(4), "filmstrip"(7),
"512GB"(3), "factcheck"(3), "Washboard"(3), "blammalam"(3), "preschools"(5), ...
769 Nealio and Salamando "luxerion"(19), "Neleh"(7), "LaLine"(6), "shafty"(4), "T-vive"(6), "muñecos"(4),
"“What"(4), "Zazzles"(3), "BLEGGHHH"(4), "Lloydine"(3), "UNDERGABE"(5),
"bankrupcy"(5), "Zithromax"(5), "Sahasralah"(6), "ah-ah-ah"(4), "Sweet/Sour"(3), ...
653 R51 and Tiddles "Compaq"(10), "AOLSUX"(8), "Tiido"(5), "AMOLED"(6), "Mozillazine"(19), "TClock"(4),
"Baaaaah"(4), "bounded"(4), "paintjob"(7), "fastish"(3), "Vapor-X"(5), "there./"(4),
"chappies"(3), "strtotime"(5), "ffinsider"(3), "daisychain"(4), "Enterprises"(7), ...
602 R51 and Salamando "CRONs"(11), "Greice"(10), "Perla"(3), "opulent"(4), "boogied"(3), "outgrows"(4),
"laughers"(3), "Titleist"(3), "midchest"(3), "bipolarism"(7), "lat/longs"(3), "forumAspie"(4),
"Birthright"(4), "Deeeeeeead"(4), "mathmatically"(7), "medium-format"(6), ...
477 Nealio and Gabe "Hawthornes"(26), "Hanjo"(5), "dedotated"(15), "PLvPW"(3), "Negros"(4), "Shiggy"(3),
"Bismilk"(4), "krampus"(3), "wallnut"(3), "belanies"(5), "polestar"(4), "Dothraki"(3),
"megasale"(3), "Daenarys"(3), "soerdrunk"(5), "uploaders"(3), "winnebago"(3), ...
307 R51 and Del_S "*bamf*"(6), "balked"(4), "Fallujah"(9), "webhosting"(12), "lollypop"(6), "Eurozone"(6),
"Twitards"(5), "seaplane"(3), "weirdish"(3), "oxidation"(5), "redocking"(3), "scorelines"(6),
"abolition"(3), "flowerbeds"(3), "peashooter"(3), "AS-Overlord"(6), "decaffinated"(3), ...
302 Nealio and Tiddles "Latios"(9), "to_date"(11), "duets"(5), "McNeal"(6), "tidsl"(3), "cishets"(6), "THYQUE"(3),
"herons"(3), "crinkly"(6), "BOFRTH"(3), "Pedantry"(5), "helpfully"(7), "non-PHP"(3),
"conehead"(3), "punchcard"(4), "spell_name"(3), "Hfuhruhurr"(3), "fluttering"(3), ...
285 R51 and Gabe "trolly"(8), "MERICA"(6), "Ingus"(3), "hermano"(3), "parochial"(7), "analingus"(7),
"curdling"(4), "this-gen"(4), "TURDUCKEN"(5), "Brosieden"(4), "interning"(4),
"Wall-Nuts"(5), "minieggbox"(4), "Blainenipz"(3), "Octoberfest"(6), "bushwhacked"(5), ...
256 Nealio and Dragon_Fire "dahhh"(4), "Fello"(3), "*cake"(3), "BABBIES"(8), "chuchu"(3), "stoppp"(3), "CABBAGES"(8),
"chesees"(4), "throaty"(4), "MAAAAAKE"(6), "raybans"(3), "daaaaaay"(4), "chopstick"(3),
"officiate"(3), "gatherers"(3), "megadouche"(3), "have...a"(3), "here...and"(4), ...
217 R51 and Dragon_Fire "Kroos"(6), "Lazio"(5), "Essien"(6), "Haldir"(5), "NOOOOOT"(7), "snorkel"(6), "adsense"(6),
"moogily"(4), "ahahhah"(4), "MEEEEEH"(3), "/hamedo"(3), "*gloves"(3), "*involve"(3),
"Soundwave"(5), "purolator"(4), "alt-fire"(3), "ASSSSSSSS"(3), "converence"(3), ...

Special words by time of day

  Hours 0-6 Hours 6-12 Hours 12-18 Hours 18-24
1"Hyman"(19)"Calvies"(27) "nandos"(43)"Gochu"(31)
2"VAGETA"(36)"Marnin"(96) "twerk"(13)"Helios"(32)
3"Varus"(6)"asriel"(8) "vanilli"(57)"Kilik"(41)
4"ensnare"(18)"Nunes"(5) "hevay"(32)"wanty"(20)
5"Gigai"(7)"barcade"(7) "Czechs"(33)"bellybutton"(27)
6"monferno"(24)"Marrakech"(25) "cannabis"(27)"Aquas"(15)
7"Minkus"(6)"Breyer"(6) "Sleve"(10)"Rydias"(15)
8"kaoru"(9)"Meera"(4) "Moffat"(40)"#mage"(24)
9"Oreyn"(14)"pinap"(4) "heists"(56)"Bismol"(14)
10"#blue"(6)"Kanai"(3) "Beneke"(23)"Isshin"(18)

Special words by day of week

  Monday Tuesday -
Friday Saturday -
1"Thoros"(11)"Comey"(23) "Muffet"(8)"Luxio"(18)
2"Segura"(7)"oddish"(27) "shulk"(6)"scurt"(17)
3"Turbodog"(7)"nandos"(43) "stdev"(8)"Jappa"(12)
4"Dwigt"(3)"deserts"(21) "Wessel"(7)"Darch"(11)
5"Ellidyre"(22)"Kenyans"(33) "Varus"(6)"Faulk"(9)
6"Oberyn"(6)"Moles"(30) "that."(6)"Runer"(3)
7"mohel"(7)"Trinidad"(39) "deetz"(4)"RaNena"(7)
8"Beric"(3)"curds"(20) "Camus"(12)"Heero"(8)
9"beigey"(6)"Bawls"(18) "Mical"(6)"Mbappe"(7)
10"Spags"(9)"swarmed"(25) "Wilmer"(3)"scryed"(27)

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