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Game Art HQ Posts Final Fantasy I Art Tribute

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary
Game Art HQ, a site which I've recently started visiting, has just published a fanart tribute to the original Final Fantasy in honor of the game's 25th anniversary (and, of course, by extension the series). The tribute gives a little bit of history and description to the original game - as loyal CoN readers, you need neither - and, naturally, fifteen solid pieces of fanart by various artists from all aspects of the classic game with more to come.

GBK, the content manager of Game Art HQ, said that he was stunned by the number of submissions he received from artists on deviantArt for a game of this age, and how dedicated the artists were to producing fitting tributes. The success of the project has him planning for more tributes to the Final Fantasy series next year and even into 2014.

As you celebrate Final Fantasy today and going forward, with the 25th anniversary in mind, take a few minutes to check out this art. Obviously, we'd love to share some of this fanart with our visitors in our own galleries, so give Game Art HQ and its artists as much love as you can manage!

Source: Game Art HQ, Game Art HQ on dA
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Glenn Magus HarveyComment 1: 2012-12-19 08:45
Glenn Magus Harvey Those. Are. AWESOME!

Never thought the chimera would get much love. smile.gif

And that first pic, the one featuring everyone with symbolic placements, is...what I might use as my desktop background if I had no icons and had a big screen to show it off on.

I also do notice that the art either depicts White Mage as female, or simply avoids the question. Heh.
Blinge OdonataComment 2: 2012-12-19 14:32
Blinge Odonata apparently the idea of a red-haired healer is too much for some people and they had to reimagine her as blonde _
laszlowComment 3: 2012-12-19 15:47
Quote (Blinge Odonata @ 19th December 2012 09:32)
apparently the idea of a red-haired healer is too much for some people and they had to reimagine her as blonde _

All of the FF1 remakes from the GBA onwards have the WM/WW as a blond(e). Generic WMs in FF Tactics are all blond(e)s. it's not the fan artists, it's the source material. No need to get defensive.

Btw, that site is fabulous. I'll definitely delve deeper into those galleries later.
Blinge OdonataComment 4: 2012-12-19 16:25
Blinge Odonata Ah. I haven't seen any remakes, no need to get defensive.
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