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Various Subjects (Untitled) by Rujuken

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My last pic is of all three characters together around a campfire. It may be a little redundant but its also nice to see all three of them together as I originally intended. Personally, I think this pic kind of sucks, especially the background and such. Guess I need to work on my landscapes.

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FFT: Mime
FFT: Ninja
FFT: Squire
Untitled by Rujuken
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Dragoon LanceComment 1: 2017-02-01 06:43
Dragoon Lance I like it! It's kind of got it's own little narrative going on, feels like there's a story implied here. Nice details on the character's outfits too, and I really like the Squire's sword pommel.
Elena99Comment 2: 2017-02-04 20:06
Elena99 Can I give you some constructive criticism? When drawing women, be careful not to make them top heavy without balancing them. The cat mage isn't too bad (though her waist is a bit small compared to her bust), but for your human warrior, the main thing that I noticed is that her shoulders and bust are too big for her hips. Men have slender hips, but women don't tend to. Warriors in particular would have more muscle.

On the plus side, nice poses, and the faces look good. I like the background.
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