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Stop grinning at me! (The Top 10 emote-rs)

  Nick Lines Written Random Quote
1 R51  25152 "Gerad: We're gonna. ^_^"
2 Nealio  7693 "I only had to download 48 MP3s to get it.. >_>"
3 Salamando  4420 "E = bing choi :) bing bing choi :)"?"
4 Elena99  3937 "Feliks: you shave dry? >_> And how cut up is your face?"
5 Sabin  2950 "yeah, i know what you're talking about, elyse :)"
6 Hikaroo  2865 ":D"
7 Karasuman  2702 "That was a test for the class I'm enrolled in right now. :)"
8 RelmArrowney  2554 "Yeah, but it has a happy ending ^.^"
9 Gabe  1841 "I'm building club lol :)"
10 Phoenix  1738 "Haven't seen you around for far too long ^_^"

TOP 10 greeting people

  Nick Lines Written Random Quote
1 R51  19608 "Hey, Kap, did you get brought up to date on CoN issues (as mentioned in your GT post)?"
2 Nealio  7143 "Hey Elena, your boyfriend was in here the other day."
3 Tiddles  3801 "Hey Kappa, don't you gimme that attitude! I have a boot and a stomach ready!"
4 Elena99  3735 "Hey I haven't tried to eat you Tiddles, as far as I know anyway"
5 Mimic  3710 "Hey, again, Sherick."
6 Death_Penalty  2529 "Hey Mike."
7 Olly  2457 "Hey all, long time, no see."
8 footbigmike  2411 "Hey Gabe"
9 Del_S  2283 "WB Tommah, sorta WB Phoenix"
10 EvilEye  2237 "Welcome to Mooney Wireless, where the beer flows like wine and the cell phone service is cheap
because we steal service!"

Is that all you got to say? (Top 10 short line writers)

  Nick Lines Written Random Quote
1 R51  85137 "See?"
2 Nealio  73515 "Yo"
3 Gabe  39846 "Yes"
4 Dragon_Fire  17897 "rofl"
5 MogMaster  17429 "HAR"
6 Sabin  15613 "lol"
7 Zero_Hawk  15332 ":D"
8 Hanyou  13218 "No"
9 Death_Penalty  12670 "Hmm."
10 EvilEye  12647 "Ah."

Top 10 Link Spammers

  Nick Lines Written Random Quote
1 R51  22640 ""
2 Nealio  22555 ""
3 Gabe  6183 "LOL neal"
4 Hanyou  4906 " <--- That actually looks kinda fun, for some twisted
5 Tiddles  4886 ""
6 Del_S  3642 " <-- Acting, motherfuckers, are you capable of
7 Zero_Hawk  2701 ""
8 EvilEye  2399 " Wow, FF4's edward harp song beginnings?"
9 Salamando  1587 " I'm trying to figure
out about it, it slides away and totally vanishes."
10 Phoenix  1574 " <--- that's a pretty cool building"

Quoting saves you the issues of being original.

  Nick Lines Written Random Quote
1 Zombor  18667 "<EvilEye> There's something poetic about Zombor being birthed around Clims death"
2 R51  5968 "[12:49] Xenon: i want to see your frothy hormonal rage <- um, what"
3 Nealio  4236 "<Salamando> I want you to realize that Xenon sucks, clearly."
4 Zero_Hawk  1505 "<Salamando> eat a baby and then have natural gifts, mine happen to be carcinogens and
death. Am I to share death with people? How can I do that? ...What's that, mister leprechaun?
5 Salamando  1501 "[09:47:26] <Zombor> <Poque> Where was up and running anyway for work."
6 Phoenix  1090 "[22:07:02] <+Phoenix> I have a cute and sad story tonight"
7 Tiddles  1031 "[21:25:38] <Tiddles> Oops."
8 Gabe  918 "<mymom> hamburger helper."
9 Del_S  829 "<Local Kids> hey, let's steal old man Alvies bin"
10 Sabin  520 "[18:05] <Neal[GH]> LOL."

I Heart You Too (The Top 10 Lovey People)

  Nick Lines Written Random Quote
1 R51  2603 "I heart warehouse work."
2 Nealio  2214 "<333333333<333<33333<33<33333<33<33333333<3333"
3 Dragon_Fire  1454 "I heart Max Payne. and Return To Castle Wolfenstein"
4 Zero_Hawk  1125 "However I <3 lunchbreak"
5 Sabin  1042 "i heart rain but i HEART snow"
6 Hanyou  912 "<3 Real Genius though"
7 Salamando  833 "Solitaire Overload has free cell <3 Rarthyr?"
8 Phoenix  720 "I <3 2000. It may be a bloated pig, but it doesn't grow like a cancer."
9 MogMaster  613 "<3"
10 Hikaroo  600 "I <3 the dentist too!"

You've left me speechless (The Top 10 dotdotdot folks)

  Nick Lines Written Random Quote
1 R51  1585 "..."
2 Sabin  955 "..."
3 Nealio  689 "..."
4 Gabe  399 "..."
5 Dragon_Fire  326 "..."
6 Zero_Hawk  257 "..."
7 Cazboab  214 "..."
8 Nytecrawla  207 "..."
9 Laszlow  206 "..."
10 malevolence  199 "..."

Big Numbers

R51 needs to get a better connection - joined #narshe 7725 times during this reporting period...
The most active quit message writers
Nick percentage Random Quote
1. Kritter 100 % (Exit: Leaving)
2. Barret 100 % (Exit: DarkMyst Webchat (Ping timeout))
3. Master_Vivi 100 % (Exit: Until we meet again...)
4. Vishnu 100 % (Exit: You should'a taken up that offer for Lingo.)
5. Luminaire 100 % (Exit: User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby)
R51 liked showing off, giving 8610 self-descriptions.
 [13:42] * R51[working] yawns
Nealio kicked a total of 1052 people from #narshe, more than anyone else.
 [20:54:29] * VB_Messiah was kicked by Neal (Neal)

R51 had a hard time keeping up, kicking merely 731 people.

Nealio didn't take "no" for an answer and ended up getting kicked out 325 times.
 [01:59:12] *** Neal was kicked by Hikaroo (Behave)

R51 didn't even manage to win at this, getting just 199 kicks.

R51 knew exactly what to say, mentioning "Stats" 1121 times.
People in #narshe probably wish Ashelia_B`nargin_Dalmasca had a "mute" button - as this individual shouted 36% of the time!

Also ear-splittingly loud: saileboat with 30% shouts!

Snowman was uncertain about many things - 33% of lines contained a question.

Cyan was also looking for answers with a question ratio of 30%.

The conversation-killer award goes to R51 whose final comment caused 860 conversations to end suddenly.
Following sample line ended a 3-minute conversation and was followed by 7 minutes of silence:
 [20:06] <R51> Around the waist.
R51 spoke the most monologues - wrote over 5 lines in a row 6695 times...

Nealio also liked talking to themself - caught on camera 5579 times.

 [22:36:28] <Neal> Count THIS
Channel activity peak: 21 people were active on 18 Jan 2005 20:00 - 20:30
Active users during this 30-minute period were (in order of appearance):
 Hamedo, Sherick, MoogleGenocide, Tonepoet, Nealio, EvilEye, Phunbaba, Zero_Hawk, Zangief, Sagat, Blanka, Gabe, ChunLi, Dhalsim, Leftout, Sub-Zero, Reptile, JohnnyCage, Hanyou, FraudulentTommah, Gate
Sally was unsure where to put the full stop, averaging 75 letters per line.

Average line length on #narshe was 32 letters.

29 net splits were detected during the reporting period - on average that is 0.03 splits per week

Most disastrous net split: 20 Jan 2002 16:19 - 3 people dropped for 1 h 21 min
#narshe's multiple-personality disorder sufferers (they just couldn't find the right one...)
R511229 Nicks R51[working](54%), R51(32%), R51[work](4.0%), R51[meeting](1.2%), R51[around](0.8%), R51[cleaning](0.3%), R51[UT](0.2%), R51[out](0.2%), R51[CoN](0.2%), R51[CoNWork](0.2%), R51[phone](0.2%), fiveone(0.2%), R51[dinnerprep](0.1%), R51[dinner](0.1%), R51[FFX](0.1%), R51[conference_call](0.1%), R51[packing](0.1%), R51[shower](0.1%), R51[confcall](0.1%), R51_(0.1%), R51[...
Nealio1036 Nicks Nealio(34%), Neal(19%), Neal[warking](17%), Neal[Working](13%), Neal[zzz](1.0%), Neal[HW](0.8%), Neal[Meeting](0.7%), Neal[WFH](0.5%), Neal[CoNWork](0.4%), Neal[Class](0.4%), Neal[Out](0.4%), Neal[Studying](0.3%), [Neal](0.3%), Poque(0.3%), Neal[Stuff](0.3%), Neal[BBall](0.3%), Neal[FF6a](0.3%), Neal[FF9](0.3%), Neal[Shower](0.2%), Neal[Lunboks](0.2%), NealCraft(0.2%), Neal[...
People_Who_Forgot_to_Identify984 Nicks Guest6682(6.9%), Guest(5.2%), Guest3846(4.4%), Guest5461(3.9%), Guest788(3.7%), Guest4543(3.7%), Guest1593(3.1%), Guest1464(3.0%), Guest173(2.3%), Guest10186(2.2%), Guest9566(1.6%), Guest5224(1.6%), Guest6244(1.4%), Guest1865(1.3%), Guest161(1.2%), Guest3306(0.9%), Guest1008(0.9%), Guest4087(0.8%), Guest2683(0.8%), Guest3186(0.6%), Guest5373(0.6%), CoNGuest...
Sabin589 Nicks Sabin(80%), Bobbo(4.7%), Sabin[away](1.4%), Sabin_[away](0.5%), Sabin[FF6a](0.4%), Sabin[GoBlue](0.4%), Sabin[FF4a](0.4%), Sabin[writing](0.3%), Sabin[FFVIa](0.3%), Sabin[GoGMen](0.2%), Sabin_Jr(0.2%), Sabin[GoYankees](0.2%), Sabin[around](0.2%), Sabin[FFVI](0.2%), Sabin_[lunch](0.2%), Sabin[lunch](0.2%), Sabin[GoBigBlue](0.2%), Sabin[out](0.2%), Sabin_[hoops](0.2%), Sabin[MADNE...
Hanyou433 Nicks Hanyou(44%), Blaine(26%), Hanyou[Work](2.8%), Hanyou[Suiko5](1.6%), Hanyou[SO3](1.4%), Hanyou[CSI](0.9%), Hanyou[Suiko3](0.8%), Hanyou[P4](0.7%), Hanyou[FFIX](0.7%), Hanyou[WoW](0.7%), Hanyou[Laptop](0.6%), Blaine[Skyrimz](0.6%), Hanyougears(0.5%), Hanyou[GoMavs](0.5%), HanyouAge(0.5%), Hanyou[FFXII](0.5%), Blaine[DA2](0.5%), Hanyou[GoCowboys](0.5%), Blaine[...

Activity distribution

12/2012 - 11/2018

Lines per day Number of days
1 (0.0%)
4 (0.2%)
9 (0.4%)
19 (0.9%)
82 (3.8%)
209 (9.6%)
410 (19%)
567 (26%)
808 (37%)
70 (3.2%)

#narshe's popular words

Count Word Last used by At
106416 "about" Salamando 16 Nov 21:41
104213 "think" Salamando 16 Nov 21:41
78269 "really" Salamando 16 Nov 21:41
76035 "because" Salamando 16 Nov 21:02
71566 "would" Xenon 16 Nov 21:57
61353 "going" Zombor 16 Nov 21:21
58258 "right" Salamando 16 Nov 21:52
54234 "though" Xenon 16 Nov 21:41
54036 "still" Salamando 16 Nov 15:52
50293 "should" Salamando 16 Nov 9:43

Most referred nicks:

Count Word Last used by At
67014 "R51" Zombor Today 11:17
57174 "Nealio" Zombor 16 Nov 23:28
44591 "Soup" Zombor 16 Nov 9:36
29473 "Tiddles" Salamando 15 Nov 14:35
22475 "Gabe" Zombor 12 Nov 17:10

These people talk in their own (strange) language...

Count Nick Randomly selected sample (amount)
1952 R51 "scrot"(8), "devops"(7), "haute"(4), "Devoe"(3), "D/B/A"(3), "Lovren"(6), "Brobbo"(4),
"Suisse"(3), "*penis"(3), "ceding"(3), "stetson"(5), "snowsuit"(5), "insulins"(3),
"cheaping"(3), "rrrrrrrrgh"(6), "criiiicket"(4), "four-armed"(4), "refrigerant"(5), ...
1786 Nealio "kynt*"(4), "RUIND"(3), "Zagula"(5), "Matheny"(6), "Dunnah"(3), "whammies"(8), "tip-in"(3),
"Pineiro"(4), "Joddles"(3), "Ichirin"(3), "gabeasy"(3), "Salazars"(4), "ECON251"(4),
"SCRAWWWWWW"(3), "KYRGYZSTAN"(3), "phxpron.jpg"(6), "Thundertits"(3), ...
602 Salamando "Stoopy"(7), "slmgr"(3), "Tiesha"(4), "Lavene"(3), "Uniloy"(3), "Skylie"(3), "Marjan"(3),
"RoLayne"(4), "Lavonda"(4), "comited"(3), "Pearlie"(3), "Latrina"(3), "Liddles"(3),
"Murlene"(3), "Nellamae"(3), "Latrelle"(3), "descisive"(3), "MittRomney"(3), ...
520 Del_S "whislt"(22), "Henno"(6), "kiled"(4), "*boom"(4), "kidde"(3), "SSPCA"(3), "Monore"(5),
"Girrafe"(7), "or/and"(3), "Hitlary"(3), "Redfeild"(3), "C&Cesque"(4), "MeaPortia"(4),
"agonising"(4), "sufficent"(3), "detailling"(3), "reedeemers"(3), "left-wingers"(3), ...
317 Tiddles "dokaly"(7), "spacer"(6), "Raagh"(3), "en-GB"(5), "Schlmp"(3), "poo2u"(3), "Bismarks"(6),
"spamlord"(4), "D3D/OGL"(3), "host12"(3), "joined-up"(6), "reightous"(4), "ouroboros"(4),
"UserInput"(4), "Monkhouse"(3), "Grimsdale"(3), "/startstats"(3), "font-family"(3), ...
286 Gabe "Jewie"(4), "eyorr"(3), "jjust"(3), "Didint"(5), "yespls"(3), "trival"(3), "Stankees"(6),
"Bookman"(3), "Tediore"(3), "Amacker"(3), "Raise2"(3), "oooooohh"(3), "clipshow"(3),
"headwound"(4), "razzberry"(4), "whaaaattt"(3), "gorgaland"(3), "p-i-z-z-a"(10), ...
247 MogMaster "aflek"(4), "Fuck*"(3), "rufies"(5), "CIVNET"(5), "syurup"(4), "rotton"(3), "charecter"(12),
"NFSIII"(3), "FILLAID"(5), "Swastica"(5), "Eichmann"(4), "sno-cone"(6), "Ebonheart"(6),
"there-of"(3), "Catsglish"(3), "Terentino"(3), "permision"(3), "Cocksmack"(3), ...
236 Dragon_Fire "Foufs"(6), "tatts"(6), "Uuuuh"(4), "*case"(3), "SSSE3"(4), "xerces"(3), "bahahha"(3),
"RADAMAN"(3), "tunings"(3), "Boreanez"(4), "GIRRRRRRL"(3), "unffffffff"(4),
"baaaaaaaah"(4), "screescree"(3), "neaaaaaaaaaal"(7), "bloodharvest"(4), ...
220 Phoenix "«Soup»"(14), "«Neal»"(9), "Mwrar"(4), "liuke"(3), "calld"(3), "«Kappa»"(7), "people»"(7),
"INNERNET"(4), "chixxors"(3), "Sumimasen"(5), "6:12pm"(6), "bitchfuck"(3),
"*Japanese"(3), "desireable"(4), "6 Minutes"(4), "cherryroms"(3), "ANYOHASEYO"(3), ...
194 Mimic "Yah-huh"(20), "DISCBOX"(12), "Nicola"(8), "Muhly"(5), "shike"(4), "justt"(3), "ciggi"(3),
"*desk"(3), "Efrim"(3), "walke"(3), "BERRER"(5), "yaaawn"(5), "Smaddy"(3), "Exstatic"(4),
"jerriais"(3), "drumbeats"(3), "1.30pm"(3), "Keiraboobs"(3), "self-catered"(5), ...

These pairs speak with their own words

Count Nicks Randomly selected sample (amount)
1896 R51 and Nealio "Quinta"(7), "Delmon"(6), "seine"(3), "adderall"(12), "SUPERLOL"(10), "Mullin"(3),
"startups"(4), "biiiiitch"(7), "spreader"(4), "okayyyyy"(4), "mongster"(3), "clean-cut"(7),
"Washburne"(4), "nervewracking"(16), "Dealbreakers"(8), "dotted-line"(3), ...
777 Nealio and Salamando "Paull"(4), "Typoon"(5), "Dallen"(3), "Mazzles"(4), "Gynobot"(3), "Duzzles"(3), "Gessles"(3),
"sitekey"(3), "gopackgo"(4), "uestions"(4), "nurtures"(3), "non-shep"(3), "16-team"(4),
"post-work"(4), "chodafamily"(4), "AHGFJKNBGLNK"(4), "GABESTROSITY"(3), ...
664 R51 and Tiddles "FFShit"(10), "Wolfie"(7), "transcode"(13), "TClock"(4), "handsets"(7), "unhacked"(7),
"f_stamp"(3), "onchange"(4), "ConvertM"(3), "hallmarks"(4), "higher-res"(9),
"watertight"(6), "new-style"(5), "400kbps"(5), "cornermain"(4), "marvelling"(3), ...
624 R51 and Salamando "Sapong"(11), "letÂ’s"(9), "Dnipro"(4), "Classah"(4), "GameFan"(3), "Tomples"(3),
"Narsche"(3), "Saggles"(3), "midchest"(3), "GAAAAAAA"(3), "wastebin"(3), "gastropub"(3),
"eyepatches"(5), "coastering"(5), "shoooooooow"(5), "cross-site"(3), "maps.where"(3), ...
492 Nealio and Gabe "Clausen"(26), "fauria"(13), "Pharah"(11), "Hawthornes"(26), "jdate"(3), "wantr"(3),
"Bigtop"(5), "Mitten"(4), "Lennay"(4), "HINGLE"(3), "Sergei"(3), "Iseria"(3), "siestas"(4),
"webisodes"(9), "Primrose"(6), "donkeylips"(7), "chingling"(3), "Melisandre"(6), ...
306 R51 and Del_S "mired"(8), "Kroot"(6), "bipod"(4), "treads"(6), "kitteh"(4), "chappie"(5), "there’s"(4),
"foisted"(3), "Harrumph"(5), "bodybags"(4), "diffrence"(7), "encrypts"(4), "canadese"(3),
"permisson"(4), "Wherefore"(4), "two-state"(5), "redocking"(3), "Extradited"(3), ...
301 Nealio and Tiddles "flossy"(7), "Burts"(4), "toady"(3), "Unggh"(3), "temp3"(5), "Hitoshi"(3), "Benezia"(3),
"freeniss"(4), "enraging"(4), "Skyrimmy"(3), "Zombocom"(3), "Ecclestone"(9),
"Mamacats"(3), "FF-style"(3), "goooooone"(3), "Elizagerth"(5), "pangranised"(7), ...
290 R51 and Gabe "rella"(9), "Gruel"(5), "riche"(4), "dorta"(3), "Farmiga"(7), "rightl"(3), "emocunt"(4),
"Poptopia"(7), "phantos"(3), "analingus"(7), "playroom"(4), "Augmentin"(5),
"swampland"(4), "Forthwith"(4), "XolarDark"(3), "SpaceCoyote"(5), "Mardem-Bey"(4), ...
260 Nealio and Dragon_Fire "balut"(3), "mowwww"(6), "krabby"(4), "*chest"(3), "POL/CZE"(4), "throaty"(4),
"raybans"(3), "gothika"(3), "Fusilier"(4), "haaaaaave"(3), "Patrisucks"(4),
"SUPERBOOTS"(3), "with...a"(3), "haaaaaaaaaate"(7), "like...11"(3), ...
222 Nealio and EvilEye "geodes"(7), "Rhine"(3), "neetle"(6), "Dancho"(4), "Benjen"(4), "awawis"(3),
"Poundstone"(15), "gawking"(6), "Mormont"(4), "fiiiiire"(4), "thurs/fri"(5), "wearhouse"(3),
"Chetflinks"(3), "crustaceans"(4), "oversharing"(3), "single-digit"(5), "consolidates"(3), ...

Special words by time of day

  Hours 0-6 Hours 6-12 Hours 12-18 Hours 18-24
1"Hyman"(19)"asriel"(8) "nandos"(43)"Gochu"(31)
2"VAGETA"(36)"Calvies"(25) "twerk"(13)"bellybutton"(27)
3"Varus"(6)"Marnin"(91) "vanilli"(57)"Kilik"(41)
4"Gigai"(7)"Nunes"(5) "hevay"(32)"Helios"(32)
5"monferno"(24)"Breyer"(6) "Czechs"(33)"wanty"(20)
6"Minkus"(6)"Marrakech"(25) "Beneke"(23)"Aquas"(15)
7"kaoru"(9)"Meera"(4) "Gillan"(37)"Babar"(15)
8"ensnare"(17)"Kanai"(3) "heists"(56)"Rydias"(15)
9"Oreyn"(14)"Dadgie"(5) "Moffat"(40)"Kurtz"(13)
10"#blue"(6)"Saanvi"(5) "clickbait"(18)"#mage"(24)

Special words by day of week

  Monday Tuesday -
Friday Saturday -
1"Thoros"(11)"Comey"(23) "Muffet"(8)"Luxio"(18)
2"Segura"(7)"oddish"(27) "aanit"(6)"scurt"(17)
3"Turbodog"(7)"deserts"(21) "shulk"(6)"Jappa"(12)
4"Dwigt"(3)"nandos"(43) "stdev"(8)"Darch"(11)
5"Oberyn"(6)"Kenyans"(33) "Wessel"(7)"Faulk"(9)
6"mohel"(7)"Trinidad"(39) "Varus"(6)"Runer"(3)
7"beigey"(6)"swarmed"(25) "that."(6)"Heero"(8)
8"Spags"(9)"Flowey"(14) "deetz"(4)"RaNena"(7)
9"Beric"(3)"curds"(20) "Camus"(12)"Mbappe"(7)
10"Moiste"(4)"Boeing"(19) "Mical"(6)"puwexil"(7)

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