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"Crono Battojutsu" by Rujuken

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As always, when I try a slightly dynamic angle, I don't get it quite right. That aside I did an okay job on this one. Unfortunately when I started coloring it I noticed how similar the stance was to a pic Toriyama had done.

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CT: Crono
Crono Battojutsu by Rujuken
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Allen HunterComment 1: 2012-02-16 20:42
Allen Hunter This is quite a nice piece.

I also think it's cool how (unlike the other CT pieces here) you didn't make his eyes look like all the other generic anime style drawings and instead chose to keep him in the same style as Akira Toriyama designed him.
KameComment 2: 2012-02-17 05:21
Kame I have to say I prefer yours over Akira Toriyama's iconic Crono. While his design is classic with the pose and all, I think he's just doing that: posing. His hand is just resting on that sword of his. The look your Crono is giving and his hand moving to grab the hilt, I have the feeling he's about to whip it out and SLASH someone.
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