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"Dancing Into the Night" by fleetingsight

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I had two inspirations for this piece. Firstly, one of my favorite things to do on a vacation is to just hang out by a fire with friends. Secondly, I recently had the chance to see a drum circle performing in a park in Seattle, where their enthusiasm and love of music inspired me to start learning the Djembe. I tried to capture these feelings in this picture.

And yeah, I figure if any FF6 character knew how to breakdance, it would definitely be Gau. ;)

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FF6: Terra
FF6: Shadow
FF6: Sabin
FF6: Gau
FF6: Strago
Dancing Into the Night by fleetingsight
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AnhComment 1: 2008-11-16 01:42
Anh Shadow plays the flute with his mask on lol
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