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Making Friends with Monsters: Friendly Monster Sidequest

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The "Friendly Monsters" sidequest is likely the most well-known of all Final Fantasy IX sidequests; even casual players will undoubtably run into a friendly monster or two during a standard run through the game. These monsters appear on the world map and will not attack you, so make sure you don't cut them down either. Finding them all and donating their desires will allow the party to hit Ozma, the game's optional boss, with regular attacks (normally, only ranged attacks can reach it); additionally, Ozma becomes weak to Shadow instead of being able to absorb it. A few notes:

While there is no particular order, it's recommended to do them in the order below because as you go further in the chain, subsequent monsters will want the gem you claimed from the previous monster, starting with Jabberwock (Friendly). You can do the monsters as you encounter them organically, or do all the monsters once you have an airship to travel the entire world at once. Yan (Friendly) is the only monster that must be done at a particular time, specifically after the other monsters have been completed.

Be wary when looking for these friendly monsters, as they are often found in places where very unfriendly monsters live. This is a good reason to consider doing the quest later in the game, so that your party is better prepared.

Encounter (Nearest Landmark)
Nolrich Heights (Dali)
δPotion, 10 AP
Bentini Heights (Treno)
δHi-Potion, 10 AP
Magdalene Forest (Black Mage Village)
2 δOre
δEther, 20 AP
Lucid Plains (Madain Sari)
2 δOre
δElixir, 20 AP
Pualei Plains (Iifa Tree)
3 δOre
δEmerald, 30 AP
Seaways Canyon - Forest (Oeilvert)
δMoonstone, 40 AP
Mitmakis Ice Field, Lost Continent
δLapis Lazuli, 30 AP
Popos Heights (Climb the vine from Gizmaluke's Grotto)
δDiamond, 40 AP
Vile Island - Forest
δRosetta Ring, 50 AP, Ozma modification

Upon giving the Yan a δDiamond, the battle will conclude with a message indicating the change to Ozma. Quest complete!

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