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More More Mobile Fun: FFIV 3D to iOS Next Week

Final Fantasy IV
In what is turning out to be a great month for mobile Final Fantasy gamers, Square Enix has announced that the recent FFIV 3D remake, previously available only on the Nintendo DS, will be released for all iOS devices on December 20th with an expected price tag of $17.99. The title has been confirmed for Android devices as well, though the release date is left unspecified as sometime next year.

Apparently, in anticipation of the upcoming release, SE is cutting back the prices of their other mobile offerings a bit, so you may want to check out your app store before then.



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Death Penalty


KameComment 1: 2012-12-14 06:42
Kame That's pretty damn cheap for the same game I paid $39.99 originally on the DS :/
C-Bo WrothComment 2: 2012-12-14 13:05
C-Bo Wroth Oh that is epic! I may wait for the new game release to drop a bit in price and play that through first.
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