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Final Fantasy V Joins Cohort on Windows

Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy V was the first game to be released for mobile platforms in the most recent in-game art style, back in 2013. Said art style is a bit polarizing among the fanbase, but one thing that it has going for it is that it appears to be pretty easy to scale for various devices - in fact, after these two years, it just dawned on me that this is probably one of the main reasons that the art was changed in the first place.

And, that might be relevant now, because after the ports of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV to Windows recently, the mobile version of Final Fantasy V is coming too. The game will be released on Steam on September 24 at a price point of $15.99 before a preorder discount of 10%. As a reminder, this game will have the same content as Final Fantasy V Advance (which of course means CoN can be your guide), but will have the updated look and feel of the iOS and Android ports. New to this version will be gamepad support, Steam achievements, and Steam trading cards.

No, they haven't announced the same for Final Fantasy VI yet. Yes, I expect they will, and probably quite soon.

Source: Siliconera


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Blinge OdonataComment 1: 2015-09-11 07:54
Blinge Odonata Really though, why do the portraits have blonde hair while the sprites have pink?
Glenn Magus HarveyComment 2: 2015-09-13 09:08
Glenn Magus Harvey I saw the pop-up ad for this on Steam, and I was like, ooh, I am interested.

Then I saw the art style, and I was No.

I mean, seriously, scaling is the issue? How hard can it be to scale pixelated images? You scale them up, the pixels become larger, you scale them down, the pixels become smaller! And pixel art actually looks better on small screens...

Also, Amano art. I don't like Amano art much. I'll be honest about that. It's interesting from an artistic detail perspective, but...these certainly aren't the characters I've come to know and love. Sure, sometimes Amano has better ideas for character design than the in-game artists do (contrast Celes's character art and sprite for a particularly stark example), but much of the time Amano just has a bunch of really pale androgynous characters with overly ornate clothing. And specifically, that pale coloration really doesn't match well with the very vibrant and expressive colors of these 16-bit RPGs.


Quote (Blinge Odonata)
Really though, why do the portraits have blonde hair while the sprites have pink?

Rangers51Comment 3: 2015-09-26 18:08
Rangers51 I just saw this and found it hilarious.
Rangers51Comment 4: 2015-09-28 17:27
Rangers51 Hate to double-post, but here's an even better analysis about what went wrong - and what could have theoretically gone better - from another developer:

h/t Neal, CoNChat
SpooniestComment 5: 2015-10-12 03:39
Spooniest Just bought this on steam. I'll commence play immediately and come back to y'all with a hot take.
SpooniestComment 6: 2015-10-13 18:16
Spooniest Don't listen to the haters, this is a fine version of Final Fantasy V.

There was some screen tearing when running in my monitor's native resolution (1280x768), but lowering the resolution to 640x480 fixed it. Also the controller support is a little wonky, but I figured out how to use a program called Joy2Key and everything's fine.

I love it, it's all I ever wanted Final Fantasy V on the PC to be! biggrin.gif
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