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Terra (Untitled) by RelmArrowney

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This took forever, be nice :(

Also: I don't know why I decided on flowers for shoulderpads. They looked cooler on paper, I guess.

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FF6: Terra
Untitled by RelmArrowney
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Media Used Creation Date Licensing
Pencil, paper, then digital media [GIMP] None Provided All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


HikarooComment 1: 2009-05-18 13:41
Hikaroo Like I said on Deviantart, this is very well done.
You're totally a step ahead of me, because you draw backgrounds.
I actually really like her shoulder armor, it's pretty, and I hadn't noticed it until you said something.
I think you did a wonderful job.
RujukenComment 2: 2009-05-20 12:58
Rujuken My tiff with the shoulder pads would be one looks bigger than the other. That aside they actually look pretty cool.

You also did a good job with the coloring. The red dress especially. I like the streaks of yellow. I also see a lot of yellow mixed in with the other colors. Gives the whole picture a tone. Like the room was filled with soft yellow light.

My big complaint would be her eyes.
Death PenaltyComment 3: 2009-05-20 22:29
Death Penalty Agreed. The only thing preventing this from being completely awesome is her face. Not even her hair, either: that looks good. So does her body, the dress, etc. There's just something with the geography of the face.

Question: what is the background meant to be? That's not to say I don't like it: I think it looks awesome, really cool with the drape-type stuff and such.
RavenLalondeComment 4: 2013-10-22 01:26
RavenLalonde I really like this one. It is very close to how I imagined Terra when I first started playing the game. I like the details in this one. The hair is fantastic, and the dress is brilliant. The sash and the shoulder pads are pretty great, too. Overall, I think it is pretty great.
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