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The Lights

by Narratorway

Terra and Gau: The Learning Lights
Further Series


It was over. The Final Battle had been fought, and the tower had fallen. They had won.

But the world they had saved did not change. Ash that hadn't stopped falling from the sky for a year still covered the land. If they looked far enough they could just make out the sea-purple with pollution. The world did not magically revert to its former glory. Indeed, magic would no longer play a role in their world-ever. They no longer had that very special ability and they were now only human once again. They knew this, at the same moment they felt something far more profound.

Their destiny had been fulfilled and they were free.

Now if you were a person who does not believe in destiny, I would not think less of you if you did not take me seriously. Nor would I think you closed-minded. Destiny is, after all, a rather romantic belief, not based on logic. And there are probably more logical explanations on why fourteen complete strangers could unite against first an Empire and then a demigod, and have the power to defeat both. Statistics and probabilities and all that. Or perhaps they simply realized they no longer had to fight. Whether you believe or not really makes no difference. It happened and that's all that matters. And it all happened at once.

It happened when all were crowded around Terra. She lay on the deck of the airship, limp and not moving. She was still in her spirit form. They hadn't enough time to believe her dead, before the spirit form left her. It left her as a soul would leave a body, mist-like and blown away by an unseen wind, leaving her in her human form, breathing-shallowly. They didn't notice this either for at that very moment the burden had been lifted. Fresh life was given to them instantly and you could see it. The light in their faces-there before but subdued and restrained-suddenly awoke and was blinding to look at. Many of them shed tears not knowing why.

These are the stories of where their individual lights had taken them.
Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
Version 6
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