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Nintendo to Release 'Paper Mario' Sequel

Paper Mario RPG, sequel to the N64 title Paper Mario, is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Gamecube this Thursday in Japan.
According to Nintendo, the sequel employs many of the same aspects of the original game--most notably the Action-RPG genre twist and cheery feel intended to help open up the game to younger audiences.
Additionally, the unusual qualities of 2D characters placed into a 3D environment are again a key point of the game, with such updates as the ability to fold Mario into various origami shapes, including an airplane and a boat, to help him traverse obstacles he encounters.

Nintendo Japan has posted an official site for the game (Japanese), but as of yet have made no comment regarding an American release.

Paper Mario RPG will retail for 5800 yen ($53-55).
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EjotyComment 1: 2004-07-19 20:27
Ejoty Well, looks cool (other than that the site is crawling with Engrish).

I've missed out on a lot of new-school Nintendo. How good was the first Paper Mario?
SherickComment 2: 2004-07-19 21:54
Sherick It was good IMO. I liked the story and gameplay. An RPG version wouyld be neat, since the last RPG Mario was in was voted as a "perfect" RPG game.
I can't wait to see it
FigaroComment 3: 2004-07-21 06:05
Figaro Paper Mario has long been a favorite of mine. PM2 is just milking a good game for all it's worth. But hey, might be good.
Rangers51Comment 4: 2004-07-21 14:52
Quote (Figaro @ 21st July 2004 02:05)
Paper Mario has long been a favorite of mine. PM2 is just milking a good game for all it's worth. But hey, might be good.

As opposed to the wonderful game series on which this site is based. >_>
MogMasterComment 5: 2004-07-25 04:04
MogMaster I'm already Buying a GC because of the new Zelda. I might as Well buy this too. I liked Paper mario one, or SMRPG2, whicherver you prefer. PM1 was great. It had a good story and all. I'll be sure to pick this one up.
IfritComment 6: 2004-08-06 00:39
Ifrit the new mario games havent been really good mostly the 3d ones but this isnt 3d so this should be promising. was the first one good?
The Great IrvineComment 7: 2004-08-29 04:07
The Great Irvine The first Paper Mario was excellent,Ifrit! You might be able to find it at a used games store,or you can look in an EB Games(under the used games rack)..hope this helps!
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