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by Sherick


Chapter 4

Chapter IV: Crisis at Figaro

Over the next two days, Figaro Castle was guarded heavily on all entrances and lookouts watched from the castle towers. Scouts were sent out to seek through the land and forests of the region for any sign of the attackers.

King Edgar paced around his room, pondering. He thought about his conversation with the Chancellor. About opposing clans and loyalists. There were many possibilities. And none were any better than the other. He walked out of the bedroom towards his throne room where his family was already gathered. Edwina was not aloud, nor did she want, to play outside. Awin gave him a morning kiss. "How are you feeling?" she asked.

"I need a drink," he answered back. The throne room servant went to get him a refreshment. He sat in his rightful seat. As he, his wife, and his daughter sat, a royal guard entered. He bowed before them, and then made his report.

"Your Majesties, the scouts we sent out are back."

"And their report?" Edgar asked, already predicting an answer.

"Nothing. They found nothing in the forests nor anywhere else in the region. No tracks or anything. These ‘Assassins' are very good at covering themselves."

"Alright, very well, Sergeant."

He saluted then exited. This is great, Edgar thought, nothing to trace, to find out who the hell they are. His servant came a little after the sergeant left and brought Edgar a whiskey. He also brought Awin & Edwina some tea. Well, the good news is that we don't have to worry about another assault. As if cued by the king's thought, the sergeant came back in and yelled, "Sir, come quick!!"

"What's wrong?

"There's someone here. Someone's, I guess I should say. They're in full armor and seem hostile


Once again Edgar ran through the ranks to the front of the castle. He heard the unmistakable sound of steel on steel. He peered over and saw about thirty-something armor-clad men/women confronting the Figaro sentries. "Stop it!" Edgar yelled. "Stop it now!"

They all stopped and looked up at the king. "Who are you?" he asked the attackers.

"We are the Asassens!" they all yelled in unison.

"So I see, but who are you?"

One in the lead answered, "A complicated answer follows. Are you ready?"

"Shoot," he said, though was slightly upset at his own word choice.

"Assault System And Self Sentinels Enforcing Needs!"

"Come again?"

"What, never heard of an acronym?"

"You're a clever terrorist."

"I'm not a terrorist, nor am I a clan member, loyalist, or Fanatic."

"Wait, what...?"

He took of his helmet.


The Chancellor of Figaro Kingdom and Director of the Asassens smiled at his king. "I am, however, a traitor!"

"You clever bastard," Edgar repeated.

While they had the chance, the Asassens charged and slew their foes. The guards up top yelled as their colleagues were slaughtered. Edgar closed his eyes.

"This is a taste of what you will feel before long," the former chancellor yelled.

"What do you mean? Aren't you going to finish it?" Edgar stared down.

"No," he smirked. "Just wait and see! Figaro and the rest of the world will feel the wrath!"

"Wrath of what?"

The Asassens made no reply. MacKigg's eyes bore into Edgar, cold and grey. Even though he had seen those eyes hundreds of times, now they sent a shiver down his spine. MacKigg led his people casually down the desert. Once they were gone, the soldiers walked down to retrieve the remains of their fellow defenders. Edgar would not make an attempt to trace them again. Edgar turned around to see Awin holding her daughter.

"What happened here?" she queried.

Edgar took them back inside to explain.

"I don't get it," Queen Awin said. "Why would he do that?"

"Gold, I'm betting," Edgar replied.

"Well what should we do?"

He waited a few moments.

"I think I'll call a few friends."
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