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Project Athia Announced for PlayStation 5

Square Enix
Sony’s PlayStation 5 announcement event just concluded, and from Square Enix via the Luminous Productions studio, the first announcement of a next-gen game developed in-house. Project Athia (working title, of course) will be the first game released by the studio and will have some level of console exclusivity for PS5; a PC release has also been announced but there’s no indication yet as to whether it will also be held back for an exclusivity window. In any event, no release date was teased.

The initial teaser video is right here:

There’s no UI layer to what is shown, and therefore it’s hard to tell what might be gameplay and what might be in-engine cutscenes, but it looks like what you might expect: a prettier and smoother-running Final Fantasy XV-styled game. There’s no particular reason to think that we’ve just seen the next flagship Final Fantasy game here, but the monsters and obvious magic use do point that the game will be some sort of fantasy RPG, possibly with some modern flourishes. I mean, the character’s haircut and shoes look pretty stylish...

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AltheaValaraComment 1: 2020-06-11 22:28
AltheaValara I got so excited when I saw Square Enix and Luminous! I loved FFXV, partially because it's so gorgeous. Not that Unreal Engine is bad; I'm currently replaying Kingdom Hearts 3 which uses Unreal and it's a very pretty game. I think I just prefer Luminous better.

I was really hoping for a FF16 reveal, so was kind of disappointed we didn't get one. I don't think Project Athia is it, but it looks very promising and worth checking out! In a way I'm glad there WASN'T a FF16 reveal, as I lack the money to buy a PS5. Plus, a Twitter friend said that it doesn't make sense for them to announce 16 when they're still working on the FF7Remake, which is a very valid point.
Rangers51Comment 2: 2020-06-11 23:02
Rangers51 Square Enix' official announcement email just landed in my inbox, and it says explicitly that the game is a new IP, so it definitely is not a Final Fantasy game.

If we are waiting for a Final Fantasy XVI reveal while 7R is still being worked on, though, it will be too late. That would probably put close to a decade between new flagship games, which to me seems like a bad decision. I'm pretty sure the 7R team will be allowed to just trundle along and do their thing regardless of other games, since I don't think there is that much crossover between them and those who worked on XV, say.

Now, if they delayed XVI to get the rest of the Remake out, like, next year... that would be okay. smile.gif
Elena99Comment 3: 2020-06-12 10:30
Elena99 It looks interesting. The clip made me think of Horizon Zero Dawn, which I loved.

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