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Square Enix Drop New Final Fantasy XVI Trailer:

Final Fantasy XVI
The newest trailer for next summer's flagship Final Fantasy release, titled "Ambition," released just a bit ago from Square Enix. This newest trailer focuses more on the nations of Final Fantasy XVI's world, as well as the characters who are bonded to - and by implication, cursed by - the game's Eikons. The trailer's voiceover goes so far as to describe the events of the game as the "War of the Eikons ," and this seems apt given that most of the combat shown in the four-and-a-half-minute runtime shows battles against and between Eikons themselves. This is the first Final Fantasy trailer I've ever seen to be age-restricted on YouTube, so the embed here will be of the Japanese version as for some reason that isn't locked down the same way.
Gematsu's coverage of the trailer includes some additional context from Naoki Yoshida and Hiroshi Takai, as well as the promise from Yoshida that there will be further interviews with the team published in the very near future. Yoshida describes development as being in the "home stretch" in advance of the Summer 2023 release date.
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AltheaValaraComment 1: 2022-10-20 15:25
AltheaValara Was NOT expecting this today! So when the bot dinged Discord and I saw notification on my computer out of the corner of my eye (I'm sitting on my bed crocheting) I didn't bother to get up to see what it was because I figured it was some other game. But then a friend pinged me as well, so here I am. I watched the English version of the trailer at the official site. It looks great!

I spy a battle on a platform - will we be able to back flip off it? tongue.gif (for those who don't p!ay FFXIV, it's A meme that Dragoons and Red Mages will always accidentally back flip off platforms during trials).

I need to watch a few more times, but I'm glad this trailer is fleshing out the world some more. And of course there's crystals! Wouldn't be Final Fantasy without them. smile.gif
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