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Two New Square Enix Titles Revealed During Sony's State of Play

Square Enix
Sony's State of Play stream just ended, and we saw some updates and new reveals from Square Enix.

First up was a very brief look at Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. The game is set to release on March 18th, 2022, and a new playable demo drops today.

The next look we saw was for Forspoken, which recently had its release date pushed back to October 11th, 2022. They showed off a lengthy gameplay trailer, which you can see here:
Finally, the half-hour long presentation ended with reveals for two new Square Enix games.

The first shown was The Diofield Chronicle, which is described on PlayStation's official YouTube channel as "An all new Tactical RPG [..] introducing the new "Real-Time Tactical Battle". It's due to come out this year. Here's the trailer:
The final reveal was Valkyrie Elysium, another new game releasing this year. Take a look at it here:
Source: PlayStation YouTube Channel
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Rangers51Comment 1: 2022-03-09 23:40
Rangers51 Diofield Chronicle kind of looks like "Triangle Strategy HD," but I can't tell if it's grid-based from that video. Interesting that they're going to that well again so soon, though obviously this new game is for PS4/5.
AltheaValaraComment 2: 2022-03-10 03:49
AltheaValara I followed the official Twitter for Diofield Chronicle and it's coming to EVERYTHING:

Coming to PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2022.

If I buy it, I'll likely get it on Switch. But first I need to play Triangle Strategy, which I did end up buying because all my friends were doing it, oops.
Glenn Magus HarveyComment 3: 2022-03-10 07:16
Glenn Magus Harvey I totally forgot about Project Triangle Strategy, and now need to go look it up again lol.

Diofield Chronicle looks neat.


(even if it's just your backcatalogue!)
Rangers51Comment 4: 2022-03-10 14:58
Quote (Glenn Magus Harvey @ 10th March 2022 01:16)
I totally forgot about Project Triangle Strategy, and now need to go look it up again lol.

Triangle Strategy is getting solid reviews so far in Discord (sample size insignificant). I still haven't played the F2P chapters yet, though I did download them.
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