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"Son of a Submariner!!" by The_Apocrypha

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A small image of Kefka saying one of his infamous Woolseyisms. Silly man...

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FF6: Kefka
Son of a Submariner!! by The_Apocrypha
Media Used Creation Date Licensing
pencil (and a really bad scanner! >_<) 2010-01-20 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


Locke_ColeComment 1: 2010-02-09 22:52
Locke_Cole Haha! I love it!!
Toransu KujaComment 2: 2010-02-10 00:43
Toransu Kuja It's not just a wonderful and accurate (I think) drawing of everyone's favorite clown, his expression is truly what I pictured when I saw him say that ingame.

Greetings of great artist new in CoN that good drawings makes.
The_ApocryphaComment 3: 2010-02-10 01:18
The_Apocrypha Thanks guys! Truth be told, I hate hate hate clowns (especially Kefka), and drawing this sketch wasn't easy because it gave both my older sister and me the creeps!

I just edited another of Kefka but this time with Edgar threatening the safety of Figaro. I'll be posting soon...@_@
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