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Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy Origins Shipped In North America

Final Fantasy I
Square Enix announced earlier today that Final Fantasy Origins has been shipped to stores in North America

The release is a compilation of Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II (never released in North America) for the Playstation.  The games (which were originally published for the Nintendo Entertainment System) have been fairly reworked. The basic features of the compilation include:

Enhanced graphics (think of the WonderSwan Color graphic if you've seen them)
Cinematic movies
Updated Music
New Gameplay modes (There is an Easy and Original difficulty modes for FFI)
An Amano art gallery
An a bestiary of monsters from each game

For more information on Final Fantasy Origins, check past news updates here at the Caves of Narshe.

Source: Gamespot


Final Fantasy Origins is definitely worth the purchase in my opinion (for what that's even worth).  I've only played Final Fantasy I on the compilation thus far, but I have really liked what I have seen.  It almost makes me nostalgic to get out my old Nintendo, but after fiddling around with FFO, I don't think I'd want to play the original Final Fantasy anymore.  It takes a lot of the peskiness out of the original.  For one, a run button has been added.  There is also no more "INEFFECTIVE" after one of your characters tries to attack an enemy that has already been dispatched.  Plus, it's two games in one. A bargain alsmost.

I know a few of the Staffers at the CoN already have it, but whom else here thinks they might be purchasing this?

(On an off-topic note, I believe this also leaves FFIII and FFX as the only Final Fantasies that cannot be played on the Playstation)
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Final Fantasy Origins Release Date Announced

Final Fantasy I
From: Gamespot

Square has announced that the North American release of Final Fantasy Origins will be on April 8th.

The retail price will be $30 for two games on one disc.


Maybe a bit overpriced, but still 2 good games for the price of 1 is a plus in my book. ^_^,10870,2910606,00.html

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Final Fantasy Origins Screenshots Released

Final Fantasy I
Courtesy RPGamer...

Screenshots from the Playstation port of FF1 and FF2 are now available from Square, and boy do they look good.  I was skeptical about the games with only hearing about the games, but now that images showing amazing CGI and a complete revamp in graphics and even a bit of storyline are here, I've changed my mind and wouldn't mind playing through these games at all.  Anyone that was unsure of the game should definitely check these out and see if they change your opinion, and anyone that wanted to get the games the moment they heard about them will only want to get them more.
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FF I and II set to be released in the US!

Final Fantasy I
According to, Square has just announced that Final Fantasies I and II (II never before released in the US) will be released in the US sometime next year.  The article also states that the games will be together on one disc, and sold at a "budgeted price."  The article doesn't say it, but the games will be released for the PSX, not PS2.  The games will be redone quite a bit, with new art and music to take advantage of the leap in technology.  I can't wait for this gem to come out.
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Halloween = Nostalgia Day!

Square confirmed that the release dates for Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy 2 will be October 31st in Japan. They will be sold as seperate games, but buyers can get a limited edition containing both games in Japan. Still no word on a US release date, but we can still be hopeful. Both games feature upgraded music, graphics, and cutscenes. ^_^

Source: Games Are Fun

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