Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy Tactics
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Off He Goes

by Shotgunnova


Coping in silence on the morn
My father made his wishes known.
Ever since I was born
I've lived my pledge to him.

Standing silent in northern fort
My friend made his feelings felt.
Cradling his dead sister's corpse
I sent my prayers to him.

Deserting at the waterfall
My comrade cast us aside.
Deaf to his beck and call
I veered my path from his.

Losing a sister in the underground
I knew what Delita felt long ago.
It wasn't about breaking down
I took the chance to grow.

Fighting in my homeland
My brother here and gone at once.
Striking with my own two hands
I laid my flesh and blood to rest.

Ship of fate deep in the earth
Choices made all for naught,
Planks of wood give way to air
Finding faith in what I've got.

Disappearing, but not to hide
My sister and I are sweeping past
River run and countryside
We'll find our home at last.

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