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"Rydia" by ktk3

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FF4: Rydia
Rydia by ktk3
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2009-01-01 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


RujukenComment 1: 2009-02-04 18:44
Rujuken Not a bad style you have going. Arms/hands/legs/feet are done well. I'm not fond of the painted eyelashes and eye shadow look, but that is just me.

Clothes design is pretty good.

Practice proportions a little bit and you'll be turning out some real good work.
KameComment 2: 2012-02-08 09:41
Kame Cute Bratz-like design going on. The eye on the left side though is kinda floating oddly.
KaneComment 3: 2012-02-10 15:16
Kane For some reason I'm getting a Tartakovsky vibe from it. [And I'm okay with that.]
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