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"Feeble creatures, GO!" by Narratorway

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Actually intended to be the preliminary sketch to my first real attempt at a digital painting, it naturally fell through and I did a half assed attempt and completing it. Fouled up that front claw pretty good to boot. :P

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FF6: Atma Weapon
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Feeble creatures, GO! by Narratorway
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fleetingsightComment 1: 2008-08-08 22:24
fleetingsight It's a great pose of a very difficult subject. Good job!
GalsicComment 2: 2013-10-26 01:16
Galsic I like the attention to the muscle. In fact, it's like the muscles are all exposed, making Atma Weapon appear all the more fearsome here.
RavenLalondeComment 3: 2013-10-26 02:35
RavenLalonde This is really good! He looks really vicious. I like it!
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