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Cloud (Untitled) by Cloudyfan

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I liked so much the posture of my Cloud Strife - Vision that I could not prevent me to re-use it in another work, this time more out of the context of the game.
Voluntary insulation of a melancholic spirit inclined to contemplation, relaxation of the warrior who puts back his cat-like body, tired by a long journey, moment of pause allowed by the mercenary to himself between two missions... Each one will see there what he will want. Off camera, you can even imagine Fenrir, parked not far...
The landscape which monopolizes Cloud's glance exists in our world : it is the view of the Trentino Alps since the Bocca di Navene (alt. 1624 m), on the crest of the Monte Baldo, imposing natural belvedere overhanging the magnificient Lake Garda and its cliffs, in Italy.

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FF7: Cloud
Untitled by Cloudyfan
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BanjoTheClownComment 1: 2009-01-10 09:43
BanjoTheClown Thats so sick. : )
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