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PAX Eastcast 2015: The CoNcast Episode 29

PAX East 2015 sneaked up on me - that's what happens when one buys their pass five months before the actual event. Of course, you have to do that nowadays, because the tickets tend to vanish within the first 12 hours. Once my pass came in the mail, though, I remembered that our first ever CoNcast was about the last time I got to go, in 2013 - we got our group together to preview things that might be there, and things that I should try to seek out while there.

Now it's two years later, and we're doing the same. This time around, there's some added stuff for CoN readers, as Square Enix will have both their standard booth and additionally will be running two panels on Saturday, March 7, the day I'll be there. We'll talk about all those things and more, and we'll have some entertaining anecdota that goes well off-topic.

If you've never tried a CoNcast before, start now - this one is quite short and will give you a good taste for how much you'll adore hearing me speak. And those other guys, I guess.

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Glenn Magus HarveyComment 1: 2015-06-29 17:08
Glenn Magus Harvey It's kinda funny how I'm listening to this long after PAX East and even E3.

So it's like, those FFVII remake jokes? Yeah. Also a thing that happened with a little viral campaign for a kickstarter that was only first teased at PAX, if I recall correctly.

As for Amiibos...well, there's the fact that they're a vehicle for DLC sales, basically, from what I've heard. And then once they have a reputation as a scarce item, resales soon become common. I almost got in on this craze myself -- a friend asked me to pick up the Splatoon amiibos if he'd get a WiiU with Splatoon...but then he never did.

Also, a CoNcast starting with a murder joke and ending with racist cartoons. I'm...not sure everything's satisfactual...
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