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"Shadow of the Phoenix" by Miss Ronin

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Taken mostly from the scene in the game where Locke uses Phoenix to revive Rachel. I took some liberties as well, though. (Especially since the wing tips were off screen in the game)

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FF6: Espers
Shadow of the Phoenix by Miss Ronin
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Photoshop None Provided All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


Rangers51Comment 1: 2010-11-02 18:19
Rangers51 I wish you'd added your media used in on this one, it looks like something I'd do in Illustrator myself. However, I'm also going to say that yours is quite a bit cooler than what I'd end up with!
Death PenaltyComment 2: 2010-11-02 22:48
Death Penalty I like this a lot. It's simple, but it speaks so much about Locke and his journey as a character.
Miss RoninComment 3: 2010-11-03 15:29
Miss Ronin I did this in photoshop, actually. It's sort of the only program I know well enough to do this sort of thing in.
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