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"A Moment of Sanity" by fleetingsight

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Ok, now some of you out there are like "WTF?!" but just hear me out:
Why is Terra so troubled at the beginning by her inability to love? I like to surmise that maybe Terra was very, very different before she lost her memory.
Don't you think that it might be likely that if you were raised by Emperor Gestahl and had magic powers that no-one else around you had, that you'd be maybe more than a little spoiled, and that, coupled with your inability to relate much to humans, might cause you to break hearts and be generally out of control? Why do you think the slave crown was necessary?
Besides, how can a simple accident be the only factor in driving someone insane? Maybe the insanity and hate for things like love and friendship go deeper than simply trauma and childish malevolence. Maybe his childish nature is a reflection of a memory of someone he once knew (e.g. Terra)?
These were some ideas I had that I was going to put into an animation, but never had enough time and resources for it. Maybe I'll simply turn it into a series of portraits instead. This one is Kefka's last fleeting reversion to sanity before his mind plunges back into chaos. A few moments after this, I picture him softly chuckling and then breaking into full-on laughter, the insanity sweeping back into him now forever.

Anyway, I've been studying some Andrew Loomis books on drawing lately, and this was an attempt at making a picture entirely without any reference pictures. I know the hands are kind of messed up (man, that thumb looks way too much like a pinkie X| ), but I have really been focusing only on heads so far in my training, so please forgive me. Hope you like it!

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Rating: 2.7/5 (32 votes cast)

FF6: Terra
FF6: Kefka
A Moment of Sanity by fleetingsight
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Pencil and paper, photoshop 2009-01-31 Creative Commons License
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AnhComment 1: 2009-02-02 23:56
Anh I like the description, very sad....
RujukenComment 2: 2009-04-27 16:14
Rujuken I like how dark the pic is. Terra seems indifferent.

Good form except for the positioning of Kefka's right hand. Yes, the thumb does look more like a pinkie. It seems rotated too much. The nail of a thumb should be more at a perpendicular angle to the nails of the other fingers. That one is more parallel.

Other than that, great job.
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