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Square Enix Publish Financials for 2016-17 Fiscal Year

Square Enix
Maybe this is why Squenix are willing to part with their Hitman developer at significant cost. With the fiscal year just ended on March 31, today Square Enix published their numbers for the year that was, and it was a good one.

On the backs of some big releases you might have heard of, like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and I guess Final Fantasy XV, the company did pretty well last year. The company's top-line revenue was up over $360 million from the year before, while the bottom line was up by $45 million from the year before.

Revenue was up year-over-year again for mobile titles, continuing a trend going back to 2013. Arcade performance (in Japan, of course!) was fairly steady, and merchandise sales have now steadily risen to double what they were in 2013.

Source: Siliconera
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SpooniestComment 1: 2017-05-14 22:39
Spooniest I thought all the remakes and mobile games and hype were going to destroy SE, or something biggrin.gif I'm being a shameless smartmouth of course because my naysaying has been as irate as anyone's from time to time

Cheers to them, hope they go get a bottle of wine to celebrate biggrin.gif Then keep making games that rule face
Glenn Magus HarveyComment 2: 2017-08-03 16:57
Glenn Magus Harvey To be fair, as a sufficiently large organization, they DO have the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time. It's just a question of whether they do it.
Rangers51Comment 3: 2017-08-03 17:21
Quote (Glenn Magus Harvey @ 3rd August 2017 10:57)
To be fair, as a sufficiently large organization, they DO have the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time. It's just a question of whether they do it.

That's a good way of putting it, I like it. I think the proof is in the numbers - there are so many folks out there who talk about how the company is failing because the games coming out aren't what each individual likes or wants, but these numbers don't lie. Well, unless they do, but that would be a whole other can of worms, followed by scandal and seppuku. This sort of financial health doesn't come from making things that customers (in an aggregate sense) don't like, right?
SpooniestComment 4: 2017-08-04 20:44
Spooniest That always has been what attracted us as gamers to Square. Their games aren't brainless and neither are they. Music (my industry) is rough enough, but the more I learn about the games industry, the more I think I dodged a bullet by not getting into game design. It's quite a rough business with the most fickle fanbase in existence.

SE are doing what they do best, making games that make money and provide who are in love with their games can let their passions get away with them, but the cold logic of it is that SE really are pretty good at pleasing everyone, and like you said, Ranger, numbers don't lie.
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