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Vincent's Costume Change

Posted: 3rd March 2012 00:24

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Something else that intrigues me.....Vincent's change of clothes from Turk uniform to well... his outfit? How did that happen? We're never actually told are we? All we know is (a much shortened version)
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
he's shot by Hojo as a Turk (obviously) and is experimented on by him, Lucrecia too with Chaos and he ends up in the coffin
- voluntarily or not? - wearing his black and red clothes with pointy metal gold coloured shoes and claw. I honestly wonder how that happened. I know he constantly says that it is his punishment to pay for his sins and whatnot but...choosing to lock oneself in a coffin and being locked in a coffin are two very different things..and once again where did the clothes come from?! and my ever questioning nature.... biggrin.gif

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Posted: 3rd March 2012 01:18

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Maybe Rauru dimension-hopped to Gaia and redressed him; apparently he has a hobby of putting unconscious people in new outfits.

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Posted: 3rd March 2012 01:28

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Maybe this is one of the situations where we're just supposed to tell ourselves that fictional characters have plenty of time off screen to do whatever they feel like. So as long as it's plausible that there was a way for him to end up with those clothes, then we shouldn't consider it a plothole.

If you're trying to think of the most believable explanation, I guess we should just imagine him raiding the closets of the Shinra mansion, or even Mt. Nibel, for the parts to his costume, and then going back into his coffin for a couple of decades.

It did always seem to me that he was punishing himself. Maybe Turk clothes felt too dignified, and he wanted to look lowly to feel more punishment.

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