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Edgar (Untitled) by Narratorway

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And this was an idea for another FF goes to the movies poster. It was gonna read Edgar Vs. The Army of Darkness. The tagline... What do you think? Hail to the King of course!

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FF6: Edgar
Untitled by Narratorway
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thabananaComment 1: 2010-07-21 00:38
thabanana Ok, I created this account only to type this message.
You used the Army of darkness Movie Cover for this which is nice.
But if you goal was initialy to get the picture right, this is a total failure being passed on as FF6 fan art, this should be removed. Thank you and, plz remove this scrap.
No-NameComment 2: 2010-07-21 03:21
No-Name This is how I'll always view Edgar from now on xD. Excellent job. Do you think you'll make a full color version? I'd love to see this in classic poster fashion.
MogMasterComment 3: 2010-09-06 00:08
MogMaster It is a great sketch. I can see Edgar as Bruce. I agree with No-Name: I'd love to see a finished product with Edgar in front of armies of Imperial Troops or Magitek armor or something.
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