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The Day After

by Neal


Chapter 11

"Hey! What're you guys doing here?" exclaimed Terra.

"Looking for you two. What's this?" asked Locke

"It seemeths to be a mechanism for surfacing. What's that thou has in thy bag, Locke?" asked Cyan.

"Whoops! Almost forgot!" said Locke. "Here's your Scimitar, Terra," he said, handing it to her. He handed Shadow his Stunner, Cyan his Sky Render, and Celes the Excalibur.

"Anything else?" asked Celes.

"Just this key," said Locke. "Don't know what it's for."

"Let me see it," said Terra. She took the key and fit it into a small lock on the mechanism, and turned it. The control panel lit up in front of her. "Which one should I push?" she asked.

"Let me do it," said Locke. "I can figure it out." With that, he covered his eyes and said "Eenie, Meeney, minie, Moe!" and pointed to Shadow.

"Let me try," said Shadow. He pushed a large green flashing button and a slow rumbling arose from their feet. "Got it!" He exclaimed.

Grehn fell to the ground from shock of the rising base.

"Idiots! Help me up!" he yelled to his bodyguards. They quickly did and Grehn ran to the alarm system. He found a Ninja Star thrown into it. He growled.

"That ninja destroyed my beautiful alarm system! They will pay!" He ran to the intercom, which was also broken. He pointed to his bodyguards.

"You two! Get to the soldier quartering in B-10 and rush them to B-06 immediately! Take no prisoners!!!" Grehn was fuming.

Cyan turned around and backed away.

"I don't want to work with that...machine!" he said.

"Fine, I'll do it," said Terra.

"Not so fast!" said a voice behind them. 10 guards were there.

"Stand guard!" said Locke.

And so the battle began. Shadow threw a trio of Shurikens and took out the first 2 soldiers. Cyan stabbed one with his Sky Render and Celes beheaded one with her Excalibur. Locke was hit with a sword and stumbled back and ran into the machine.

"Locke! Art thou okay?" asked Cyan.

"Yeah...I'll try to get this machine working faster!" he said.

Shadow threw another set of Shurikens, taking out the commander. The other soldiers ran off and stumbled as a shaking occurred. Locke let out a whoop of joy, grabbed his walkie-talkie off of Shadow's armor and called Edgar.

"Edgar! Meet us at the north end of the base in 5 minutes! Be ready with the H-Bombs to attack the base!"

"Roger, Locke. We'll be there! Over and out!"

Locke and the gang ran out the door and ran across the fallen guards. They made it to the pipe in 5 minutes and started climbing, with help of Shadow's ninja rope. The airship picked them up.

"Setzer! Start the H-Bombs, now!" yelled Celes.

"I don't think so," said a voice through the walkie-talkie.

"Look!" Yelled Relm. "It's sinking!"

The base was sinking quickly, and Setzer couldn't get the H-Bombs up in time.

"Setzer, head for Figaro Castle. It's time for a meeting," said Edgar. "Let's go."

Chapter 12

The group made it to Figaro Castle in about 10 minutes. As the others were walking off the airship, Relm went up to the deck for some fresh air.

"Phew...I'm glad the others are safe. Grehn....What a madman!" she said to herself.

"I agree with you," said Shadow, who walked up. "Just coming up to practice my ninja skills. I'm gonna climb down." Relm laughed.

Shadow suddenly slipped on something and fell over. His helmet flew off the deck of the airship, followed by a loud clunk and a loud groan by Setzer. Relm ran to the edge and saw Setzer unconscious on the ground, Shadow's helmet next to him. Everyone was crowded around him. Gau picked up the helmet, put it on and started dancing. He soon fell over dizzy and giggling. Relm turned around.

"Where's my helmet?!" the man demanded. Relm pulled a picture out of her pocket, looked at it, looked at the man, at the picture again, finally at the man again, started crying and said "Dad?!"

"Yes, Relm, it's me. Your father, Clyde." said the man.

Relm and Clyde ran toward each other and hugged. Mog, Duane, and Sabin angrily ran up on deck and saw them hugging and asked "Who are you?'

After his long explanation of his dark and shrouded past, the group was ready to storm Grehn's base, when it rose again.

"I'm staying with Edgar, no matter what," said Sabin.

"I'm definitely going with Sabin then," said Edgar.

"I'm going with Dad!" yelled Relm. Clyde laughed.

"I won't leave your side, Relm!" said Clyde.

"Uhhhhhh....Me go with Boss!" said Umaro.

"I already told you, I'm not your boss anymore! Oh well...." said Mog.

"I'm getting too old for this kind of stuff. I'll stay on the airship," said Strago.

"Uwaaoooh....No stay on airship!" said Gau.

"I'm staying too," Setzer moaned. "That helmet hurts!"

Locke ran to Terra's side and they decided to stay together. The others split up into groups and it eventually came to 3 groups of four people each. The first group consisted of Edgar, Sabin, Relm, and Clyde. The second group was formed of Cyan, Celes, Mog and Umaro. Duane, Gogo, Terra and Locke went in the third group.

Just then, the castle started shaking. Edgar, Sabin and Duane ran outside and saw that the air force for the Cult of Kefka was attacking. Edgar ran back inside, followed by Sabin and Duane, who gave the signal to lower the castle. The castle slowly lowered, and the meeting continued.

Setzer agreed to fly them to different parts of the base to enter, and they would meet in the middle to get Grehn to surrender. Each group carried a walkie-talkie to report progress.

Setzer zoomed the airship along the coast of Mobliz. Edgar, Sabin, Relm and Clyde gazed over the edge of the airship and got ready to parachute down into the base.

"Are you all ready? Cause you've got 3 seconds! 1, 2, 3, jump!" yelled Setzer. The four jumped down, and their parachutes opened and they floated gracefully down into the base. Setzer yelled down for the next group to come up. Cyan, Celes, Mog and Umaro appeared on the deck and they, too, parachuted down to the middle of the base. The last group was called up to the airship, and Duane, Gogo, Terra and Locke parachuted to the base gracefully.

"Good luck..." Setzer called down to them all.

Chapter 13

Edgar and his group floated gracefully down into a large group of soldiers. Edgar immediately pulled out his Graedus and chopped the first soldier to bits. Sabin attacked with his Tiger Fangs, Clyde attacked with the Stunner, and Relm with the Magus Rod. They soon defeated the soldiers easily, and the deafening siren began. The group huddled.

"Here, take these!" said Edgar.

"What?" asked Sabin.

"I said, TAKE THESE!" said Edgar.

"Bake cheese?" asked Relm.

"They're ear plugs!" said Clyde.

Everyone put their ear plugs in and the group continued. They came to a long hallway, with a door at the end.

"That's Grehn's office," said Clyde.

"We can't just run up and open the door," said Relm. "We'll have to get in a different way.

"Let's go around through the torture chamber," said Clyde. "I'll lead the way."

Duane was separated from his group.

"Terra? Gogo? Locke? Where are you guys?" he yelled. He was suddenly pushed to the ground by a soldier.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" the soldier demanded. Duane slowly brought out the Enhancer sword that Edgar gave to him in the caves of Narshe and chopped the soldier to bits. He turned the corner and came to the remainder of his group, looking for him.

"Where have you been? We've been looking all over for you!" demanded Locke.

"Never mind that," said Terra. "We've got to get to Grehn's office as soon as possible. I think it was this way," she said, pointing to the left.

"Yeah, that's right," said Locke. "Let's go!"

The group came to a small menagerie of soldiers and surprised them from behind. The soldiers were easily defeated, and the group continued on. They came to a floor that had a man hole in it.

"I think that leads to Grehn's office," said Locke. "I'll contact the others and let them know we're ready."

Cyan's group landed in 4 separate jail cells.

"Oh great. This is a place I did not want to come back to," said Celes.

"Duhhhh, boss, I can get out of here," said Umaro.

"I'm not your boss anymore!" said Mog. "But get us out of here anyway."

Umaro grabbed the bars of his cell and ripped them clear from the ground. He did that for everyone else and soon they were on their way.

"Wasn't Grehn's office this way, Cyan?" asked Celes.

"I think thou are right," said Cyan. "Let's go."

They made it to Grehn's office quickly, and contacted the others.

"We're in position," said Celes.

"Same here!" said Sabin.

"We're ready too," said Duane. "On 3, everyone break into the office!

"1..." said Relm.

"2..." said Gogo.

"3!" said Mog.

Chapter 14

"All right Grehn, it's over!" said Clyde, bursting into his office through the torture chamber.

"You're history!" said Celes.

"You're through, Madman!" yelled Locke, dropping in through a hole in the ceiling. "Nice entry, huh guys?" he said. Everyone groaned.

"Yargh! What is this! You little cretins have ruined my fun for the last time!" said Grehn, startled.

"Grehn, stop! Why are you doing this?" asked Sabin.

"This behavior will only lead to ruin!" said Cyan.

"You're through!" said Duane.

"For the world, we will stop you!"

"I used to work for the Empire and Kefka, and it's rotten to the core, just like you!" said Celes. Gogo imitated her.

"I'm ready for action!" said Relm.

"Nothing can stop us!" said Mog.

"It's time, Grehn," said Terra.

"Revealing my shroaded past was the hardest...and best thing in my life! I'm ready for anything!" said Clyde.

"Uraggggyhhhhh!" said Umaro.

"Let's go, guys!" said Locke.

"Say, what's that over there?" said Clyde. He ran over and saw it was the ability machine. He kicked Grehn out of the way and threw 3 ninja stars directly into the core, and another bright flash occurred.

"Guys, get ready for some thrashin', we're back to normal!" said Cyan, performing a dispatch on the door, locking it.

"All right! We're ready!" said Edgar, drilling the other door closed.

"Not so fast, you little freaks," said Grehn. "I'm not ready for you, quite yet..." He pulled a remote out of his pocket, which ejected him out into the sky. The base started rumbling.

"Everyone out, NOW!" said Terra. Everyone ran for the exit. Water was leaking in from the ground in the office.

"We're trapped!" said Relm.

"Wait just a minute!" said Locke. He grabbed out his walkie talkie. "Setzer, can you hear me?

"I hear ya loud and clear! What's up?"

"The base is collapsing, with us in it! Get to the center bubbly thing, quick! Don't mind breaking this base to get in, and hurry!"

"Don't worry Locke, we're right above ya!" said Setzer. "Over and out!"

As quick as they got off the walkie-talkie, the Falcon crashed through the top of the base, allowing everyone to get off. As soon as they were on deck, Relm cried out in surprise.

"What the heck is that?" Grehn was flying up in the sky somehow. He zoomed past them and nearly gave Terra a crew cut.

"Stand guard..!" said Sabin.

Grehn flew back and landed on deck.

"This hunk of junk actually flies?" he asked. "I'm going to make sure it never flies again!" He threw a huge bomb down the flight deck. A loud Uwaaooh came from below.

"You're through, Grehn!" said Sabin, attacking with his Tiger Fangs. They did no damage.

"Ah, ha, ha! I am impervious to your silly little store-bought toys!" With that, a large blast flew from his fingertips and knocked Sabin to the floor.

"Brother!" said Edgar. "Now I'm mad, Grehn. Everyone, full scale attack!"

"Yuh oh." was all Grehn could say.

Edgar pulled out his chainsaw and attacked with it. Sabin used the Bum Rush. Cyan used Quadra Slice while Celes and Duane used healing items on everyone. Mog danced. Umaro slammed into Grehn with brute force. Terra morphed and attacked. Locke stole some powerful weapons and gave them to Clyde to throw. Relm drew a lovely picture of Grehn and suddenly a huge bomb flew at him from out of nowhere and exploded. Mog danced. And just when everyone was out of breath, Gogo mimicked the whole thing with such flair that it was too much for Grehn. Out of breath, the final bomb explosion rocked the airship and Grehn flew off the flight deck and into the ocean.

"Everyone, we did it!" said Relm. "The Empire is officially dead!" Now we can go back to Figaro and celebrate...again?!?
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