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Square Enix Go Mad for Steam

A while back, a wise newsposter said that the Final Fantasy III PC release could be a precursor to Final Fantasy IV. That handsome fellow was right, as the game showed up on Steam yesterday at the same $16 price point of FF3.

Not only that, there was another surprise today, when Final Fantasy XIII showed up as well at the same price point but on sale for 10% off as of this writing. Say what you will about Final Fantasy XIII (and so will I - I got sucked in after about ten hours and absolutely adore it), but the Steam version is as of right now the top selling game on Steam, and it doesn't even release for another two and a half weeks.

2014 could be the start of a very good run for Final Fantasy fans who are also PC gamers, as the two XIII sequels are also confirmed to arrive by early next year. Type-0 HD is even coming to Steam next March!

The timing of these releases and announcements is clearly tied to Tokyo Game Show, and there is a lot more news from Squenix this week. These two games are on sale right now and that puts them to the top of the queue, though, so keep an eye out for another recap in this space soon.

Source: Kotaku


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SpooniestComment 1: 2014-09-18 22:51
Spooniest So a 3D Final Fantasy IV...

That I can play sitting on the couch...

...On my widescreen TV.

Glenn Magus HarveyComment 2: 2014-09-21 04:44
Glenn Magus Harvey I remember when I dismissed Steam for not having any Castlevania or Final Fantasy games, several years ago.
Death PenaltyComment 3: 2014-09-29 19:28
Death Penalty I definitely click the link, just in case that wise/handsome reviewer was me.

Also, yay Steam. It will be interesting to see, given that the console release date for Type-0 HD is also March, whether this becomes a trend for Square Enix (or at least Final Fantasy) titles.
PerigrynComment 4: 2014-10-01 07:46
Perigryn It just makes it SUPER tempting to purchase them... AGAIN. But I shall abstain...

Still, with interesting things happening with future releases, I may be able to hold off on a PS4 for FFXV, then!
His ShadowComment 5: 2014-10-02 04:10
His Shadow
Quote (Spooniest @ 18th September 2014 17:51)
So a 3D Final Fantasy IV...

That I can play sitting on the couch...

...On my widescreen TV.


God bless Big Picture mode! Yeah I'm loving it!
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