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Three Guys, Four Jobs, One Fiesta: The CoNcast Episode 31

Yeah, we know we just published a CoNcast on the topic of Final Fantasy V. So, the fact that we're doing another already might seem weird, right? Well, not really, because this one is very specifically about what is fast becoming a summer tradition in the Final Fantasy community - Four Job Fiesta.

You might have already seen our thread on FJF, as registration is coming right around the corner. You might even want to post in that thread, like, right now, to tell us that you're joining the group of CoN members participating for 2015. Whether you're in or out, though, or if you're not quite sure what's going on with FJF, check out this CoNcast to find out more from some folks who have done it in the past. It's a quick listen, weighing in at about 36 minutes, and it's extra-strange for reasons best left for the listener to hear directly.

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Glenn Magus HarveyComment 1: 2015-07-04 07:52
Glenn Magus Harvey The title for this episode should be "Nasy, Bruish, and Shor".

Oh gosh Neal is hilarious. biggrin.gif

And the name "CavesCast" makes me think of CapeCast.

And it's really not a problem that CoNCast 31 is about FFV again, because as we all know, FFV is awesome.

And you're not the white devil until you gain a magical device and learn to use it to shoot epic barrier-obliterating lazors.

I find it amusing that your mention of "IPA" makes me instead think of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Re MOBAs: for some reason I never got into this. A good friend of mine tried to get me into Dota 2 but I ended up being too busy to try it out. I did play Rise of Immortals (the old name of Battle for Graxia) briefly, for that one Steam winter sale with the coal items where people got coal for certain achievements.

I've played Age of Empires before, and MOBAs seem to have the same control scheme (or at least ROI did), so I could probably get into them pretty easily. Though that assumes I'll let myself get into them in the first place...

Anyway...this Four job Fiesta conversation really makes me think about how much I missed in not really looking that hard at the job system in FF5 when I played it. I kinda just used whatever abilities was for the class I was training at the time, plus some complementary ability. I did notice that some abilities are more than just "kinda useful to have on that class" but actually have synergies, such as !X-Magic + !White = dual-casting Holy, though I never actually dived into the details (and as a result, stuff like Chemist remained useless to me even though I've seen videos of just how broken it is).

I could try doing a FJF run but I feel like I don't know the game well enough to do it. Like I'd actually have to go look up all those Chemist recipes...

FWIW I used to think that FJF worked under "FFI mode". But anyway, thanks for the useful introduction to how the event works and all the various game modes.

(FYI Puwexil takes his name from the boss of the same name in Super Castlevania IV.)
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