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Posted: 11th January 2017 17:28

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Guys I need help deciding what to do with my units. There really arent that many jobs to choose from that appeal to me in the slightest, but this game is about gaining tactical advantages on the battlefield and holding them until your enemies are no more. I'm going to need tricks, and I'm not sure if the tried-and-true ol' fashioned meat and potatoes approach will be good enough.

This problem came about roughly 10 minutes ago when I started changing my 5 master squires' jobs after they all had reached their special milestone. I know roughly what I want for my physical attackers, but on the other side of the job tree I'm really only interested in Black, White, Time, and possibly later in the game I'll try Summon magicks. My problem is that magical classes are a large investment in JP generally and I'm not sure which are worth using, and what secondary skillsets compliment certain main classes.

First of all, I thought I wanted to make a White/Black mage. Then I got to thinking: Is there anything I ought to know about combining them? I think if I use a White mage, his/her MA is probably going to be lower than a Black mage and I won't be able to use rods to increase effectiveness, so I don't know if it's worth it. I think if I was to use Time magicks as a secondary skill for a white mage, it would be a better choice since status effects (as far as I can tell) don't have intensity affected by player stats. If that's not the case, what would suffer by using it as a secondary? % chance of successful casting?

Obviously there's a lot to know and I'm new to this. The choices you make at the beginning of the game to me, feel like they'll have far reaching effects if your chosen soldier starts down the wrong road. What are some of your guys' favorite units in terms of usefulness, practicality, and reliability? I want to know what definitely works. I don't want fat on my Final Fantasy Steak.

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