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The After Years 3D Released Globally for Mobile

Final Fantasy IV
As we mentioned last month, Square Enix announced a remake of the episodic Final Fantasy IV sequel, The After Years, for mobile. Last weekend, it arrived in 3D, for both iOS and Android, and it's available for $15.99 American. This 3D version marks the first time that the game has been released its entirety using the 3D engine developed for the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV.

The reviews on both the iOS and Android app stores are pretty positive, nudging just past four of five stars on each, but Kotaku savaged it. New engine and all, seems like maybe sixteen bucks could be a bit much for this. Anyone out there pick it up?

Source: Square Enix Members Blog, Kotaku


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HolyCelesComment 1: 2013-11-27 21:18
HolyCeles I never thought they woulddo a FF4TAY remake. I've actually never played the game, so this is my chance to play it. the original looks great, can't wait to see this.
Glenn Magus HarveyComment 2: 2013-12-01 20:56
Glenn Magus Harvey Didn't this already come out globally for PSP or PSV?
Rangers51Comment 3: 2013-12-02 19:23
Quote (Glenn Magus Harvey @ 1st December 2013 16:56)
Didn't this already come out globally for PSP or PSV?

The 3D version has not been on any platform but iOS and Android. The game originated on mobile platforms in Japan, then was released as Wiiware, then as part of the PSP Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection. Doing it in the FF4DS engine is new.
MetroidMorphBallComment 4: 2013-12-11 21:31
MetroidMorphBall How cool they released it as a 3D remake! I love the DS remakes of FF3 and FF4 and didn't think they would be using that style for any releases in the near future. Makes me wonder if they might have something similar in store for FF6 after all.
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