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A New World Concert Lineup for Q1 2020

Monster Octopus Terra
Last time I posted about Final Fantasy concerts, the released dates for the A New World series stopped in early January, in Kansas City. Now, though, this chamber ensemble has a half-dozen more shows lined up to treat fans in early 2020:
  • Chicago, January 18
  • Berkeley, CA, January 31
  • San Diego, two shows on February 1
  • Nashville, February 8
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 13
All shows, as typical for the New World series, will feature Benyamin Nuss on piano and direction by Eric Roth. Tickets for all of these shows are already on sale, so hopefully there's one near you.

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NinjaViet86Comment 1: 2019-12-04 13:39
NinjaViet86 Hopefully we will get another Dallas Concert again!!
AltheaValaraComment 2: 2019-12-21 07:19
AltheaValara I'm beginning to think they're having trouble selling tickets for the Chicago show. They had a coupon sale around Black Friday, and are doing the same 20% off coupon for Christmas.

Mom is not crazy about going out at night in the middle of winter -- what if the weather is bad? -- so we'll likely be skipping this one. I wonder if others are having the same thoughts. January in Chicago can be brutal.
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