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"Eald'narche Wallpaper" by Lockpick

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A photo manipulation.

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FF11: Eald'narche
Eald'narche Wallpaper by Lockpick
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Photoshop 2009-05-05 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


TrueBOSSComment 1: 2011-12-26 09:57
TrueBOSS I wish i knew more about final fantasy XI to properly comment on this. sad.gif
Glenn Magus HarveyComment 2: 2011-12-28 01:02
Glenn Magus Harvey A friend of mine who plays FFXI tells me this:
* The character pictured is the final boss of Rise of the Zilart, named Eald'narche.
* The background is Ru'Aun Gardens, a part of the floating island of Tu'Lia and the site of that villain's schemes.
* The villain wants to create "paradise" by destroying the mortal world and restoring the world of the gods, hence the quote.

Yeah, it would probably be much more meaningful to me too if I had actually played FFXI. That said, my friend says she thinks this pic is nice. I also think that the character (whom you took from the source you linked) was incorporated decently well, and the way you shaded the background darkly and overlaid the words worked well for setting atmosphere.

Good to see we have some FFXI fans around!
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