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"You...already learned...that technique?!" by Narratorway

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It was a pretty slow day at work...

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FF6: Sabin
FF6: Vargas
You...already learned...that technique?! by Narratorway
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pencils vit papah 2010-03-18 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


Rangers51Comment 1: 2010-03-19 18:13
Rangers51 That's a pretty sweet return to submissions, man. The abstract environment makes it look really dynamic, and the look on Vargas' face is brilliant.
MogMasterComment 2: 2010-03-19 22:51
MogMaster I, too, enjoyed the look on Vargas' face. Furthermore, I never imagined it as a 1 handed attack, much less a left- not that this is a pejorative statement. I rather like your vision of Sabin's strong left.
GalsicComment 3: 2010-03-30 04:45
Galsic Great sense of motion and energy!
Death PenaltyComment 4: 2010-04-01 02:47
Death Penalty He's back! Ha and it looks very nice. I like Vargas' expression, in addition to Sabin's punching arm: I looked at it for a while and began to think it was actually moving. Nice sketch!
Miss RoninComment 5: 2010-08-16 18:36
Miss Ronin I really REALLY love this, but...why does Sabin have a beard? Furthermore, what happened to his ponytail?

Or is this actually Duncan? If so, why doesn't he have long hair? Is this before or after Vargas tried to kill him? There's just so many questions...
Rangers51Comment 6: 2010-08-16 22:35
Quote (Ronin @ 16th August 2010 13:36)
I really REALLY love this, but...why does Sabin have a beard? Furthermore, what happened to his ponytail?

Sabin has a beard in some of the original Amano character design. The ponytail is a nub in the same designs, and I can see that here too.
Miss RoninComment 7: 2010-08-16 23:50
Miss Ronin Well I'll be...

Seems like he had something of a Chuck Norris phase. That sort of thing must be pretty common with non-asian martial artists.
Glenn Magus HarveyComment 8: 2010-08-17 13:22
Glenn Magus Harvey Nice picture.

The quote is from FF6a, right?
Smash GenesisComment 9: 2010-09-30 00:26
Smash Genesis That's really cool!

But, uh, since when has Sabin had a beard?

EDIT: Wait, never mind. I read Ranger's comment.
Death PenaltyComment 10: 2012-09-02 04:16
Death Penalty I noticed this fanart as a site spotlight and I just had to comment again - this is one of my all time favorites!
LeviathanMistComment 11: 2012-09-06 02:21
LeviathanMist But the question is, was Sabin really left-handed?
PerigrynComment 12: 2012-09-25 01:51
Perigryn FANtastic linework, as always. How you so damn awesome? You so damn awesome.

Great characterization, great movement, just an awesome job in general.
SpooniestComment 13: 2014-12-06 15:38
Spooniest I remember drawing this scene once. It didn't come off so well cuz I got caught up in giving detail to the scenery, as opposed to the action.

Five stars!
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