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Warriors of Dawn (Untitled) by SilverFork

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For those who don't remember, Kelgar/Kelga is one of the Warriors of Dawn geezers in FFV. To clarify further, he's the wolf dude. Truth is, I ran across an old drawing of a caninelike creature's head and felt compelled to finish it. And although the concept art depicts him with a pair of swords, he just struck me as a guy who'd use a primitive, gigantic stone club like a caveman stereotype... or somethin'. For some reason, it seemed awkward to draw him standing upright on two legs even though he, y'know, does; standing in a four-legged (three-legged?) position as he is here, however, didn't seem awkward, but it probably shoulda.

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FF5: Warriors of Dawn
Untitled by SilverFork
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