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First Three Pixel Remasters Coming July 28

The Pixel Remaster games announced around E3 this year now have started to show up, with the first three games of the series coming first. Gematsu is reporting that Final Fantasy I, II, and III will be the first games released on July 28 worldwide for Steam, iOS and Android. Steam has all three available for preorder at 20% discounts, leaving the prices at $9.59 US for the first two games and $14.39 for Final Fantasy III.

There are no updates for release dates on the Pixel Remaster releases of IV, V, or VI as yet, nor prices.

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AltheaValaraComment 1: 2021-07-06 18:57
AltheaValara Well, my wallet is cringing now (my funds are getting low and I need to be careful with what I buy) but I decided to go ahead and order Final Fantasy II. Why?

  • It's one of my favorite games in the franchise.
  • The price wasn't too bad at all.
  • My Dawn of Souls cart has stopped saving, so I have no good working copy of the game.

I do still own the PSX version. I pre-ordered Pixel Remaster thinking it would have the newer content in it, but a friend pointed out that apparently on Steam it said it might not have the bonus content (I don't see that myself, but I have been known to overlook obvious stuff!)

I've given it some thought and decided I'm okay if it has the "can lose stat points if you use opposite stat" thing that the PSX version had. It's annoying, but it will make the game a fun challenge then. I'll be very cross if it doesn't have the Dawn of Souls bonus dungeon though, as I really loved that content and had great fun with it.

I like FFII enough that when it's released I will likely *gasp* actually manage to tear myself away from FFXIV to play it, heh. If I do, I'll share my thoughts about the remaster.
His ShadowComment 2: 2021-07-09 01:04
His Shadow I already bought it but on Steam it was discovered on the store page Square has mentioned the extra content seen in other remasters wonít be on this.

So we might just be getting the SNES version

As for the censorship U.S version we donít know yet if it will be in this version. Same with the Censorship found in the Japanese version
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