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Final Fantasy Tactics

Square Enix' E3 2010 Game News

E3 Expo
As noted with our coverage of Nintendo's conference yesterday, there's about to be a pretty significant influx of games from Square Enix to the big N. Of course Dragon Quest IX is on the way to the DS already, as well as Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and The 4 Heroes of Light. Not only that, Nintendo announced yesterday that Squenix would be working on titles in no fewer than four franchises for the new 3DS: Chocobo Racing, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy. Kingdom Hearts is already being shown at E3 in the Squenix booth, but not much news coming from it as yet beyond that it is an all-new title, not just an old game remastered for 3D.

What else could come up at E3 from SE? Well, now we know a bit more. The company has announced two ports to Apple devices: a port of War of the Lions, the PSP remake of Final Fantasy Tactics, and also a port of the SNES classic Secret of Mana. There's not much more to know about these two games right now - both videos are nothing more than trailers superimposed onto an iPhone screen, and the only date given is "2010." There's a trailer for The 3rd Birthday as well, the successor to the Parasite Eve games of the PlayStation, in which Aya appears to pick up the ability to take over the bodies of some NPCs as she fights in an over-the-shoulder shooter fashion. That game will be on PSP in Japan later this year.

Something I had yet to see anything about is another 2010 release, "Necromachina," coming for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network as a downloadable title. It looks to be a four-player co-op sidescrolling brawler, and if the trailer is a good representation of the overall game, it looks to be pretty hyperactive as well.

Finally, if you haven't seen the trailer for Final Fantasy XIV yet, or even if you have, you owe it to yourself to check out the source link below for the high-definition version. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and there's a nice big chunk of classic Crystal theme in there too. Of course, these aren't all the games that the giant Square Enix now have their hands in, but they're the most relevant. Check out their E3 site below for more, and we'll keep you updated if they sneak any surprises or further information out the rest of E3.

Source: Square Enix E3 2010, Square Enix YouTube Channel

Production of Final Fantasy Tactics Score in Japan

Final Fantasy Tactics
For those of you who have seen or heard Distant Worlds, perhaps you're saddened by the fact that it tends to focus on the work of Nobuo Uematsu and not the smaller contributions from other composers to the collection of Final Fantasy music. Well, if you can get to Japan in the next couple weeks, you'll have the chance to meet and listen to some like-minded souls, as a non-official production of music from Final Fantasy Tactics will soon take place in Tokyo.

Long lauded for its militaristic feel, difference from "typical" Final Fantasy music, and general quality, the score by Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata is extensive but has never received a promoted public performance treatment. On 22 November, though, that will change as a group of performers brought together specifically for this show will put on two matinee performances before calling it a day, and presumably, an end to the small concert series. The shows purport to play over sixty tracks from the game, custom-arranged into one or more medleys.

Of course, this sort of thing can only happen in Japan; perhaps someday through the power of the interwebs we can all enjoy what sounds like a great and overdue concept.

Source: Kotaku

Final Fantasy Tactics on Playstation Network?

Final Fantasy Tactics
It's far from confirmation of a re-release, but Final Fantasy Tactics has appeared on the ESRB rating list. This isn't, however, the first game to appear on ESRB. Final Fantasy IV: The After, prior to E3, for example. Square-Enix have come through in the past, why not again? If you're curious as to the price tag, Final Fantasy VII was released at $10, so it's probably fair to assume that Tactics will be in the same range.

Although, to be fair, most people who were interested in Final Fantasy Tactics picked it up when it was released on the PSP. Hoorah for yet another re-release. Next up, Final Fantasy IV! Again!

Source: RPGamer

Yet Another Cameo in FF Tactics PSP

Final Fantasy Tactics
According to Famitsu, the main character from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (the DS sequel to FF Tactics Advance) is going to make an appeareance in the PSP remake of Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics: Shisho Sensou. This new character, Russo (or possibly Luso or something similar, depending on how it's localized in English), encounters and takes on Ramza while he's on the way to rescuing Alma; it isn't clear exactly where in the game this takes place.

This marks the second character from a recent FF game announced to have a supporting role in the FF Tactics remake, after Balthier from FF XII was announced as playable a few months ago. Is Square-Enix taking this cross-promotion a bit too far, or do we want even more? Depends on the person, I guess.


New Class, Character Revealed for FF Tactics PSP

Final Fantasy Tactics
This will be my shortest newspost ever, but I didn't want any punk wannabe newsposters beating me to the info this time.

Square-Enix recently revealed that Balthier (also known as Balflear), the loveable air pirate from Final Fantasy XII, will have a storyline role in the PSP remake of Final Fantasy Tactics. It is unconfirmed if he will be playable or not, but he will have a storyline role.

In the same announcement, Square-Enix revealed one of the new job classes for the remake: Dark Knight. Let the moveset speculation run wild.

Source: RPGFan

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