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"Cloud and Others" by Chell172

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I know it's terrible, so please don't shoot me.

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Rating: 1.6/5 (26 votes cast)

FF7: Cloud
FF7: Aeris
FF7: Cid
Cloud and Others by Chell172
Media Used Creation Date Licensing
MS Paint 2011-08-27 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


finalaliasComment 1: 2011-09-26 16:21
finalalias Don't give up! Just gotta keep working at it. You seem to have potential.
Chell172Comment 2: 2011-09-26 16:54
Quote (finalalias @ 26th September 2011 17:21)
Don't give up! Just gotta keep working at it. You seem to have potential.

I wish my computer screen was paper. I draw well on paper.

And thanks!
KameComment 3: 2011-09-26 16:56
Kame The disembodied heads thing is kinda weird. Try to focus on just one character (such as Cloud) to put your effort into. Cloud looks pretty good, is well formed and has all his clothes/accessories. Limiting your focus will help.
RelmArrowneyComment 4: 2011-09-27 07:32
RelmArrowney I'm just happy to see a fresh face here! haha. The skill doesn't look bad, it just looks mouse-drawn. Though even if you practice with a mouse more, you'll get more and more fluid with it! I've actually had a few pretty decent pictures come from a mouse just because I kept working at it tirelessly smile.gif
finalaliasComment 5: 2011-09-28 03:53
finalalias If it is mouse drawn and you don't have access to a tablet, then I highly and strongly recommend tracing it with inkscape. This will give you clean lines, and will improve the overall look a whole lot- all easily done with a mouse.
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