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Paper Mario for the GameCube?

Nintendo of Europe has announced that Paper Mario will be released for the GameCube during the first half of 2004.  Little is known about the release thus far.  It is not even known whether this title will be just a plain port of the Nintendo 64 version, a remake, or completely new game.  

No information have been made available by Nintendo of Japan or Nintendo of America as of yet.

Source: RPGamer
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tenshi/akumaComment 1: 2003-08-30 17:16
tenshi/akuma Oooooh, that would be awesome!!!  I LOVE Paper Mario.  It was extremely under-rated.
King MogComment 2: 2003-10-28 15:52
King Mog Cool, i hope its a totally new game, and even if it isnt, im getting it, hope it comes out in the US, i loved Paper Mario too.
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