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"Celes" by RelmArrowney

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So, I have problems with this one. Haha. I see the good in it, but I guess it's not what I expected. You can barely tell it's Celes, for one. For another, I think she's too cute. Almost childlike, or that it looks more like a picture of a fairie/pixie with the face shape.

The original design was based off a picture I saw and thought, I have to draw that. The lighting and expression were so soft and feminine, I loved it!

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Rating: 3.1/5 (28 votes cast)

FF6: Celes
Celes by RelmArrowney
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Media Used Creation Date Licensing
Photoshop, Tablet 2011-02-24 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


PsirenComment 1: 2011-02-25 14:34
Psiren Wow! That's really pretty! Definitely not the battle-hardened general we saw in the game, but maybe this is what Celes looked like when she was a little younger and perhaps more innocent. happy.gif
Death PenaltyComment 2: 2011-02-26 05:10
Death Penalty I like it a lot! I agree, I too am getting the before-General vibe from this portrayal of Celes. Actually, based on the size of her eyes in proportion to her head and head in proportion to her body, this reminds me quite a bit of the FFIX character style, which I find kinda interesting. Very pretty!
NarratorwayComment 3: 2011-02-26 07:53
Narratorway Again, supreme color work on your pic, the hair in particular. And while on the subject, love the design of the hair pin.
Rangers51Comment 4: 2011-03-03 02:29
Rangers51 This is definitely among your best work. You did a great job on Celes. I'm not quite as thrilled with the background - it seems flat and distracting to me; a much lighter lavender might suit it better, but you shouldn't feel obligated to put a background behind everything.
RavenLalondeComment 5: 2013-10-22 01:10
RavenLalonde Yes, this looks really nice. It looks really pretty and feminine, and I agree with DP and Narratorway that it looks like a younger version of Celes. I really like it.
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