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"Celes" by ElPanachino

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Celes is one of my all-time favorite FF characters.

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FF6: Celes
Celes by ElPanachino
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Media Used Creation Date Licensing
Corel Painter, Wacom tablet 2009-07-29 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


PerigrynComment 1: 2009-08-21 03:41
Perigryn Nicely done! Simply coloured, but that's effective for the piece.

The foreshortening on the sword turned out nicely too! I always have a hard time with that sorta' business heh heh.

Proportion wise, things seem to be fairly in order, if she is little too broad up top - doesn't quite match up with her hips and such. But maybe it's the shoulder pads throwing me...? Perhaps. Still, I think the head's a little too big, but heck, many people make that small error all the time. Perspective's a bugger... Great work on this one, ElPanachino! Hope to see more from you!
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