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Final Fantasy I Job Classes

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The precursor to all later Final Fantasy job classes can be found right here in little old FF1. It's impressive that the basics of some of these designs have survived in later games for over 15 years now. So, if you liked Vivi in Final Fantasy IX, thank Final Fantasy I's Black Mage. If you like gender-androgynous characters like Sephiroth, thank White Mage. (Ooh, there's going to be some pro-bishie hate mail coming in for THAT one.)

Analysis by  Super Moogle
Job Classes



Base Statistics

Base HP
Base Strength
Base Agility
Base Intelligence
Base Vitality
Base Luck
Base Hit %
10 + 3 Per Level
Base Magic Defense
15 + 3 Per level

Job Analysis

The Warrior is the tank, a physical powerhouse who relies on strength of arms to get himself through the battle. He has great attacking strength, which is augmented by his ability to equip a vast majority of the weapons available throughout the course of the game. He also has a very high HP count, and he can equip all of the best armor, which means that he can take a lot of damage before going down.

A powerful Warrior becomes the backbone of your party, absorbing the brunt of the enemy's attacks and returning the favor with a crippling physical assault. The only real downside to the Warrior is that his usefulness revolves around equipping him with the best items available, which makes him a fairly expensive character to maintain. This weakness becomes less of a problem later on, when you have more money to spend. His other weakness, a total lack of magical ability, is solved when he upgrades into the Knight.


Types: Weapons   Armor   Helmets   Shields   Bracelets/Gauntlets  

Job Classes

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