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New Final Fantasy Tactics Map System on CoN

Caves of Narshe Site News
If you've been playing Final Fantasy Tactics recently, I hope you've been using the CoN game coverage section to help you out. If you've been using the section especially recently, you might have even noticed our unannounced beta of battle maps in our walkthrough. We've been working on firming up the quality of the maps for quite a while, and expanding their functionality, and now we're rolling out not only the battle maps, but a full maps section with maps for every situation and every location in the game.

These maps can be rotated and elevated to show you every view you get during the game, and we're giving you a birds-eye view as well to help clarify some of the trickier angles. You can also use these maps to see all of the available Geomancy and found items, and even starting positions for your party and enemies. We even created a new way of showing you the world map, using Google Maps, that you can zoom and scroll around to better find your desired town, castle, or out-of-the-way locale.

Tell us what you think about this new feature; we're pretty excited about it and would love to branch it out to more games in our series over time if you guys think it's as cool as we do. Last, a thanks to a modder named Gomtuu who created the original version of the FFT map viewer that we were able to modify and script to enable us to get these high-quality images and present them to you in a way like you haven't seen before!
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PerigrynComment 1: 2009-09-25 12:14
Perigryn Wonderful job! I mean, the Tactics maps look great on their own, but with what you've guys done to them and to the walkthrough system looks awesome! It's nice, clear, streamlined and simple to use! Fabulous work, and definitely a worthwhile thing to expand on to other games. Would definitely be handy business! Kudos to all involved as this likely wasn't easy!
ILoveMoombas!Comment 2: 2009-09-25 21:57
ILoveMoombas! The maps look great and are really useful. Thank you to everyone involved. happy.gif
dont chocobos rule?Comment 3: 2009-09-26 03:54
dont chocobos rule? this looks really good. great job!
GigantuarComment 4: 2009-09-26 09:11
Gigantuar This is VERY well done and will probably be very useful when I pick up FFT again! Good job!
KaneComment 5: 2009-09-26 16:42
Kane Fantastic job! Once again, CoN provides me with everything that I need.
Rangers51Comment 6: 2009-09-27 00:39
Rangers51 Obviously, we can't do things for other games exactly how we did for FFT - the game styles are pretty different, of course. I mainly refer to implementing Google Maps for other games, because frankly, Google Maps are fun. Just wanted to be clear, there. smile.gif

I'm glad you guys are enthusiastic about these. They were very much not fun to make, but the end result is pretty awesome, I have to say.
ShotgunnovaComment 7: 2009-09-27 09:55
Shotgunnova Maps look pretty great, guys -- congrats on the success.
No-NameComment 8: 2009-09-27 10:02
No-Name Those look great. I'll definitely use these when and if I have time to play tactics. Thank you for these, I just know they'll come to good use.
Crash EndburnComment 9: 2009-11-06 14:58
Crash Endburn the maps are great!
it made this FFT selection the best i could find on the web..
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