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FF 6 (and a few ff5) hacks

Posted: 27th February 2012 19:50

Black Mage
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Since I was collecting information about FF hacks I want to summarize some of it here as a quick overview.
This list does only include hacks which are released or at least in a playble beta status with a few bugs.

FF6 hacks:

CoN members first;

FFVI Hardtype 1.2
Eternal 248's mod. More some kind of a lot's of gameplay changes than a change in difficulty.

Odal's FFVI Hardtype
Probably some of the most notable changes:
-No esper level up bonuses
-Slower HP and MP growths
-More aggressive enemies
-Overall more nerfs to those abusive abilities we all know and love.
-Pheonix Downs cannot be used to kill undeads (life spells still work like they used to).
-Endgame items changed to be chosen more based on their situational usefulness than simply because of their sheer power.
Seems to be quite promising.

Return of the dark Sorcerer
- New cast of characters with customized movesets.
- Script is over ten times as large as the original game!
- New and customized events.
- WoB Colosseum added with much work done to the betting system.
- FFVI Advance menu and dialog text.
- Major original bugs fixed, many of the lesser ones as well.
- Longer Esper & Spell names.
- Class names for characters.
- Increase in game difficulty.
- More experience and MP, or "Magika" gained than in the original game.
- Different skills like Magic, Tools, Item etc. all take different time before initiating.
- 50% less, (half) the normal random monster encounters in most areas.
- New and customized maps, as well as secret areas.
- A hundred or so new treasures. Not just changed, but all new ones added in.
- Music plays uninterrupted (no battle music) in non-overworld areas.
- The 7 dragons replaced with Lord Envoy's FFVI Advance Monsters Den counterparts.
- Different skills like Magic, Tools, Item etc. all take different time before initiating.
- Super bosses
- Injected music SPC's from other games, and one custom composed song.
- Imported BRR's (instrument samples) from other games.
- New monsters and bosses. (Sprites, battle scripts, stats)
- Unique NPC sprites, and some very interesting characters.
- New spells and spell animations, as well as weapon animations and graphics.
- Hold "B" to sprint.
- Mog never stumbles.
- Customized Espers.
- High MP costing Spells, and a fixed MP digit in the menu to compensate.
- New equipment and Relics.
- Desperation Attacks can occur anytime, regardless of near-fatal status.
- Well written dialog and story with very minimal if any spelling errors.
(Contact for beta testing)

FF6 GBA Script Project
Seems to retranslate the SNES version so it has the same descs and dialogues as the GBA version.

Final Fantasy 6 - A Complete Hack
- All bosses are changed. Some minorly (Vargas is only a little different) and some almost completely (Phunbaba, for example). The difficulty of the game is not absurdly high. It ramps up a bit near the end, but I was aiming for "slightly harder then the original."
- Some enemies were changed. Some randoms were changed, some were slightly changed, some were left the same. For the most part, don't expect anything too exciting here.
- Espers no longer teach magic.
- Espers no longer give stat boosts on level up.
- Summons are noticably stronger.
- Magic is instead learned from equipped items. Only certain people can learn certain spells.
- Characters have all been changed to "Classes". I expect you to rename them.,5837.0.html

The Final Fantasy 3/6 Eviltype 1.1 and Variations
Major changes in skills, items, enemies, superbosses and so on.,5758.0.html

Other FF VI hacks:

FF5 hacks:

Final Fantasy 5 Expert Version .947
Increased the difficulty and tweaked a few other things. You can patch this over the FF5 translation.

Final Fantasy 5 Spoof - (Text Only)
This is a comedy / parody hack of Final Fantasy 5. Unlike most other "spoofs" out there, I have taken every precaution necessary to make sure this spoof doesn't end up filled with lame, juvenile humor. My four pillars were: 1.) No crude humor. 2.) The plot must be better than FF5's. 3.) The characters must be believable. 4.) It must be funny

FF V Plus
An overall FF5 enhancement hack. Features altered monster/boss stats, tweaked game mechanics, some modified jobs/abilities/items and a few bug fixes.
Currently completed up to World 2.
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Posted: 3rd March 2012 16:14
Onion Knight
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(My FF6 Mod is better:)

FFVI : Is the Best Game Ever
Post #199649
Posted: 5th March 2012 08:39

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Eternal here! My mod is admittedly a bit of a mess right now. Originally it was meant to be a Hardtype- and it still is to an extent. Lately though, the changes have been moreso in theme and dialogue rather than overall difficulty. For example, items have weight now, each character has limited spells, etc.

Ultimately, I need to get around to rebalancing it a bit more around the new changes. It's fully playable if anyone wants to give it a try and give feedback. smile.gif
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Posted: 21st March 2012 05:52
Onion Knight
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Yeah and try my mod because it's actually the best mod for the game, easily.
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Posted: 23rd June 2015 09:22

Black Mage
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Member of more than five years. 
For the record, for FFV ADVANCE a cool, looking-to-be complete mod named Custom Classes got released.
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