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Final Fantasy XVI Coming Summer 2023

Final Fantasy XVI
Sony's latest State of Play just ended, and the final showing was a new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI! Here it is:

The PlayStation Blog was also updated to include more information about the game, including the reveal of the main team working on the game:

Producer: Naoki Yoshida
Main Director: Hiroshi Takai
Creative Director & Original Screenplay: Kazutoyo Maehiro
Localization Director: Michael-Christopher Koji Fox
Art Director: Hiroshi Minagawa
Combat Director: Ryota Suzuki
Character Design: Kazuya Takahashi
Composer: Masayoshi Soken

Immediately after the State of Play ended, KupoCon (the Final Fantasy fan convention) announced a launch tour will be happening for the game. More details will come later, but the tour will be held in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, with a virtual option for those who cannot attend in person.

Source: PlayStation YouTube Channel, PlayStation Blog, KupoCon Official Site
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Glenn Magus HarveyComment 1: 2022-06-03 02:29
Glenn Magus Harvey Oh, it seems like Masayoshi Soken is a more recent game composer who hasn't done anything I've played yet.

He'll probably do a good job anyway.
AltheaValaraComment 2: 2022-06-03 05:21
Quote (Glenn Magus Harvey @ 2nd June 2022 20:29)
Oh, it seems like Masayoshi Soken is a more recent game composer who hasn't done anything I've played yet.

He'll probably do a good job anyway.

Soken-san is the main composer of Final Fantasy XIV and has done an EXCELLENT job on that game. Plus he's an adorable nerd, haha. I have every faith he'll do an amazing job with FFXVI. I'm not at all surprised he's working on it as the original trailer's music sounded very much like his work.

If you would like to sample his work, I made some playlists of my favorites from the FFXIV OSTs. Those Spotify playlists can be found in this thread:

In other news, I am working on a second-by-second breakdown of the new trailer, because of course I am. wub.gif I'll probably post it in this thread sometime tomorrow. Right now I am going to attempt to go to bed, it's past midnight here.
AltheaValaraComment 3: 2022-06-03 17:49
Quote (AltheaValara @ 2nd June 2022 23:21)
In other news, I am working on a second-by-second breakdown of the new trailer, because of course I am.  wub.gif

As threatened, I have written a breakdown of the trailer. Apologies for the several posts in a row - this is LONG and I don't think it would fit in one post. I'm going to spoiler it too, to be polite to those who don't want to know story spoilers (there isn't much, but some enemies are named in the trailer.)

Possible spoilers: highlight to view
The trailer opens with the following:

In a world ruled by tyranny and turmoil
there are those who would fight to take back control of their fate.

0:15 voiceover starts: Who are we?

Close-up on the face of a blond-haired man. He appears angry.

0:16 voiceover: What are the Dominants?

The blond-haired man fades out, and a blue-skinned man with golden scars takes his place on screen.

0:19 voiceover: The power we wield

A blond-haired woman is leaning forward, one hand clutched to her chest as if in pain, and her back erupts.

0:21 voiceover: wears away at our very being.

The blond-haired woman has appeared to morph into Garuda.

0:25 voiceover:
It breaks us --
it unmakes us --

Ifrit now takes Garudas place on screen. He roars.

0:28 voiceover: that its immaculate aspect might reveal itself.

Ifrit fades out into Bahamut, and then at 0:31 we see people on the ground, running away from something. There is a slam as Titan stomps the ground. Bodies go flying.

0:33 voiceover: The Eikon.

The scene with Titan fades out, and SQUARE ENIX appears on the screen.

0:40 Clive and Jill are on a balcony at night, moon shining above them. Clive has his back to the railing and is leaning back on it, almost jauntingly. Jills back is to the camera so she is looking out over the railing. Jill speaks:

Theres going to be another war, isnt there?

0:43 the music swells as the scene fades out and the Creative Business Unit III logo and words appear.

0:44 A dark-haired man Joshuas father, I think? -- speaks:

Every day we delay brings us closer to disaster.

The scene shifts to battle, and we get our first look at the HUD. With it paused its hard to make out who is fighting, and theres no name above the HP bar in the upper left, which is yellow with Lv 18 HP 1406 above it. There is a symbol next to this HP bar, which looks like Phoenix. A smaller symbol on a green field is to the lower left of the Phoenix symbol.

Whoever youre playing as Phoenixs dominant, perhaps? -- is fighting an Imperial Lancer, who has a red HP bar but no other info with the bar. There is another bar underneath the red HP bar its a simple white line with tick marks at beginning, middle, and end. Whether it has a purpose is unclear.

0:48 The dark-haired man continues speaking:

We must move now.

The two fighters are still fighting, the hero swings at the lancer, and the scene shifts out of battle to show the dark-haired man riding a chocobo in front of a mounted army. He appears to give an order to charge. You can see Joshua on a chocobo to the left as he gives the order. Theres a man I recognise from the first trailer, also mounted on a chocobo on the right side of the screen (its the man who said: ...a second Eikon of Fire? But thats impossible! in the first trailer.)

A quick shot of people cheering in front of what looks like a gated keep. The peoples backs are to the camera.

0:50 Another shot of battle and the HUD. This time, the fighter is Clive, indicated by his name next to the yellow HP bar. Hes level 13 with 1150 HP. It appears there may be words above his HP bar, but I cant tell if its part of the HUD or perhaps on the background (hes fighting in front of a building or house, and the words look like they might be on the door?)

Clive is fighting a Level 13 Royal Sigtreyr (I think thats right), whose HP bar is red over its head. Right at 0:50, Clive is shining with a blue-ish outline as he jumps at the enemy, and to the right of the screen is a green bar that says (star) Precision Dodge x3 (the star is a symbol, I dont know how to make one with my keyboard.)

More flying text as Clive strikes:

* Precision Counter (on a green field)
* Burst Shot (on a blue field)
* Lunge (on a blue field)
* Burst Shot

The HUD is faintly on screen here.

In the lower left: a symbol that looks like a flask, and the D-Pad buttons on screen. The down button appears to be mapped to Strength Tonic with an indication there are two of them. I cant read the other D-pad mappings.

In the lower right: it looks like R2 in the center of a compass, with Attack to the west, Fire to the north, Phoenix Shift to the east, and something south I cant see because timestamp for the video is in the way.

0:52 the battle shifts views a bit. The flying text continues, but we can also see more of the HUD.

The flask is still in the lower left, but the compass in the lower right has changed slightly. It appears slashed in two, with two red commands to the northwest (one of which is Scarlet Cyclone) and two white commands to the southeast (Phoenix Shift and the same command before that I couldnt make out.)

The flying text says:

* Will Break
* Eikonic Strike

As the last flying text appears, we see a glimmer of Phoenix. Not as if he was a full summon but as if part of Clives body had morphed into Phoenix.

0:53 The scene shifts. A man is walking towards a throne, he appears to be carrying a spear. Voiceover, possibly the man speaking:

The chaos he would wreak would sweep all of Valisthea into the abyss.

0:55 Men in the throne room looking at our walking man, as if surprised or shocked to see him.

0:56 The ruler sitting on the throne, his left hand resting on a scepter, I think?

0:57 A blond-haired man in armor, I think its the first man we saw at the beginning of the trailer. One of the Dominants, then?

That takes us through about the first minute! More in the next post.
AltheaValaraComment 4: 2022-06-03 17:51
AltheaValara Here's the second part of the trailer:

Possible spoilers: highlight to view
0:58 More battle, another shot of the HUD.

The symbol next to the upper lefts yellow HP bar is different this time. I believe it may be Garudas symbol, but Im unsure. The yellow HP bar is full, Lvl 33 HP 2150 with three blue bars beneath him, which Twitter (and this writer) think is likely the limit break, as FFXIV has the same gauge for its LB.

The lower left D-pad compass is now more readable. Up: 6 Potions. Right: 4 Hi-Potions.

Whoever is fighting is fighting a Level 33 Orcish Mesmerizer.

The lower-right compass is different. West: Aero. North: Attack. East: Deadly Embrace. South: Jump (this is the symbol I couldnt make out earlier.)

0:59 it looks like the fighter may have jumped or triggered something in the HUD, because the compass changed and now is split again. The northwest is green with two commands: Gouge and Wicked Wheel.

1:00 During the above, the flying text said:

* Deadly Embrace
* Eikonic Strike

and now, the fighter (who Im pretty sure is Clive) has jumped up and is punching the Orc with Titans fist. It does a massive ground AoE, and the flying text now says:

*** Collateral Upheavel x3
* Collateral Upheavel x4
** Collateral Upheavel x6
*** Collateral Upheaval x8
* Ability Finish

1:02 We have switched to another battle scene. The players HP bar appears to have a symbol of Odin next to it (Im guessing, looks like a man wearing a horned helm). To the left of the symbol is the L2 indicator, and below that are two smaller symbols, one of which definitely looks like the Garuda symbol of before (I cant see the other symbol, too blurry). The players level is 26 and HP is 1703, with the limit break bar completely full.

The player rushes the enemy, who appears to be a bare-chested man with a hood over his head. There is text in the upper center of the screen that says Poison Mist with a red bar underneath it. The flying text says:

* Precision Dodge x3

The compass in the lower right says west: Attack, north: Dark, east: Arm of Darkness, south: Jump.

1:03 I cant quite make out what the player did to cause it, but the enemy staggers (and indeed, has a Staggered text under his HP bar, which I cant fully make out but says Lv 26 Stone [too blurry]). The control compass has switched to split in half, with the northeast having two dark red controls: Heavens Cloud and Gungir. The flying text says:

* Takedown
* Lunge

Takedown is on a rainbow background.

1:04 Okay, the enemys name was Stone Gaoler. It appears the player may be using his LB now because the bars are lit up gold (or maybe its just an indication it is full and ready to use?) and the player is twirling his weapon overhead.

1:05 Flying text:

* Ability Chain
* Eikonic Punishment

The LB bar is still glowing gold, but there are numbers on the enemy in gold text, with (x1.20) in paratheses like that, and a bunch of hits at 13 strength. That seems low for damage to the enemys HP, so Im wondering if its kind of like stealing MP or some other gauge?

1:08 Weve dropped out of battle and switched to a story scene. We see a naked man and woman, their backs to the camera. It looks like its older Clive and the blond-haired woman who is Garudas Dominant. The voiceover says:

I unite the Dominants

1:10 The voiceover text is still on screen but weve switched back to battle. This time the player has Shivas symbol next to their HP bar, with two other symbols below it that I cant make out. The player is level 26 with 1800 HP and a full limit break bar, glowing gold. They are fighting a Coeurl, and I wonder if its a boss fight since the enemys HP bar is in the upper right rather than above its head.

The control compass says: Attack, Blizzard, Cold Snap, Jump.

The voiceover continues:

...that we may bring an end to the strife

The flying text says:

* Diamond Dust x2

and the control compass has changed to split, northeast says Pile Drive and Thunderstorm. I saw a light-colored cape appear on the player character as they used whatever ability, and their weapon looks frosty and there are ice effects in the field.

1:12 The player has twirled their swords and stabbed the Coeurl. They have switched their active Dominant, because now the symbol next to their HP bar has changed from Shiva to Garuda, and the control compass has Aero and Deadly Embrace on it.

1:14 The Coeurl attacks. The player spins in the air and takes damage. The voiceover says:

...and found a new order to see us unto tomorrow.

Flying text now says:

* Eikonic Strike
*** Gambit Counter
* Deadly Chain
* Deadly Takedown

1:18 A gloved finger pointing at the center of a map. I cannot make out the text of what it is pointing to, but it apears to be twin white towers.

1:19 Two armies rushing towards each other. Dead already lay in the gap between them. I see two blue streaks, that may be magic or something else, one on each army but covering only a very small part of the army.

1:20 A close-up on two soldiers, the left one in full armor. I think the right one is as well but its too blurry to see. More soldiers fill the screen, blocking out the original two.

1:22 A man with a curved blade strikes his opponent. (We say armies with curved blades vs. armies of straight swords in the original trailer.)

1:23 Voiceover:

If I take the field,

Two men in red armor. The camera is looking over the shoulder of the one nearest the camera, and the man looking at the camera is stocky and wearing a red helm. It appears he has cut his opponent down from the way he is holding his weapon.

1:24 Yup, the opponent has fallen, and we see now that the mans weapon is a battle axe. There are others shots of this man fighting.

1:25 The scene has shifted to what Id call a conference table. The stocky man in red clothing (our axe-wielder with 99% certainty) stands up. To the right of him is a man still sitting and looking down. To the left of him is an older man, who appears to have stood up as well as if to stop the stocky man.

1:26 Voiceover:

our duel with shake the island to its foundations.

The stocky man has put his hand on the older mans shoulder, causing him to sit down.

1:27 The player is fighting in battle again. They are level 27 with 1220 HP and only one Limit Break bar. They appear to control Phoenix, Garuda, and Ramuh. Their enemy appears to be the stocky man, whose name is Hugo Kupka. Hugos armor is glowing gold. The player strikes at him with their sword, but Hugo puts out a fist to stop the strike.

1:28 The scene has shifted back to what Im certain is the conference room and Hugo leaving it, tossing some words over his shoulder as he approaches the door (pretty sure it was him speaking the voiceover at this point, which is still on the shake the island to its foundations line).

1:29 Hugo has a hand on the door, and turns to look back to the camera and says something.

1:31 Another shot of the fight between the player and Hugo. This time Hugo is on the left side of the screen, and he strikes down at the player but the scene fades out to black.

1:32 Titan stands.

1:35 Shiva holds ice in her palm.

1:37 Shiva has done Diamond Dust.

1:39 We see now that Shiva had thrown the ice at Titan, who punches forward to stop it with his fist.

1:39 Another eikon. Its a winged one falling through the air, so maybe Diabolos or Ifrit? Im unsure.

1:40 Odin rides his horse.

1:41 Odin strikes at the winged eikon. Yeah, it was probably Ifrit because now there is a field of fire.

1:42 Definitely was Ifrit, he screams in pain, to the left on the screen appears to be Phoenix.

1:44 Phoenix is fighting the Eikon of Fire, whose HP bar is almost out. There is text midscreen that says Hellfire.

1:45 Phoenix breathes fire. I think the Eikon of Fire retaliated, but Im unsure. There is a ball of fire errupting and obliterating the surroundings.

1:47 Ifrit is fighting Titan, from the HP bars. I am uncertain if we are seeing Ifrit or Titan, but I think the latter. Whoever it is looks scary their eyes are aglow and their face bony.

1:48 The close-up of the bony face. It laughs. Okay, this is definitely Titan because the face matches the symbol on his HP bar, which is depleted more than Ifrits bar.

1:49 Titan laughs some more, and blue/white shockwaves emerge from him, obliterating the scene with power.

Now Ifrit is fighting an enemy whose HP bar is labeled with ???. Ifrits HP is diminished more than the enemy. Ifrit does his signature move: a ball of fire, which he hurls at the enemy. The enemy is LARGE and I cannot make out who it is, but at a guess it might be Bahamut?

1:51 Ifrits ball of fire hits for 330735 damage.

1:52 Close-up on the blue eyes of an older man, who I am sure is Ramuh. Yup, next split second shows Ramuh doing his signature move.

1:54 Shiva is doing Diamond Dust, and the HP bars seem to indicate that its the player fighting, not Shiva, since there are several symbols of Dominants next to the player HP bar. They are fighting Liquid Flame. They are level 25 with HP 1251 and one LB bar, appears to be Phoenix as the active Dominant.

1:57 Ifrit is fighting Garuda.

2:00 Garuda lands, and throws an attack at Ifrit, which does 35090 damage.

2:01 A close-up of an Eikon, could be Ifrit but I want to say Bahamut.

2:02 Odin rides into the scene.

This is from 0:58 to 2:02. Just a bit left.
AltheaValaraComment 5: 2022-06-03 17:52
AltheaValara And here's the last bit:

Possible spoilers: highlight to view
2:03 The scene continues, with voiceover:

There will be losses, it is true.

2:04 The winged eikon who may be Bahamut spreads its wings and does an attack on Odin.

2:06 The two eikons face one another. Odin appears to have put up a shield that is deflecting the rays of light from the other eikons attacks.

The attack continues in the distance. In the foreground are some soldiers, one with sword raised. The voiceover continues:

Yet for every citizen that falls, another can be bred.

2:07-2:08 Shiva is now on the screen, doing Diamond Dust.

2:08-2:09 Bodies go flying from Shivas Diamond Dust.

2:09 A ball of flame in the foreground, with some figures in the background. One of the figures (who almost looks like an elfish character to me, its hard to tell) is hit by the flame and falls through it to the ground.

2:12 Ifrit and Bahamut are fighting, Bahamut doing Megaflare. The voiceover continues:

For every home that burns, another can be built.

Rays of light form Bahamuts Megaflare streak across the sky.

2:13-2:14 People on the ground reacting to something, its really hard to tell whats going on.

2:15 The king from before sitting on his throne. The voiceover text about every home is still on screen.

2:17 The king speaks. Voiceover (I have it muted because Im playing it at the slowest speed, so Im not sure if the voiceover is the kings line or not, but the voiceover says:)

The Empire will live on.

2:19 Large letters show the names of the Eikons:


2:20 Joshua screaming, covered in blood. Phoenix, fire in the sky.

2:21 The next Eikons name appears:


Hugo bends down to talk to the older man at the conference table, then we see Titan out in the field.


A shot of the blond-haired woman with the large feathery collared dress, then a shot of Garuda, screaming.

2:23 RAMUH

A close-up of Ramuhs face, lightning in the background. Ramuh has brilliant blue eyes.

2:25 SHIVA

A quick mid-shot of Shiva, eyes glowing.

2:26 ODIN

Odin is large in the foreground, swirling armies beneath him.


A quick shot of Bahamut preparing a Megaflare.

2:28 IFRIT

A close-up of Ifrit, one eye erupting in flame, and then the whole screen in flames.

2:32 The Final Fantasy XVI logo appears on the field of flames.

2:39 The logo has almost faded from screen. Voiceover:

Awaken Child of Fate

2:41 The scene flares in to show older Clive with flames behind him.

2:44 The voiceover continues:

Awaken Ifrit!

Ifrit roars and soars across the screen, striking another Eikon, possibly Phoenix.

2:51 Text on screen: SUMMER 2023
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