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"Lucca Inked" by Narratorway

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Drawings commiss'd by R51 last year. Figured the other commiss'd stuph's been put up, I might as well throw in mah junk too! Colors were done up by Hik, so I don't have 'em. She can post 'em if she wants, cause they are FREAK'N SWEET!

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CT: Lucca
Lucca Inked by Narratorway
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Pencil, Ink, and Papah. 2008-11-25 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


Chell172Comment 1: 2011-10-23 13:44
Chell172 Love it. You kept the nerdiness, too.
KameComment 2: 2011-11-02 06:45
Kame I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to comment but... yeah, like Chell172 said, you're really channeling that inherent Lucca nerdiness. Too often we see fanart of her looking sexy, cool or generally out of character. I've been guilty of that offense far too many times myself.
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